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32: How to Develop LinkedIn Thought Leadership, with Rachel Simon

This week on the If You Market podcast we speak with Rachel Simon, CEO and Founder of Connect The Dots Digital. We discuss techniques for developing yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn, which according to Sky does not include posting videos about how awesome you are and how much money you can make. Rachel works with company founders, subject matter experts and executives to expand their network and develop themselves as thought-leaders while increasing trust with their buyers,...


31: MarTech Won't Save you, with Scott Brinker

This week on the If You Market podcast we speak with Scott Brinker of and HubSpot about MarTech. If you don't know Scott Brinker then your probably also wondering what MarTech is, and what your listening to, and what a podcast is. :) Scott publishes the blog, programs the MarTech conference, and wrote the book Hacking Marketing. He is VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot and was previously the co-founder of ion interactive.


30: The Resurgence of Experiential Marketing, with Laurel Mintz

This week on the If You Market podcast we speak with Laurel Mintz of Elevate My Brand about the Resurgence of Experiential Marketing. It's all about offline and out of the office marketing. Yes, events where you see real people in the flesh is back. Don't call it a comeback, events have always been here. Laurel has created an agency family serving both startups and blue chip global brands like Verizon Digital Media Group, PAW Patrol and Zendesk. Laurel’s favorite saying is FIOGID. Figure...


29: Epic PR Fails & Successes, with Karla Jo Helms

This week on the If You Market podcast we have a special episode with our new co-host Karla Jo Helms, where we lavish praise on her as co-host and have some fun talking about epic PR fails. Also successes, but let's be honest everyone wants to hear about the fails. #IfYouMarket #B2BMarketing


28: How to Create Social Media Thought Leadership, with Jasmine Sandler

This week on the If You Market podcast we talk with Jasmine Sandler about how to be B2B famous. It's all about turning yourself into a B2B thought leader and influencer. Jasmine is the Founder and CEO of JS Media and Agent-cy Online Marketing, and is considered by Google, LinkedIn and other key Internet Marketing organizations as a Top B2B Digital marketing thought-leader. She has delivered over 200 Digital Marketing company client plans and 400+ B2B Social Media and SEO Keynote...


27: How to Make Engaging Campaigns for Boring Products, with Marc Rappin

This week on the If You Market podcast we introduce our new co-host, Karla Jo Helms of JoTo PR, and we talk with Marc Rappin about the keys to B2B marketing with a boring product. If your product isn't sexy on it's own you can still connect it to something that resonates with your audience. #ifyoumarket #B2BMarketing


26: Women in Marketing, with Erica Lanyon

Erica Lanyon, VP of Marketing at SourceDay, is back on the If You Market podcast this week to discuss Women in Marketing. We talk about getting raises and promotions, bias in the workplace, mentorship, when to get out, and my love hate relationship with the Ice Breakers Gum Unicorn commercial.


25: You Want The PR? You Can't Handle The PR!!! with Karla Jo Helms

This week we talked to Karla Jo Helms. Karla Jo is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist for JoTo PR. Her Public Relations agency specializes in B2B and handles both crisis management and brand development PR. We discuss general B2B PR, fake news, information overload, how PR is measured, and how it sets the stage for sales and marketing. #B2B #IfYouMarket


23: Why More of Your Business Should be Referrals

This week we speak with Bill Cates of Referral Coach International about how to get more referral business. Bill helps professionals and businesses multiply their best clients through more compelling messaging, referrals, and personal introductions. He was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010, so you know he always brings his A game. He is also the author of four popular books (and counting): Get More Referrals Now, Don't Keep Me a Secret, Beyond Referrals, and...


22: What You Don't Know About Webinars Could Kill You, with Daniel Waas of GoToWebinar

This week on the If You Market podcast Daniel Waas gives us a peek into GoToWebinar's upcoming webinar marketplace and we discuss all things webinar. Did I mention Webinar? If you're concerned your webinars are putting valuable viewers to sleep, or if you just want to have better webinars, you need to hear what Daniel has to say. We also discuss his mild infatuation with the Hoff, deep infatuation with B2B marketing, and much more.


21: The SDR Experiment, with Adam Schoenfeld

Cold calling is usually the job of the newest least experienced team members. We talked with Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Siftrock, about developing an SDR team and his experiment getting in the trenches as an SDR.


20: The Importance of Aligning Sales & Marketing, with Erica Lanyon

This week on the If You Market podcast we talk with the VP of Marketing at SourceDay, Erica Lanyon, about the importance of aligning sales & marketing. With a “get it done” attitude, Erica is great at juggling multiple priorities and evaluating situations from every possible angle.


19: How to Build Influencer Relationships, with Jaxson Khan

In this episode of the If You Market podcast we talk with Jaxson Khan about building influencer relationships, finding the right influencers for you, and how to approach and maintain relationships with influencers. Jaxson Khan is the Head of Marketing at, a relationship intelligence platform that helps businesses find and grow the right relationships to drive revenue.


18: Site Search with Stephen Zakur

In this episode of the If You Market podcast we discuss Site Search with Stephen Zakur. Site Search is often overlooked causing a substantial percentage of many companies SEO and brand investment to slip through the cracks. Stephen Zakur is the CEO of Solosegment, a Site Search analytics company. He has been building and leading technology organizations for twenty years. During the late 90s, he was part of the first internet wave running sales at a tech start-up founded by a buddy from...


17: Upstream Marketing with Laura Patterson

In this episode of the Elephant Test we discuss upstream and downstream marketing with Laura Patterson. Downstream marketing will have to wait for another time, our focus on this episode was all upstream. Laura Patterson is the President of VisionEdge Marketing. She has been helping CEOs and marketing executives at companies such as Elsevier, Howden, Kennametal, Safe Systems, Southwest Airlines and TUV. She is the author of the book “Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven...


16: B2B Data with Ruth Stevens

In this episode with talk with Ruth Stevens about all things B2B data, Data sources, Uses and Hygiene.


15: Top of Funnel Digital Marketing w/ Jordan Mason

In this episode we discuss top of funnel lead generation with Jordan Mason. Jordan is the digital marketing manager for Marchex, a call analytics company. We focus mainly on SEM and content, with some discussion of SEO, email marketing, social media and retargeting.


14: Marketing Automation w/ Ali Jawin

Ali Jawin is the Global Marketing Automation Manager at Risk Methods, a global company that helps manufacturers of all sizes protect their supply chain from risk. She is responsible for enabling effective marketing processes, execution and supporting infrastructure, including providing best practices guidance, marketing systems management, enabling technical infrastructure and reporting and analytics for all marketing functions. Before joining riskmethods to run marketing for North America,...


13: Growth Marketing w/ Brandon Redlinger

Brandon has a very diverse background as an athlete, teacher, health and wellness coach, top sales performer, and now the Director of Growth Marketing at Engagio. Here is his contact info: Email: Personal Twitter @Brandon_Lee_09 Company Twitter: @Engagio Personal LinkedIn: Company LinkedIn: URL:


12: Email Content Best Practices w/ Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch is an email conversion engineer. She helps startups and SaaS companies attract new leads via outreach emails and convert free trial users into paying customers. A storytelling approach is what she swears by for emails. So they’re gotta-take-action persuasive. Get the cold email template that brought in $20k here. Links mentioned in this podcast: Rule of One blog: tricks + example email:...