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Location & Timing: The rules of property investing

Guest: Tim Slattery, CEO, APN Property Group With all the focus on residential property, investors could be forgiven for forgetting that other property classes exist. But between office, industrial, retail, and healthcare, there's a whole world of property out there that remains unexplored for many investors. With this in mind, this week's guest on The Rules of Investing is Tim Slattery, CEO of APN Property Group, who's led over $8 billion worth of property deals in Australia and Europe....


ROI: Making money from market falls

This week’s guest on The Rules of Investing (ROI) is Ben McGarry, founder and Portfolio Manager at Totus Capital, and an expert in short selling. Ben started his career at an accountant at PWC, allowing him to gain skills that would be invaluable later as he searched for frauds, fads, and failures on the short-side of his fund’s portfolio. Tune in below to hear about the accounting tricks companies use to mask their true performance, his public short on a household name, and why it took a...


ROI: Investing through uncertainty

Guest: Michael Thawley, AO,Vice Chairman of Capital Group International. Whether you're investing in equities, debt, or alternatives, uncertainty is an inescapable part of the game. But Michael Thawley, AO, Vice Chairman of Capital Group International, says this current period of political uncertainty is unique; "I've never been more unsure about what the future holds than I am now." And he should know, having spent 46 years in foreign affairs, diplomacy, and politics. His appointments have...


The Rules of Investing: What makes a good business?

Guest: Kevin Beck, Paradice Investment Management After a chance meeting with legendary stock picker, David Paradice, today’s guest joined Paradice IM to head up their successful Global Small Mid Cap Fund in 2010. Shunning the traditional labels of ‘value’ and ‘growth’, their approach follows the ‘Growth at a Reasonable Price’ philosophy that draws from both schools of thought. “If you’re paying 30 times earnings, you’re effectively discounting a 3% IRR (internal rate of return). So, you...