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Get the ABCs of Money from No. 1 stock picker Natalie Pace to earn money while you sleep, save thousands annually in your budget and live a richer life.

Get the ABCs of Money from No. 1 stock picker Natalie Pace to earn money while you sleep, save thousands annually in your budget and live a richer life.
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Get the ABCs of Money from No. 1 stock picker Natalie Pace to earn money while you sleep, save thousands annually in your budget and live a richer life.








Back to School Stock Sales?

In the 10th year of the bull market are there any back to school stock sales? Or should you be selling? Join No. 1 stock picker Natalie Pace to examine the forces of good and ill that could push stocks to greater heights, to sound for any stock bargains and to remind you of the winning nest egg strategies that outperform bull markets and earn gains in recessions. (They are easy as a pie chart, which is why we call them the ABCs of Money that we all should have received in high school.) Call...


Interested in Buying a Home? Wondering If It Is Time to Sell?

Real estate prices are higher than ever -- higher than they were when the real estate bubble popped in 2007. And yet, there are still 5.2 million homes that are underwater. Additionally, in many cities, housing is unaffordable to the people who live there. What gives? Rising interest rates could make the buying pool even smaller. That is probably the major contributor to home sales falling for the 3rd consecutive month in May. So, should you buy now while interest rates are low, even though...


Who Can Afford Health Insurance?

Health insurance has more than doubled since 2013. Health care costs are the highest in the world. Most U.S. citizens could be saving thousands annually, while providing far better for tomorrow, with one simple trick. Learn: 1. How to save thousands (tens of thousands for some) annually with smarter health insurance and health care choices. 2. The best long-term health care plan. 3. Whether retiring abroad is a good idea. 4. The best health insurance plan. Read Natalie Pace's Blog: "Is...


Social Security and Medicare Warn of Depletion Dates.

On June 5, 2018, the U.S. Trustees issued reports on Social Security and Medicare. Disability Insurance asset reserves will fall below 20% of the costs by 2027 (i.e. 9 years), and be depleted by 2032 (14 years). The combined trusts of the Old-Age and Survivor’s Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance Fund are projected to be depleted in 2034 (16 years). The Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is projecting deficits every year until the fund is depleted in 2026. This is three years...


Should You Sell in May? What Will Stocks Do in the Summer of 2018?

Should You Sell in May? What Will Stocks Do in the Summer of 2018? Examine the market moving events of Summer 2018 with the No. 1 stock picker who has been saving homes and nest eggs since 1999, at a time when most investors are losing more than half every 8 years. We open up the phone lines in the second half hour of the call for your questions. Topics to be covered include: Will rising interest rates sink stocks and real estate? Is it time for a correction in stocks? What industries will...


8 Tips to Cut Your Tax Bill in Half.

Tax season is the perfect time to start keeping more of your dough and living a richer life as a result. Learn 8 tips to cut your tax bill in half (or more). Stop making the taxman rich. The health insurance company. The utility company. The gas station. The landlord... And more! For more time-proven budgeting and investing strategies, and free web apps, call 310-430-2397 or visit


Interview with Gold Mining CEO Veteran Rob McEwen

No one does gold mining better than Rob McEwen, the Chairman and Chief Owner of McEWen Mining, who is a 24% shareholder. Rob took Goldcorp from a $500 million company to one that is currently valued at $11.54 billion. Can he do the same with McEwen Mining? We'll learn Rob's take on the gold industry, his strategies for getting McEwen Mining on the S&P500 and where he believes gold is headed in this exclusive interview. If you have questions for Rob, tune into the second half hour of the...


Spring Rally or Bubble Trouble?

Spring Rally or Bubble Trouble? Will Wall Street Tank or Soar? Will we have a Spring Rally? March and April are historically strong performing months. GDP is predicted to be 3 percent in 1Q 2018. There is no debt ceiling or budget worries hanging in the shadows. So, economically, systems should be GO! However, with Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffett and Robert Shiller all saying that stocks and bonds are in a bubble, we have seen extreme volatility and a jump in VIX in February. The announcement...


Are Stocks and Bonds in a Bubble?

"Stocks are in a bubble. Bonds are in a bubble," according to Alan Greenspan, speaking on Bloomberg TV on January 31, 2018 (sparking the 3000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average). Warren Buffett said that he has $100 billion on the sidelines because stocks and bonds are overpriced. Is your financial plan recession-proof? The last two times Wall Street went 8 years without a recession (in 2000 and 2008), most people lost more than half of their nest egg. If you lost 30% or more in...


Realtor's Chief Economist on the Tax Bill, Mortgage Interest Deduction and More.

Lawrence Yun, the chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, will join me live to discuss: The Tax Bill The Mortgage Interest Deduction Affordability and Availability of Homes Are Home Prices Too High? Is the American Dream a Pipe Dream for Millennials? We will open up the phone lines for your questions during the second half of the call. Feel free to post your questions on my Twitter and Facebook pages (below) before the call to ensure that your concerns are addressed! Call...


Government Shutdown? How the Tax Bill Affects You. Holiday Gift Budget Tips.

It's been quite a week. Wonder how the Tax Bill will affect you? Listen in for a detailed overview on how the Tax Bill will impact you personally (the mortgage interest deduction, elimination of credit for medical bills, etc.) and how it will affect the public debt. Congress has until Dec. 8 to pass a spending bill to keep the government open. What stands in the way? What's at risk? Wonder how much you should be spending on holiday gifts? Discover Holiday Tips To Gift Everyone You Love...


What's Hot?

Evaluating Hots....including when to sell, buy, set limit orders, and how to pick the right price for buying and selling. Get information from a No. 1 stock picker, who has been saving homes and nest eggs since 1999, at a time when almost nothing has worked. Stocks dropped 78% in the Dot Com Recession and 55% in the Great Recession. Should you worry about prices, now that the current bull market is entering its 9th year? About Natalie Wynne Pace An Advocate for Sustainability, Financial...


The Perils of Pensions, Cash, Annuities, Insurance and Bonds.

Recent legislation reform has removed regulatory oversight from AIG and have made it virtually impossible to sue banks. (Yes, AIG from the 2008 bailout and, yes, now Wells Fargo customers cannot form a class action lawsuit against the bank for setting up unauthorized accounts.) Those actions make cash, money market funds, pensions, annuities, life insurance (and other forms of insurance), bonds and other supposedly safe assets far riskier than you think. Learn what the risks are, and what is...


Will Tax Cuts Jumpstart the Economy & Put More Money in Your Pocket?

The Dow is above 23,000. Will the rally continue? Is it time to invest, get safe, protect your assets, reduce debt, budget better or buy a house? We will also examine the President's 2018 Budget. Will it Help Rich People? Poor Folk? America? The President promises tax cuts for all, prosperity, economic growth and greatness with his proposed 2018 Budget. Let's drill into the details and assumptions of the budget, tax cut, simplification and deregulation plan to determine what the budget means...


How Will the Hurricanes Impact The Santa Rally?

There have been a large number of positive economic signals this month. GDP growth jumped to 3% (from 1.2% in 1Q 2017). The Debt Ceiling crisis was averted (but only for 3 months, through Dec. 7, 2017). On the other hand, we've had two major hurricanes with the worst flooding Texas and Florida have experienced in over a century. Markets are near an all time high. Corporations still have enough cash to continue buying back their own stock, but will they? Will the 3-month extension of the debt...


Will the CEO Exodus from the White House Crash the Markets?

Will the CEO Exodus from the White House advisory councils crash the markets? Who is left on board? How much rests on the shoulders of Gary Cohn? What other shadows are lurking in the economy? Discover what headwinds might doom the current Administration's first year, and the potential fair winds that might continue to blow. Analysis from a respected No. 1 stock picker, offering forensic research and data that you need to know. Now.


Stop Trading Bitcoin For Now. Debt Ceiling Crisis.

More is warning that you should not accept, mine or trade Bitcoin until multiple news sources confirm that the UASF/UAHF has been resolved. In an astonishing affront to the Treasury Secretary, the House broke for summer without raising the Debt Ceiling. What does this mean for you, your budget, your nest egg and your future? Join No. 1 stock picker Natalie Pace in her teleconference. Natalie Pace will answer questions in the second half-hour of the show. Risks in the U.S. Economy and...


Kay Koplovitz. Chairman and Founder of Springboard Enterprises.

She launched the cable television industry with USA Networks and the Thrilla in Manilla (the 3rd and final boxing bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier). Her business sold for $4.5 billion in 1998. We'll explore her wisdom on envisioning, creating, funding and selling a billion-dollar business.


2017 Economics and Your Nest Egg. Interview with Liz Ann Sonders.

Liz Ann Sonders is the Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Liz Ann has been named one of SmartMoney's "Power 30," their list of the most influential people on Wall Street; the best strategist of the year by Kiplinger's; one of the "25 Most Powerful Women in Finance" by American Banker/US Banker; and one of the "50 Top Women in Wealth" by Wealth Manager/AdvisorOne. Most recently, she was named to the "IA 25" by Investment Advisor, their list of the...


Social Security is $5.5 Trillion Underwater and Diving Deeper Each Year.

Social Security is Cash Negative, $5.5 Trillion Underwater and Diving Deeper Each Year. (Disability Insurance is borrowing from Social Security and scheduled to dry up in just 5 years!) On May 24, 2017, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin warned the House Ways & Means Committee that the Debt Ceiling must be raised by August, before Congress goes on Summer Break. What does this mean to you, your investments and your future? Social Security is increasing the Federal Debt every year because more is...