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B023 - How to Bring Fun Back into Your Life

Today, it’s all about ‘‘tips on how to bring fun back into your life”. I’d like to introduce my daughter Zoe. How to bring fun back into your life: Play is keyFun is a way of life, not a rewardDon’t care that other people are watching youDon’t overthink it, just do need to plan every little second And just one final whisper, just from me to you, dear friend… come in closer. Play isn’t just for kids. Fun is something you deserve in life. But if you’re feeling like you don’t have...


026: Breaking Up with Busy - with Yvonne Tally

We are continuing on with our focus this month, all about self-care and self-love…and well, today’s topic is a huge, HUGE part of my own journey towards healing. We’re talking about Busy… with a capital B. I feel a bit vulnerable (and scared) to say this out loud but one of the biggest stories that I’ve believed in, since I was a very little girl is… Accomplished = Loved. And if you just did MORE, you would achieve more. And so when people ask, “how are you?” and you unconsciously say,...


B022 - Let's Talk: Body Shame, Body Dysmorphia and #selflovespo

Today, I want to talk about something that I’ve been exploring myself. Can we talk about our bodies? If we haven’t met in person yet, here’s the best way I can describe myself. I’m 5’10” inches. I am strong, healthy and well... a bit squishy around the midsection. Tummy rolls, extra skin from birthing two awesome kids. Stretch marks. Yup, I’ve got all of that. At the time of this recording, I weigh ~195 lbs. That’s 88 kg or 13.9 stones, if you live in Europe. My Body Mass Index...


025: When Food is Comfort: How to End Emotional Eating - with Julie Simon

All too often, we go, go, go in the summer months from vacation to hauling the kids to/from summer camp, to this and that and before you know it, it’s back-to-school tornado time and we forget to take a hot second to nourish ourselves. We run ourselves ragged and tend to everyone else’s needs before our own. So, this month’s episodes are all meant to be moments just for you, to slow down, pause and ponder one aspect of your life that might need deeper exploration. For me, one of those...


B021 - When is the Right Time to Hire a VA?

Today, I want to answer the question I hear a lot: ‘When is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant?’ The short answer = NOW. The long answer is coming up… Raise your hand if this is you… Consider your current work life, and raise your hand if any of this describes you now: You’re drowning in to-do’sThe admin work of running your business is never-endingYou’ve got tasks on your to-do list that have been there for months. They KEEP getting pushed to the bottom because of more urgent...


024: How To Delegate & Streamline Your Business - with Desiree Martinez

Friends, if you’re a Type A control freak in recovery, who has a little bit of a hard time letting go of things… (um, like I used to be), hear me out. I made this episode especially for you. I want you to imagine what life would look and feel like if you had a team surrounding you and supporting you. Doing all the work that you HATE and aren’t very good at. What would that be like? My guest, Desiree Martinez helps us better understand how to delegate and streamline our business. In...


B020 - Let's Talk: Know, Like & Trust

Today, I want to talk about a simple principle you hear thrown around a lot in business marketing. “Know, Like, Trust.” What does it actually mean? Let’s break it all down. Know Do people really know your backstory, how you got to be this expert, and what fumbles you made along the way? Can you peel back the curtain and show them a little more? Like It's not about being popular. It's about finding like-minded people who will chuckle at your jokes, vibe with your vibe and appreciate...


023: How to Create Content Marketing That Actually Works - with Chris Marr

I have a confession to make… I thought I knew what the term “content marketing” actually meant, but then I totally got schooled on this episode. But in the nicest way possible. In a way that really helped me better understand how and why our customers buy from us. You know, how to do the thing that actually works! Because Lord knows, none of us want to inadvertently create more NOISE with our blogging, social media updates and how we show up in the world. It’s exhausting and it serves no...


B019 - One Simple Thing to Lose Weight

Today, I want to talk about one simple thing you can do to lose weight. Are you ready for it? Drum roll, please. Up your water consumption. No really, simply drink more water. When you become dehydrated, your body actually confuses thirst for hunger. You will reach for a snack because your body thinks it needs food for energy. This is just one of your body’s many cries for water. I’m willing to bet in the summer months, you’re totally, utterly dehydrated and depleted and don’t even...


022: Clean Eating for Busy Entrepreneurs, Simplified - with Harriet Morris

Raise your hand if you ate your lunch this week in front of your computer or behind the wheel of a car? Yup, ditto ditto. We’ve all been there. I’m not sure when we as a society started to look at eating as this annoying thing we need to cram into our “busy” schedule. If your calendar looks like a multi-colored hot mess (like mine used to) and you forgot to eat, or didn’t eat well, this episode is especially for you. My guest today is Harriet Morris, and she’s going to help us simplify...


B018 - What No One Tells You About Your Pricing

Today, I want to talk to the business owners in the room and chat about your pricing. Lord knows, no one is talking about this stuff and we need a bit of a keke. If you’re a creative business, I’m willing to bet you got into this line of work because you’re passionate about the art you make… whether that’s graphic design, planning gorgeous weddings or creating tasty vegan snacks. And let’s be honest, it’s super hard to put a price on your art. But in order to make a business a business...


021: How to Create a Marketing Strategy as a Solopreneur - with Paul Chapman

Hey friends, if you own your own business, you’re going to love today’s episode. You may hear people throw around fancy jargon like “sales funnels” or “list building”. If you don’t have a clue what they’re talking about - no shame. Today, we'll give the low-down on what's important to your marketing strategy. My guest today, Paul Chapman, goes back to basics with marketing strategy for solopreneurs. In this episode, you will learn: The first 5 steps when creating a marketing...


B017 - Why I Quit Facebook & How You Can Too

Today I want to talk about a bit of a controversial decision I made this week. Hello, my name is Mary and I’m a Facebook-aholic. Yes, I’m totally, utterly addicted. It’s embarrassing for me to admit this. But I’m your stereotypical Gen-Xer who wakes up and reaches for my phone first thing in the morning, instead of a cuddle or a coffee. And that’s not okay. I’m a Simplifier, for crying out loud! So, I’ve decided to do something a bit radical. A bit of a detox, if you will. I’ve decided...


020: Wake Up And Stop Sucking At Budgeting - With Phylecia Jones

Money, money, money! Okay, so two weeks back, we spoke with Meriflor Toneatto on simple, practical tips to manifest more money in your work and in your life. Now, I want to talk about simplifying how you handle the budgeting side of your money, both for your personal finances and for your business. My guest today is Phylecia Jones, a self-proclaimed Budgetologist and money management expert that’s going to help us wake up and stop SUCKING at budgeting! In this episode, you will...


B016 - Mastering the Power of Repetition

Today, I want to talk about mastering the power of repetition. Yes, that’s right, the power of repetition. Say it with me this time: the POWER of repetition. Okay, I promise the whole episode won’t be like that. (haha!) No, but really… What makes a new thought into an ingrained subconscious belief? Repetition. Remember: Thoughts become emotions become actions become beliefs. There’s a concept called “spaced repetition” which is a process by which you neurologically hack your brain to...


019: How to Set Habits and Routines to Live Your BEST LIFE - with Melissa Monte

What makes a habit or routine in your life a good one? Well, for me… it’s one that helps keep you on track and living your BEST life. The ones that uplift you, nourish your mind body soul and spirit. It’s the daily, little choices that shape who you are. My guest today is Melissa Monte, the host of the Mind Love podcast and she’s simplifying how to set habits & routines to help you live your best life. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: • What are energy frequencies and how do you boost...


B015 - How to Earn $1000 Today

Today, I want to challenge you to earn $1000. No, I mean like today, in the next 24 hours. GAME ON, my friend. Game on. Here’s how. If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely you have a following of people who are LOVING what you are dishing out. And maybe when you’re just starting out, that might be your mom and your BFF. No shame, we all started there (and my mom barely knows how to use Facebook!) But I want to push you out of your comfort zone and have you ask for the sale...


018: How to Overcome Your Love/Hate Relationship with Money - with Meriflor Toneatto

Can we talk about money? Is that taboo? Does the thought of this topic give you the heebie-jeebies? If so, PERFECT. Because let’s face it, a few of us have a love/hate relationship with money and wouldn’t it be nice to shake that off?! My guest today is Meriflor Toneatto and she is the author of the new book: “Money, Manifestation & Miracles.” Stop. Pause. Just imagine those 3 words together for a second. Money - Manifestation - Miracles. Doesn’t that SOUND nice together?? She is...


B014 - How to Love Yourself, Really, Truly, Simply

Today, I want to talk about self-love. Do you love yourself? I mean, like really, truly, madly in love with yourself? Or are you like me and you wake up, pinch at the softness around your midsection and feel a bit…bleh. What’s that about, you guys?? It’s funny, when I look back at pictures of myself, 5, 10, even 20 years ago, I think, “dang, I looked pretty good!” But when I look at the reflection in the mirror today, right here, right now, all I can muster up is a big, fat UGH. Never...


017: Simplify Your Style to Match Your Personal Brand - with Carrie Montgomery

Let’s talk Fashion. But more importantly… body positivity, personal branding and how all of that really plays a part in how you show up in the world as a creative and an entrepreneur. My guest today is Carrie Montgomery and she’s an Image and Brand Consultant who is going to help us simplify our style to match your personal brand. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: • How to create your visual identity and start to define your “soul style” • What are the 3 key factors to consider?...