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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.

Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.
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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.




STR 231: The Power of Being Self Aware

Trading is a massive mind game puzzle that must be figured out in order to establish long term consistency. The first piece of the puzzle is becoming self-aware. If you are not able to do this, then all else will crumble around you. My guest from the community, Lisa, is a great example of what the journey of becoming self-aware looks like. I really enjoyed her perspective on things and how she was totally honest with the mistakes she made and her regrets. I respect here for locking her ego...


STR 230: Turning Physical Labor Into Mental Labor

I’m all for physical labor. Sure, it is something you cannot do forever, but if you’re willing to do it while you are able, it’s a great way to give any longer term goals a jumpstart. I realize most people would love to just start sitting in a comfy office chair and never break a sweat, yet still make money, but the reality is, the odds are against that happening. My guest, Marty, is someone who I have nothing but respect for. He is someone who is doing whatever it takes to accomplish his...


STR 229: The Science Behind Trading Struggles

I’m flying solo in this week’s episode as I wanted to focus solely on an issue that I see constantly arising for traders. The business of trading presents a constant struggle of both mind and strategy, but when you are new to the markets, this struggle can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Thanks to a recent article that is grounded in science and research, we are given some extremely practical insights into why trading can be such a challenge when you are first getting started. I’ll be...


STR 228: A Guy Who Wants to Know “Why”

One of the most revealing questions a newer trader can ask is: but WHY? This shows someone’s desire to want to be more than a blind sheep trader. With all due respect, if you believe the markets are as easy as “following hot stock tips”, then your current status is that of a blind sheep. No worries! I started off the same way and it can be corrected, but Step #1 is first just acknowledging you’re a blind sheep. My guest, Aaron, is still pretty new to the community, but he’s taking all the...


STR 227: An Old School Stock Broker Turned Trader

Pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars! My guest this week made a living doing this exact same thing as a licensed stock broker. I always enjoy talking with those from the old school way of doing things because it brings such great perspective into today’s online world of making money. Community member, Matt, walks us through his early days in the market as a broker to where he is now, learning how to take full control of his money and grow it through actively trading. While Matt is...


STR 226: He’s Still Grinding! Welcome Back Diego!

This person’s story is without question Top 3 Most Inspiring since I began the podcast back in 2014. My guest, Diego, has been on the show before and he’s one of those guys who will make you think twice before you begin feeling sorry for yourself or making excuses. Diego is an insanely busy guy, however, he continues to make progress within his trading journey. He’s had some rough patches for sure since his last appearance on the show, but he has also made extreme progress. In fact, he is...


STR 225: A Positive Energy Guy Taking It Slow

I’m a big believer that the success you have in life is influenced by who you choose to surround yourself with. In this week’s discussion, I talk with someone who truly gives off a positive vibe and I was soaking it all in. My guest, Jerry, got off to a great start in the markets back when people still talked to their broker on the phone, but then….well… things changed a bit. Back to the drawing board Jerry went and thus began his journey towards finding and establishing consistency. I...


STR 224: From Chaos To Logic

These conversations are some of my favorites. They start out in pure confusion, chaos and craziness; however, by the end of the discussion you can see real progress has been made. Fellow member James tells us all about what he has been through, where he is at, and where he is headed in the future. What I find to be most motivating and inspiring is that you can start out as chaotic as he did, but if you stay self-aware and make the changes that need to be put into place, it is completely...


STR 223: Something Is Holding Him Back….

Envision the first domino wiggling back and forth. All it takes it for a slight nudge. Down it goes and all other dominos will be knocked down with the momentum. That’s how I can best describe the underlying “feel” of my discussion with fellow member Ezra. He’s a younger guy with great potential and a good head on his shoulders; however, there is something missing. There is something holding him back from just going “all in” and learning how to truly take control of the markets and his...


STR 222: The Carla Method

While I know the topic of “can you trade with real money WHILE you are learning?” has come up multiple times…. I’m not quite sure it has ever been discussed in this manner. I will admit, I can get pretty stuck in my ways. But the way our guest, Carla, is going about her training and education towards the market has me reconsidering how I view this certain question in the market. Like everything, there is always “gray area” that should be and needs to be accounted for; however, with the way...


STR 221: Bitcoin, Microcaps and Mental Stops

If you want to be a fly on the wall and listen to traders “talk trading”, then this will be the episode for you. In this episode, I talk with longtime member Ryan (better known as “Mico” in the community). Sure, it was an interview as I did ask the questions, but most was just us talking strategy and offering up thoughts and opinions. We talk bitcoin, microcaps, shorting, position sizing, mental stops and a whole lot more! Ryan, just like all of us, has had some time toughs but thanks to his...


STR 220: It Happened Over Utah

Have you ever had a “Utah event”? I know I have and they aren’t very pleasant. My talk with community member John sheds a ton of light on some very common problems that many of us face as traders. These problems don’t make you stupid, they make you a human…. But, they still need to be addressed and “put under control” at all costs. Although John has struggled, he has now found himself a nice little sweet spot within the markets that has been treating him very nicely over the past couple of...


STR 219: The Fundamental Voice is Wicked….

A huge part of trading is mental. It may sound dramatic, but if you want trading success, the mind must be mastered. Our guest today, Marc, takes us on a great journey of witnessing his Dad do well as an “old school trader” in the markets to now trading all on his own. Like all of us, he’s had struggles and the one is due to a mental issue I can relate too. Some people find it odd when I tell them, “I don’t know anything at all about this company, but I’m trading them” and Marc’s struggle...


STR 218: The Right Way to Go “Full Time Trader”

Talking with full time traders is always a popular thing on the show, and that’s what we have this week. Jason (‘jyandcomp2’ chatroom alias) is a full time trader who made the jump the way it should be done. Technically speaking, you could quit your job today and then tomorrow “be a full time trader”, but that doesn’t mean it was a wise decision. This brings up the logical question, “Well Clay… what “would” be a wise way to do it?” You’ll get that answered and a whole lot more as you hear...


STR 217: A Farmer Farming the Markets

Stay away from day trading! It is too risky. This is exactly what our guest, Mark, was told when he was first learning about the markets. Here’s the seemingly contradicting thing: I agree with the person who gave him this advice! Please give me a chance to explain, but this is just one of the interesting rabbit holes we go down while learning about Mark and his trading journey up until this point. I will say at this point that Mark no longer views day trading as “risky”… how he has reached...


STR 216: A Good Talk With A Great Guy

A unique twist on this discussion is that our guest, Paul, is now a ClayTrader University member. By the time you as a listener hear these talks, in many cases, several weeks have passed by. I think this is pretty cool because it gives us all insight to what having “many pieces” of the puzzle looks like…. But… not quite “all” of them. Perhaps you can relate to Paul in this regard? You know what you are doing, but, you just have this feeling in your gut that something might also be missing?...


STR 215: Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Nope! Just Text Alerts.

This one had me laughing. If you find yourself having to fake digestive problems in order to “make a trade”, I feel confident in saying you are NOT going about the markets in the wisest of ways – haha! Thanks to our guest, Chad, and his truthfulness we all get to see what certain “strategies” can lead to. As funny as his story is, I’m sure several of you can relate to it in one way or another. Bottom line, signing up for a service that promises to send you text and/or email alerts in order...


STR 214: Does 1% Add Up? Welcome Back Jose!

It’s time to once again to international and talk with a longtime member who lives down in South America! Jose (alias in the chatroom of “jose.olivieri”) has been with the community since almost the start six years ago. He is now a full time trader and has adapted some interesting mindsets towards the market, which when we talk about in depth, truly do make sense. At the end of the day, because trading is such a mental battle, you need to do whatever it takes to trick your mind (and voices)...


STR 213: He Thought He Could Control His Emotions

The first thing I did after recording this episode was run and tell my wife about it. Listen, we’ve had some great stories of people “doing what it takes” to take control of their life and situation, but I’m pretty sure Zach takes the prize. He has and continues to go to extremes in order to take destiny into his own hands and create the life for his family and himself. I won’t go any further than throwing out there… the next time you think, “Can I do it?”… think of Zach! There are also lots...


STR 212: Turning $400 into $29,000

Ever since I posted a video on my YouTube channel about the $400 to $29,000 trade, you as viewers have demanded to hear from this trader! Well, here he is! Our guest, Maquan Dawkins, took some time out of his extremely busy schedule to share his journey with us… including the massive winning trade he scored. While I realize it is easy to get caught up in the hype of such crazy numbers, please keep in mind the underlying themes here of just how much work and effort Maquan has put into his...