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The Rules of Investing: Navigating the late cycle with Paul Moore

Paul Moore, founder & CIO of PM Capital, discusses his big picture views, characteristics of investments to own and avoid, examples of current pricing anomalies and one major risk being caused by investor crowding.


The Rules of Investing: Feast and Famine with Allan Gray

This week's guest is Simon Mawhinney, Chief Investment Officer of Allan Gray. We learn about the ‘feast and famine' nature of contrarian investing, why a long-term approach is essential to success, and then finish with Simon’s contrarian case for Telstra.


The Rules of Investing: How Alex Waislitz uncovers hidden gems

In the ‘go-go 80s’, a young Alex Waislitz worked for the legendary Australian entrepreneur, Robert Holmes á Court. Holmes á Court was Australia’s first billionaire, though he lost much of his fortune in the ’87 crash – a valuable lesson for the young Waislitz. Some 30 years later, Waislitz has built a fortune of his own, primarily through investing well. In an exclusive interview with Livewire, Waislitz explains one of the key lessons he learned working for Holmes á Court: "I learned from...


The Rules of Investing: Is Value Dead?

Today's guest is Kurt Winrich, Co-CEO and Portfolio Manager at WCM Investment Management, and he’s got a very different take on what a great long-term investment looks like. When Warren Buffett first started buying businesses with ‘moats’ in the 80s, such as Coca Cola, his disciples thought he was crazy. More than 30 years later, buying businesses with a moat is accepted wisdom. Morningstar even offers a 'moat rating' on thousands of stocks from around the world. WCM is a staff-owned firm...


The Rules of Investing: Why we love LICs

Geoff Wilson, Founder and Chairman of Wilson Asset Management, discusses how he identifies outstanding fund managers, buying a dollar for eighty cents, and how he and Matthew Kidman worked together to identify when it was time to sell ABC Learning... before it all blew up.


The Rules of Investing: Low risk, high return investing

This week's guest is Callum Burns, Portfolio Manager of the highly successful SGH ICE fund. Higher returns require higher risk and volatility… Or at least, that’s what finance theory would tell us. Is it possible to ‘have your cake and eat it too’? Callum Burns, Portfolio Manager of the SG Hiscock ICE Fund clearly thinks so, and he’s got the track record to back it up. His fund has produced 11.88% p.a. over the last 10 years, and he’s achieved this with significantly lower volatility than...


The Rules of Investing: Rick Rule’s secrets of success

This week’s guest is Rick Rule. Rick is the President and CEO of natural resources specialists, Sprott US Holdings. According to Mining Journal, Rick is one of the top five most influential people in mining globally; an honour that he shares with President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump.


The Rules of Investing: The Age of Longevity

This week's guest is Jim Mellon, billionaire investor, speaker, and co-author of Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity. We discuss: * His 2005 book that predicted the oncoming storm of the GFC * The coming bear market in tech stocks and why he’s short Facebook * The new developments in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes that could significantly improve survivability * The changes in lifestyle that are already extending our lifespans Medications...


The Rules of Investing: Peter Cooper’s next big idea

Peter Cooper is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cooper Investors, one of Australia’s leading boutique investment firms. His success is probably best conveyed by the incredible performance of the CI Brunswick fund, which he manages personally. This fund has outperformed the ASX200 Accumulation Index by a cumulative 537%, or 8.3% p.a. since inception in 2004. In this week’s podcast, we discuss: • Two exciting ‘clusters’ of investment opportunities that have him excited today,...


The Rules of Investing: Investing in a world of rising rates

This week's guest is Giselle Roux, Chief Investment Officer at Escala Partners. We discuss where we are in the interest rate cycle, how to invest as rates rise, and whether the Fed can manage a rate-hike cycle without causing a recession.


Bitcoin: The best bull market in finance

A 1640% gain in a calendar year is not something you see very often, but that’s what Bitcoin holders have experienced so far in 2017. Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist at ABC Bullion, called it “the best bull market in finance” when we sat down recently to record the latest episode of Livewire’s Rules of Investing. But is Bitcoin really the future of money, as the bulls would have you believe? To achieve these lofty goals, it will need to displace the USD, Euro, Renminbi, and gold. So, can...