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The Brand Shaker Podcast—Social Media Strategies, Copywriting, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Branding with Sharon Sprague

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009: An Interview with Joy Cho from Oh Joy!

Joy Cho is a graphic designer, blogger, author, and entrepreneur and the Founder and Creative Director of the lifestyle brand, Oh Joy!, known for the whimsy, color, and unexpected twists on the everyday. In this Brand Shaker interview, Joy takes us on a journey through her early days as a blogger and shares how her brand developed, offers great tips and insight for other entrepreneurs building their own brands, and gives us a little peek into what’s next for Oh Joy!. Find more Brand Shaker...


008: My 9 Go-to Instagram Tips for Building Your Brand

Today it’s all about Instagram. Whether the platform is new to you or you’re in there posting like a fiend, I’m going to share some helpful tips to really help you own it. And this is for you if you’re building a personal brand or getting out there with your small business, these 9 little nuggets of social media goodness cover it all. Also, don’t miss my little Instagram announcement at the end of the broadcast, I’m bringing it all today. 30 Custom Hashtags service:...


007: SNACKABLE — How My Dream to Work for Disney Changed Everything

What is your dream? Is it a wish you made long ago? Something you realized recently? Are you living it now? In this snackable episode (snackable=less than 20 min), I share my personal journey chasing my Disney dream and the wild and fantastically awesome path I took. I also share my big epiphany and what I learned from my experience — a lesson for my dreamers out there. THE FB GROUP FOR THE OK WORKSHOP: THE OK WORKSHOP ON INSTAGRAM:...


006: Taking The Woo Out of Manifesting For Business with Maker and Advanced Theta Healer, Robin Parr

I have a fascinating discussion with Robin Parr, Advanced Theta Healer and Maker behind Basked Bags, about the power of manifesting for business. Robin shares how it has impacted her life and business, and gives us great tips to practice manifesting for what we desire. From positive thinking to vision board designs, I try to help take the woo out of this incredible practice that has helped countless celebrities, CEOs, athletes, and more achieve their goals. I also share how it has touched my...


005: Why Your Customers Need To Know Your Brand Story

Everyone has s story and your one-of-a-kind story needs to come out. Learn how to identify it, bring it to life, and make it resonate with your customers. Finally a way to demystify a critical part of your business plan. Real brand success stories, marketing best practices, and Q&A that you sent in. Yep, it's all here. Instant Download: 9-page Find Your Specialty Workbook available in my shop— THE FB GROUP FOR THE OK...


004: Content Strategy With Digital Marketing Pro, Victor Pinto

Great content has heart. It's honest. It's real. It comes from a genuine place. Victor Pinto, digital marketing director for an integrated marketing company, works on brands like McDonalds, Wells Fargo, and Kraft—helping get content seen by millions. He shares his insights on how to create a content strategy, what makes for great content, why he loves nachos, how his mom inspires him, and gives us great tips to help find what works best for your brand. Oh, did I mention, he's also my...


003: Top 5 Small Business Mistakes I'll Never Make Again

Mistakes made. Lessons learned. Ok, we know that it takes falling down a few times and having to brush yourself off to really understand what works and what you should do—this is true in life and in business, right? In this episode of the Brand Shaker podcast, I'm diving into my top 5 small business mistakes that, maybe, I'd do a bit differently the second time around. But I'm not mad for these mistakes and these little blips made me who I am and where my business is going to go. From...


002: How a Theme Park Fan Turned His Passion into a Successful Brand

Please keep your arms and legs inside this podcast at all times. Josh Reichlin, of the mega-popular theme park enthusiast brand, Made to Thrill, has turned a lifelong passion into a successful business—by accident. Tune in to hear him share how he found his niche, reached a target audience he’s very familiar with, and created a brand with nearly 20K followers on Instagram. He epitomizes the idea that when you create a great product that people want, they will buy it. Hear firsthand how he...


001: Design Lessons with Creative Director and Owner of Gearhouse Studios, Bryan Weiss

What is good design? How does it make or break my brand? What kind of questions should I ask a designer I want to work with? How does color help define my brand? All of this and more is covered in this episode as we chat with Bryan Weiss—Creative Director and Owner of Gearhouse Studios. With over 25 years of experience in the ad world and having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, Bryan has been making a name for himself within the small business and handmade seller...


Preview: The Brand Shaker Podcast—Build The Brand That Sells

Ladies and gentleman, she has a podcast! Hi there, I'm Sharon Sprague, the founder of the brand-building service, The Ok Workshop. This is a short preview to introduce you to what's to come and convince you, Mr & Mrs. Business Owner, that you're going to want to subscribe to this. It's going to get good. And, hello, it's free. ----- The Ok Workshop is the brainchild of award-winning creative and super-enthusiastic entrepreneur, Sharon Sprague. A brand consultant, accomplished writer, and...