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Beers 'n Dogs (feat. Joey Chestnut)

Episode 15 features the greatest athlete of all time, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut and we ask him some speed round questions about life as the hot dog champ (34:00). Robots finally try to takeover for Joey "No Cool Nickname" Avery who comes back with his raddest monologue ever. We find out what the most millennial jobs are and Phil + Tom are dispatched into the field to give us some on the ground reporting. Also Grant tries to beat John Travolta at teleprompter reading and both he and Mason try to...


Grand Theft Yachto (feat. Kelvin Davis)

Episode 14 brings in some STAR POWER as we are joined by Chubbies Man Model winner and modern day Derek Zoolander, Kelvin Davis (@notoriouslydapper). We learn about life as a world renowned model, and what it feels like to have Grant almost kill you. Also Joey finally gets his showdown with a joke robot and we dissect the concept of Bachelor Parties through the ages which leads us to learn what happens to Phil after he's had a few "beers for the guys".


Joey vs. Robots

Episode 13 makes it clear that everyone is losing their jobs. Mostly Joey, but still everyone, except maybe Grant since robots can't work from home. Also, we interview Phil and a Chubbies customer who we flew out to join our Fantasy League. Plus the story of Mason screwing up his first company offsite and Grant having a run in with the TSA. Fear. Humor. Defeat. Something for everyone.



Things we do on episode 12 - Have secret code words - Fire two of our co-hosts - Revolutionize the wedding registry - Explain an ill-advised business decision Things we don’t do on episode 12 -. Judge - Sincerely congratulate Grant on the biggest moment of his podcast career


Laybrom Jaynes Favorite Podcast

Episode 11 is full of milestones, a child takes his first steps, a man drops to a knee, and Phil berates an airline service agent who was just trying to do her job. Speaking of planes, Tom pukes on one and a case of airport sushi foils some very important plans. We also have life hacks, our first ever Weekend Warrior award and we consider the prospect of moving in together. Should we do it? Of course we should. PODCAST HOOOOUSE.



On Episode 10 of the Chubbies Podcast journey we decide to completely ruin our podcast studio, Grant fails to explain the Bill of Rights and we find out how much he loves plants. Which is a lot. Grant loves plants. Do you like jazz names? How about pancakes? Do you like relative under preparation and potential injury? You'll love this episode almost as much as Grant loves plants.


The Joy of Missing Out

Episode 9 brings us two new segments, two secret segments, and multiple opportunities for the Chubbies Podcast team to argue with one another. Christmas Grant gets loose on some bushes, everyone provides valuable life hacks and Insta inspiration, and we learn how bad Mason is at spoken word poetry. Where did Joey leave his skin? Listen to find out!


Welcome to the Shart Tank

WE LOST JOEY. But we found some great, ground floor investment opportunities in the Shart Tank. Grant shows off his English major and everyone is very impressed with how much he clearly still knows about the English language and Tom Monkgomery levitates over from the monastery with some very important words. Kit makes her Chubbies podcast debut and everyone offers some important advice on LinkedIn recommendations.


The Gang Gets Rich AND Famous

Episode 7 of the Chubbies Podcast journey is a wet one. We almost destroy all of our equipment. We tell 4th of July stories. Joey brags about being on TV, and Mason gives you the keys to getting rich quick, or at least two ideas how to, even though you probably wouldn't get rich, and if you did it would take long, and we copyrighted the ideas already I think, and is this a run on sentence? It doesn't matter. This episode has everything. A monologue. A challenge. A story. A riddle. That whole...


Robot Clubbin'

On Episode 6 of the Chubbies Podcast journey we are treated to a couple of new secret segments and show off how we take feedback: bitterly. We also impose some harsh rules on Grant, barrage each other with backhanded compliments, and consider the possibility of AI popularity contests. Finally the podcast member that gets out of work the most is exposed and we hear what it’s like when Joey gets heckled on stage. Hope you brought some pepper………. CUZZZZZ WE GET SALTY ON THIS ONE.


Shorts in Space

On Episode 5 of the Chubbies journey we detail both feats of SCIENCE and MARKETING. Yes, in one episode we discuss creating a phone tree, and sending shorts into space. We also do a commercial voiceover challenge, read a script made by a robot, discuss our favorite avatar millennial influencer and wonder what it all means. As always there is a bad monologue and for the first time ever... there is a hidden Creed duet at the end.


Spontaneous Meditation

In Episode 4 of the great Chubbies Podcast journey we reflect on a holiday we created out of nothing, Julyber Monday, where everyone works for a long time and PHIL DOESN’T GET TO PEE. Also, could Twitch make gamers jocks? And can Tom and Mason jump chairs like Bill Gates? As always Joey regales us with an awful monologue and Phil tells us about the time he dislocated his shoulder at a public gym. Oh yeah. And Tom leads us in some guided breathwork.



Episode 3 details the paths that our anti-heroes took to Chubbies, and we find out how Grant found himself in a naked NBA locker room. Also Phil rolls down a hill, Joey delivers his worst monologue to date, and Grant puts on a display in not knowing a word he uses every day. We discuss gender reveals and introduce our first EVER physical challenge, leaving both Mason and Grant with a bruised coccyx… and ego. Everyone hulk smashes the bing bong and Grant has a very special announcement.


Male Witches

In Episode 2 of our journey the marketing inexperts of Chubbies detail their get rich quick scheme: high school newspapers. Also Jimmy Buffett wears Chubbies and everyone loses their mind. We learn that Phil is a filthy sailor and the Millennial Zone takes us to a minor league baseball game for a major league OWN SESH. Joey slides in some dirty monologue jokes and everyone reflects on the brilliance that is Grant’s concept of Male Witches. Mason purposefully eats into the microphone and also...


Exploding Fish

THE EPISODE THAT STARTED IT ALL. The very first step in your journey towards building your shorts empire, and living life in the fast lane. In this episode we discuss the difficulty of manufacturing fun, and how sometimes that means going on exploding fish expeditions. Also the Millennial Zone runs the team through a Wu Tang Name Generator and Grant tries to explain the Internet. Joey depicts his robo-calling past and we discover that it’s hard to make a vomit blaster. Finally, the crotch of...