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Dealing with "Change for Change's Sake" at Work

Many people who are frustrated with the rapid pace of change in their organizations bring up this concern that their companies are pushing "changes just for change's sake." They are convinced that the company is not being strategic about the direction and reason for many of the changes they are implementing. This episode dives into navigating this frustration and will give you some answers to approach this situation from a place where you can add the most value with the least amount of drama.


Tips for Overcoming a Super Negative Person at Work

When working with a client earlier this year I was told about a somewhat toxic situation that happened between a manager and a large number of employees that were accusing her of being basically the most negative person ever.


How to Start Your Speaking Career

Being a speaker is something so many people connect with me on to hear my story on how I got started and advice for getting started themselves. After my almost 4 years as a speaker and learning directly from New York Times Bestselling Author, Cy Wakeman, who has built a successful speaking business over the last 20 years, I wanted to share all of my learnings with you!


Top 5 Common Mistakes When Starting to Lead and Live Reality-Based

The Reality-Based Leadership philosophy really resonates for so many people. It reveals some universal truths and actions steps to start living a drama-free life both at work and at home. However, the ego and the human condition can play tricks on us and often causes some common challenges when first starting to try out the techniques and ideas. Be aware of these as you begin your journey!


How to Solve a Lack of Buy-in in 20 Minutes

I had to jump in on this viral clip that went out from a college football player that was upset about a "lack of buy-in" that was hurting their team. So many athletes and coaches talk about the importance of buy-in of all involved in order for a team to be successful. The problem, however, is that buy-in has remained an illusion and unteachable for so many.


How to Learn Faster, Better and Uglier with Trev Ragan

Everyone is a learner and everyone wants to get better at something. The problem is that we haven't yet utilized the research when it comes to learning in the best way. Trevor Ragan is on a mission to magnify the best research out there to make us all better learners.


3 Ways to Stop People From Venting (Nicely)

We dove deep on venting and whether it is helpful or not in the workplace. As we discussed, an attendee in one of my sessions wanted to know our best ways to stop the venting, but to do it nicely where it doesn't hurt the person's feelings AND doesn't look like you are taking the side of the other person, group or department involved. Here are my 3 best suggestions for that situation!


What if Leadership is Making Poor Decisions

Ever find yourself confused of decisions by leadership? Many share with me that the organization seems to have no idea what is really going on and are even making poor decisions. This episode will open up some freedom to know how to move forward to succeed anyway.


When Someone Constantly Frustrates You at Work

One of the most common questions we get in sessions boils down to "How can I change another?" So many of us are frustrated with a colleague who consistently doesn't do what they say they are going to do. They may even consistently let us down. In this episode, I answer a question from a session of mine when someone brings up that they are having a constant issue with someone they work with. With that question in mind, I dove deep into the philosophy to give you our best tips for navigating...


How Stories Cause Suffering, Create Identities and Limit Our Experiences

Who would you be without your story? This was the central question in a recent 9-day retreat I experienced and what a journey it took me on! In this episode, I share how I dove deeper into the power of our unquestioned stories and how they create suffering in our lives and eventually solidify into identities that can keep us from being our authentic selves that can experience so many amazing things in the world. This self-reflection was me trying to articulate how much I thought I...


Can We Leave Work Even Each Day

I am fascinated by how many people report that they leave work completely drained each day with no energy left for families, friend or hobbies. What we've found in our research on drama is that it is not our daily jobs and tasks that exhaust us, it is all of the drama caused by poor mental processes and drama that we bring in to our jobs. This episode elaborates on what I mean by leaving work "even" and breaks down some counter-arguments I've encountered while out speaking on the topic with...


FULL OVERVIEW of the Reality-Based Leadership Philosophy

Here it is you guys! The entire Reality-Based Leadership philosophy in one episode. Many have asked for a full overview with stories and examples to bring the ditch the drama philosophy all together and this is it. Ready to recapture the 2 hours per day per person that is lost to drama at work? Listen in!


What Leads to Happiness in Life

Your level of happiness is not correlated to having perfect circumstances in which to thrive in, it is correlated to the amount of accountability you take for those circumstances. Your circumstances are just your assignment to succeed anyway in.


How to Overcome Fear

I've noticed that my entire life people have given me varied advice and quotes about fear and how to overcome it. In saying that, I was often frustrated at the lack of practical tips to overcome these feelings of fear in the moment. This idea of fear was something I just couldn't shut off by snapping my fingers until I discovered the Reality-Based philosophy. In this episode, I give you some practical and simple strategies (that will ACTUALLY work) to start carving away that those feelings...


Living the Philosophy in Alaska

A recent speaking engagement in Alaska led to a heck of an adventure and a pretty interesting test of living out the philosophy as my plans played out. I hope you all get a laugh out of me trying to practice what I preach so to speak with our drama-free philosophy!


How to Have More Influence Without the Authority of a Job Title

Many believe that empowerment and having authority comes after you get a job title and it simply is not true. In this episode, I give practical ways to have incredible impact in any situation regardless of your job title or authority in an organization. So many people I come across are sitting back and waiting for a leader to impact a situation and help with the drama between their teams and this episode really challenges you to start noticing where you step down and choose to step out of...


How to Actually Change Your Mindset

You hear it everywhere - change your mindset, change your life. There is so much out there about the importance of changing your mindset or being in the right frame of mind to get better results. But how do you actually change a mindset? What practical ways can you do it? You'll find that in this episode!


What Actually Causes Drama in Our Lives

We've been talking a lot about drama in our lives and in this episode I wanted to pinpoint exactly what causes that drama so you can quickly recognize it when it comes. I also offer a practical strategy I often use to redirect that energy to achieve a better results. We've been talking a lot about drama in our lives and in this episode I wanted to pinpoint exactly what causes that drama so you can quickly recognize it when it comes. I also discuss a practical strategy I often use to redirect...


What Happens in Life When the Drama is Gone

In this episode, I share the backstory of why I felt The Carvery podcast had to be created and what space it fills in the world and how the content will help people ditch the drama from their lives to reveal their natural state of success and happiness.