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Real Estate is typically part of a complete investment portfolio. Topics include successful real estate investing in a down market, how to negotiate for commercial and residential property, when to hold and when to sell.

Real Estate is typically part of a complete investment portfolio. Topics include successful real estate investing in a down market, how to negotiate for commercial and residential property, when to hold and when to sell.
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Real Estate is typically part of a complete investment portfolio. Topics include successful real estate investing in a down market, how to negotiate for commercial and residential property, when to hold and when to sell.








(October 16, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “The Search For Financial Control” – Featuring LU Members, Leo & Peggi

Both Leo and Peggi grew up in entrepreneurial families, and the experience of financial control and autonomy gained from their upbringings would never fade. It's why they moved like liquid through varied careers, always trading their way up, and not simply in to a new job. So, when retirement came, the world telling them how to invest their nest egg, it wasn't time to settle down. It was time to seek out what really worked. Click To Listen Now


(October 15, 2018) The Best National Real Estate Market Analysis of 2018

“The largest expansion in the country was…120 months…and we’re currently at…104 months,” says Del referencing Real Estate Consultant, Dr. Mark G. Dotzour. This only prompts one question; how long will this one last? Using analysis of the national multifamily market, and it’s key performance indicators (including how single family is doing comparatively), Del drives at the heart of this very question. This is a must-listen Del Walmsley Radio Show discussion. Click To Listen Now


(October 12, 2018) You Can Have Anything You Want In Life, But You Can’t Have-Everything

In the fight of his life against cancer, Del turned to the joy of train-making. He threw himself head first into this world, and before he knew it, he was overloaded with tracks, trains, landscapes and more. Making sense of this new hobby became a building block of his life and Lifestyles Unlimited; you can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have everything. Click To Listen Now


(October 11, 2018) Harnessing Your Fear To Drive Your Success – Featuring Single Family Mentor, Jillian Garland

As a Lifestyles Unlimited Mentor, Jillian Garland helps people who come through her door to either navigate a major life-change, such as a sudden layoff, or to simply make up the lost ground from a traditional retirement plan, by following a proven model for real estate investing. But, there's a lot to unpack for many making this transition, such as years of conditioning and the raw fear that comes as a result of it. Today, Executive Vice President, Lynn Murrow, joins Jillian to harness that...


(October 10, 2018) The Wrong Destinations In Life & The Wrong Map To Get There

Is success with the wrong map truly success? Sometimes we drive ourselves so hard at a problem that we fail to take a step back to evaluate our plan to solve it. The result is a flawed destination procured from a flawed map, which produces a flawed outlook on life. It’s a vicious cycle which has one of Del’s listeners firmly in its grasp. Del’s job is to get him out while there’s still time. Click To Listen Now


(October 09, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Why Real Estate Became This Teacher’s Roadmap To Retirement” – Featuring LU Member, Mark

If there is anything that jumps out at you from Mark's story, it's these two things: he definitely understands the importance of generating another source of income outside of teaching, but he's not going to sacrifice family life to do that. That's why he joined to improve the management strategy for his single family rentals. But, we thought he could do better. Try shave-seven-years-off-his-teaching-career better. Click To Listen Now


(October 08, 2018) Stocks vs. Real Estate, What Is It To Be Wealthy, Interest Rates & What Jobs Tell Us About Rental Markets

Fresh from Market Watch, an article claims “Seven Reasons Stocks Are Better Than Real Estate.” Del has a field day. As if no better topic could be served up after that, Del quotes Author & Life Coach, Tony Robbins as saying “being wealthy is a feeling.” Del has another field day. More interest rate hikes are on the horizon, but rest easy, Del has a plan for you. Wrapping up the show, we cover an article detailing the fastest growing employment markets. Click To Listen Now


(October 05, 2018) Where To Keep Your Returns Between Deals & The 6 Reasons Real Estate Outperforms Other Investments

If you’re making the kind of money through real estate investing that can retire you in five years or less, then odds are you’re also looking for a place to park your liquid cash so it can wait for that next incredible deal in order to jump on it fast. Del’s got you covered. Then, for those looking to start investing right, Del discusses the six reasons why your money will find no better investment vehicle than real estate. Click To Listen Now


(October 04, 2018) Welcoming Our Newest Multifamily Mentor, Kevin Chalmers

As we welcome Kevin to the team, we’ll go full circle with his story. Kevin spent his childhood with rental real estate, though his family were not owners or investors. “From single family rentals, to apartment complexes, to trailer parks, you name it. I’ve probably lived in, and moved in and out of more places than I can remember,” he says. Since that time, Kevin has gone on to do many things, including coming back to his roots, only this time as an owner of 16 apartment communities at...


(October 03, 2018) Goal Setting Gone Wrong, “Dead Equity” & The Top 10 Markets For Long-Term Investing

First, Del has a message for an amateur goal-setting guru. Then, he shifts to express the need for income-producing assets in your portfolio and why “dead equity” (a paid off home for example) does virtually nothing to benefit you. Lastly, Del explores an article listing the top 10 markets for long-term real estate investing, and why this is the case. Click To Listen Now


(October 02, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “How Members Take Our Program To New Heights” – Featuring LU Member, Robert

Robert holds a special place in the Lifestyles Unlimited family as being one of, if not the first member to purchase a class A apartment complex. Both this investment (including the knowledge that stemmed from it) and his award-winning Rockstar Capital Management team are just a few of the centerpieces to a portfolio worth $235M. Click To Listen Now


(September 28, 2018) Putting Financial Growth Into Perspective

Today, Del breaches the topic of personal finances with his listeners. But, instead of only breaking down the do’s and don’ts for personal financial growth, he relates this daunting topic to his hobby of gardening. Here, listeners can expect a relaxing conversation geared towards producing a stress-free perspective about growing one’s wealth. Click To Listen Now


(September 27, 2018) Financial Freedom For America – Featuring National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham

Today, we hear success stories of Lifestyles Unlimited members around the country with special insights provided by National Multifamily Mentor, JB Durham, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley. Click To Listen Now


(September 26, 2018) 20 Tips To Get You Thinking Like A Lifestyles Unlimited Member

Today, Del covers two important articles, one outlining 10 common, yet misguided phrases we heard growing up, and the other entitled "The Ten Hard Questions To Ask Before Investing In A Commercial Partnership." Del gives both articles his own touch, thus providing 20 sound tips to get you thinking like a Lifestyles Unlimited member. Click To Listen Now


(September 25, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Working For The Fun of It” – Featuring LU Members, Clifton & Beverly

Clifton and Beverly were drawn to one another in part out of a mutual passion for business. For them, every business or investment venture outside of work was, quite simply, fun! But, what if this kind of fun could take all of their bills and make them disappear? The answer to this question came in the form of a Lifestyles Unlimited radio broadcast: yes, it very much could. And today, their working lives look more like fulfilled passions and less like work at all. Click To Listen Now


(September 24, 2018) Your Monday Real Estate Investor Grab Bag

By most accounts, we are in the longest bull-market run in history as we've aged well into our ninth year of sustained economic growth without a major stock-market decline. Del shares what this means for the buy-and-hold real estate investor. Then, we dig deep into today's grab bag, focusing our attention on where equity growth is spiking for single family, key changes in buyer behavior for primary homes, and more! Click To Listen Now


(September 21, 2018) An Underdog Investor Story – Featuring LU Mentor, Kim McLean

One quick look at the conversational, carefree Kim McLean, now a proud owner of 5 multifamily apartment communities, and you might think that his story is one without hardship. But, this would be wrong, as you’ll find from his never-before-told underdog investor story. Click To Listen Now


(September 20, 2018) An Honest Talk About Retirement

Lifestyles Unlimited Vice President of Multifamily Mentoring, John Ridgway, and CEO/Founder, Del Walmsley team up to take an unfiltered look at retirement. Join them for a sobering look at traditional investment plans like the 401k and IRA, unforseen expenses that complicate a retirement strategy, and the difficulty of living off of one's nest egg. Click To Listen Now


(September 19, 2018) Del Walmsley Discusses The 17 Principles of “Think & Grow Rich,” By Napoleon Hill

It's one of the most influential books Del has ever read. So much so, he read it at least 6 times. Listen closely as Del covers as many of these principles as he can in the span of the show to give you insights on his life goals and some of the most important philosophies behind Lifestyles Unlimited. Click To Listen Now


(September 18, 2018) Tell Del Tuesday “Real Estate Succeeds After Other Retirement Vehicles Fail” – Featuring LU Member & Ambassador, Jim

Jim started working full-time at 18 years old with college paid for by his employer, a 401k, and practicing in his trade of automotive design. But, nothing could prepare Jim for the roller coaster ride that came next, nothing except something his dad taught him early on about rental property: "these are good money makers," he said. Today, with the help of Lifestyles Unlimited, Jim is learning just how right his dad was. Click To Listen Now