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Coaches Corner #1

On today's show, we interview Frank Besednjak. Frank is a service business coach. He shares truck-loads of wisdom on this "Coach's Corner" Segment. Some of the subjects we touch on: "How to get out of a rut in your business" "Unique selling position" "Employee discipline" and much more! Learn more about Frank and his coaching / consulting business at Frank is also a keynote speaker at the 2018 Service Wolrd Expo in Las Vegas. Hope that helps!


Successful Contractor Interview #12

Today on the show we interview Ellen Rohr. Ellen is was originally known as "The Plumber's Wife". She sold her original business in Park City Utah, was the founding CEO of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and is currently a leader and founder of Zoom Drain. Ellen pours out her wisdom in this episode with takeaways that will make you want to listen to it more than once. You can learn more about Ellen at Her books can be found at Don't forget...


Successful Contractor Interview #11

On today's podcast we interview Allan Ferguson, owner of Omega Home Services in Sydney Australia. Omega Home Services is a 50 truck company on track to gross 23 million in revenue this year. Allan tells of how he plans on achieving gross revenue of 100 million within the next 5 years. Allan talks about the book "Traction" by Gino Wickman as well as Gino's "EOS" system. A link can be found below. Don't forget to join the Ethical Contractors Alliance Facebook group @...


Successful Contractor Interview #10

Interview with Troy Winkel owner of Drain Busters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Troy successfully exited his first plumbing venture when he was purchased by a larger company. Troy took 2 years off and started Drain Busters. Troy was the president of the PHCC. Troy shares his secret to sales success and how he went from a high school drop out to living the American dream. This episode is packed with great content you can use in ANY home service business. Enjoy! Join the Ethical Contractors...


Successful Contractor Interview #9

Interview with the iconic Charlie Mullins. Charlie owns a 250 truck company in London that employs 450 people. They do more than plumbing. They offer HVAC, Carpentry, Electrical, Bath remodel, appliance, and more. It doesn't matter what branch of the home service industry you are in, you will learn something from this episode. Listen to Charlie's common sense approach to running a business as well as the reasons he is running to be the Mayor of London. Charlie is the author of "Bog...


Successful Contractor Interview #8

Today we interviewed Ted Gravlin. Ted sold his HVAC business 888-HEATING located in Denver Colorado. Ted now helps other business owners create a business that allows the lifestyle they originally sought when they started on their business journey. You can learn more about Ted or reach out to him at Ted answers our usual questions: 1) What was your biggest "aha" moment? 2)What was a game-changing strategy that you implemented? 3) Best advice you ever...


Successful Contractor Interview #7

Join us as we interview "The Home Service Millionaire" as he shares strategies on how he grew his business to 12 states and over a 100 employees. Tommy shares real tactics to make the phone ring, create top of mind awareness, recruit top talent, and dominate a market. Tommy answers our usual questions: 1)Biggest "aha" moment 2)Biggest game-changing strategy? 3)Best advice ever received? 4)If you had a van and $1000 to start over again, how would you spend the money? and much more!...


Successful Contractor interview #6

Interview with Justin Holman, owner of Holman Plumbing in Santa Rosa California. Learn how Justin has grown to being booked out for 3 weeks with 4 service calls per day, the answer may surprise you. He has capitalized on being the small guy in contrast to the larger national companies in town. Listen to how your marketing is not only attracting clients but repelling them as well. Justin points out the importance of matching your branding in all areas of your business to keep synergy and...


Successful Contractor Interview #5

Adam Flaherty of Professional Plumbing Charleston, SC joins us today. Adam grew his company from scratch and sold it to the biggest competitor in the market. Learn how Adam grew his business through the purchase of city, sell and swap, and community sites on Facebook. Join the Ethical Contractor's Alliance for more free content, fellowship with like-minded contractors, and events.


Successful Contractor Interview #4

Interview with sewer inspection and drain contractor Ben Kohn from Ventura CA. Ben shares how he dominates a niche with a high barrier to entry. Lots of great insight. Join our Facebook group "The Ethical Contractor" today and enjoy fellowship with like-minded contractors that are in all stages of the business life cycle. Join at


Successful Contractor Interview #3

Interview with Thomas Carlisle owner of Underground Connections in Wooster, Ohio. Thomas tells about how he went from flat broke to one of the largest pipe lining, trenchless, and sewer bursting companies in the country. Thomas answers the questions: How did you get started? What was your biggest "AHA" moment? What was the biggest game changing strategy you implemented? What was the best advice you've ever been given? If you had $1000 to start...


Successful Contractor Interview # 2

Nathan is the proud owner of Schlueter Plumbing serving Cincinnati, Ohio. He is recently started offering sewer lining, trenchless, and CIPP. Learn his secret to success as he shares wisdom from his wins and losses. You can visit to learn more about his company. Join the Ethical Contractors Alliance Facebook page by visiting Enjoy!


Successful Contractor Interview #1

If you want help getting control of your business join the Ethical Contractor's Alliance Facebook group. Free info, free content, and fellowship with like minded business owners that want to do right by their customers, employees, and families!