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EP 034 - Interview With Aced Coin'S Anthony Kaz

In this episode, I interview Anthony Kaz, the head of the streaming department/community manager for Aced Coin. Aced is a new cryptocurrency project that focuses on gaming and streaming, while also providing masternodes, and more. Anthony and I discussed many of the features of Aced and some of the things he is looking forward to regarding the project! We dove into some of the specific features of the new streaming and gaming platforms aced has to offer, and covered why the project is...


EP 033 - Interview With Levelhead

In this episode, I interview Levelhead, a blockchain enthusiast who has just recently joined the crypto twitter community. We discuss some of the features of blockchain such as smart contracts, decentralization, and more! We also talk about how people new to the space can learn more about the technology behind blockchain, and some of the key hurdles we face as far as mass adoption. Hope you enjoy! Follow Levelhead on Twitter @iamlevelhead Free Andreas Antonopoulos book...


EP 032 - Interview With Crypto Cred

In this episode, I interview Crypto Cred, Someone who has made quite a name for himself on Crypto Twitter with his quality Technical Analysis. We cover some of the basics of TA, and how someone new to the space or interested in learning more about TA can do so. We also go deeper into such topics as trend lines, price action, and more. Cred is a wonderful dude, and I really hope you enjoy this episode and learn something new! Honey Miner (Sponsor) Follow Honey Miner on Twitter...


EP 031 - Interview With Truth Raider

In this episode, I interview Truth raider, an avid member of Crypto Twitter, and the founder of the Truth Raider brand. He is a Libertarian, former war veteran, and an avid member of the cryptocurrency community. We had a really interesting chat covering some of the issues with the current crypto space and some ways we can help increase adoption overall. Hope you enjoy! Follow Truth Raider on Twitter @truthraiderhq Check out the Truth Raider website Follow me on...


Ep 030 - Interview With Crypto Bulldog

In this episode, I interview Crypto Bulldog, a famous crypto investor on Twitter, and an expert in the field of fundamental analysis. We had a really interesting talk and took a deeper look into what the bulldog looks for in projects, and how he goes about finding new coins to invest in. We also covered some of the things Bulldog wants to do in his future and his main reason for being in the crypto space. Honey Miner (Sponsor) Follow Honey Miner on Twitter @gethoneyminer Sign up for...


EP 029 - Interview With Bitcoin Birch

In this episode, I interview Bitcoin Birch, founder of Bitcoin Bravado and advisor to multiple startups. Birch is a well-seasoned entrepreneur and has a lot of experience in the crypto space as well. We covered multiple topics including how entrepreneurship and crypto are mixing, his journey through the start-up world, and some more information about Bitcoin Bravado. We also get an inside look at Birch's trading style, and some of the keys he believes will help bring success to...


EP 028 - Interview With Cy Watson

In this episode, I interview Cy Watson, a Managing Partner at Pink Sky Capital. Cylus is a long time poker player and has been in the crypto community for years, while recently making the jump into the institutional space. We had a very interesting talk about how institutional money is moving in the space, and some of the issues they are facing. We also discussed the mental side of crypto and how e-sports and gambling is playing a big part in growing the crypto community. Honey Miner...


EP 027 - Interview With Jason Williams

In this episode I interview Jason Williams, a healthcare specialist, and founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets. Jason has been in the crypto space for a number of years now using energy from broken down tires to mine Ethereum, and Bitcoin. He has also founded Morgan Creek Digital Assets along with Anthony Pompliano. We cover some very interesting topics including what excites him most in the crypto space and how he sees it growing in the future. We also get to know Jason a bit better and...


EP 026 - Interview With Coin Yeezy

In this episode, I interview Coin Yeezy, a popular crypto entrepreneur on Twitter who has started multiple projects in the space. He has helped start Honey Miner, Whale Reports, Pepe D-Apps, and more! We had a really interesting conversation around what bitcoin actually means to him, where he received a lot of his inspiration starting these companies, and some of the difficulties he has faced early on in his entrepreneurial ventures. Honey Miner (Sponsor) Follow Honey Miner on Twitter...


EP 025 - Interview With Chris Jones And Blockchain Seattle 2018

In this episode, I interview Chris Jones, Co-Founder of Blockchain Seattle 2018, and the President of The DragonScale Division of DragonChain. Chris is a really great guy, and I enjoyed getting to talk with him about the upcoming conference and his time with DragonChain. We talked about some of the key features of Blockchain Seattle 2018, some notable speakers, and a few reasons he is so excited for the future of blockchain technology. If you are interested in coming to the event, please...


EP 024 - Interview With @Needacoin

In this episode, I interview Twitter famous crypto trader Needacoin. He is a very interesting guy and has grown quite a following on Twitter. He is one of the more respected traders in the space, and someone I've wanted to have on the podcast since starting it. He is known for having a large amount of bags, and being a successful investor in low cap coins. We cover some things he looks for in low cap projects, and how he goes about researching new coins. We also learn how Needacoin...


EP 023 - The Crypto Sky and Coin Boys Joint Podcast

In this episode, I join forces with the gentleman from The Coin Boys Podcast. They are both wonderful guys, and I'm really glad to be working with another podcast in the cryptocurrency space! We cover some interesting topics around adoption and learning in the crypto space. We also discuss some of the obstacles crypto podcasters face, and both of our journeys setting up our own podcasts. I also personally get to answer some questions, and discuss how I got into the crypto space! Honey...


EP 022 - Interview With Josh Olszewicz

In this episode, I interview Josh Olszewicz, a crypto trader, and writer who is one of the most popular figures in the space. Josh is a very good trader, who relies on Technical Analysis, mainly the Ichimoku Cloud. We cover this topic among others including growing a small portfolio and learning a bit more about his personal trading strategy. We also get to know Josh better and learn more about his writing for Brave New Coin. Honey Miner (Sponsor) Follow Honey Miner on Twitter...


EP 021 - Interview With Jameson Lopp

In this episode, I interview Jameson Lopp. For those of you who are not familiar with Jameson, he is a Bitcoin engineer currently working with Casa. He is an expert in crypto security and is considered a Bitcoin expert by many in the crypto space. We covered some really interesting, and more technical topics including the lighting network, Bitcoin's scalability issue, and what money actually mean to Jameson. We also talked about the core meaning of Bitcoin, and how it has evolved over the...


EP 020 - Interview With JP Baric And Crypto Chris Walken

In this episode, I interview JP Baric and Crypto Chris Walken, both of whom are mining specialists. Jp is the CEO of The Mining Store and has been supplying industrial grade mining rigs for multiple years. He is extremely well versed in the mining space and has worked with multiple big names in the crypto space. Crypto Walken gives us a more beginner perspective, including some ideas on how to get into mining. However, Walken is very experienced in the mining space as well. They both give...


EP 019 - Interview With Altcoin Thoreau

In this episode, I interview Altcoin Thoreau, a traditional and crypto market trader. Thoreau also is heavily invested in real estate among other asset classes. We had a really fun conversation and took a dive into the fundamentals of wealth. We talked about what wealth truly means, and the mindset some people have adopted that keeps them from attaining wealth. We also compared trading the stock market vs. the crypto market, and some of the barriers of entry for both. I really enjoyed...


EP 018 – Interview With Nik Patel

In this episode I interview Nik Patel, a former cryptocurrency day trader who is now a best selling author. He is an awesome guy, and I really enjoyed discussing some important crypto related topics. We talked about some of the best ways to grow your portfolio, and how someone should go about investing in low cap coins. We also got to know Nik better, and found out his inspiration behind the book, and his passion for reading. I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking...


EP 017 - Interview With Altcoin Psycho

In this episode I interview Altcoin Psycho, a crypto trader who is very well versed in the crypto and blockchain space. He specializes in Behavioral Economics, and is also very skilled in Fundamental Analysis, and Technical Analysis. We covered some really interesting topics including how he keeps a close eye on consumer behavioral patterns, and how Altcoin Psycho goes about finding undervalued projects. We also get to know more about the Psycho and how he created his Twitter account! We...


EP 016 - Interview With Tony Crypto

In this episode I interview Tony Crypto, a crypto investor and co-founder of Bitcoin Bravado. We cover some really interesting topics including the difference between an ICO and an IPO, as well as Ton'y personal thoughts on the "Crypto Bubble." Tony also explains why he is so bullish on DragonChain, and why he sees real-world use cases for blockchain powered supply chains. We also get to know Tony better as an entrepreneur, and person! We find out some of the things Mr. Coin Caller does...


EP 015 - Interview With Mr. Backwards

In this episode I interview Mr. Backwards, a crypto trader all the way from The Netherlands, who has built a Twitter following of over 55 thousand people! Mr. Backwards is a very successful crypto trader, and we cover some really important topics! We talk about how he goes about finding gems, his thoughts on large Twitter profiles partnering with Coins, and his advice to new traders! We also get to know the man behind the blue face, and find out some things Mr. Backwards enjoys outside of...