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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.

Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.
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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success.




STR 244: An Australian Hustler Making His Way

Let’s go to Australia once again and hear from a community member who sets a great example of what it takes to be a trader. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it’s a real life look into the bumps and grinds that us traders must endure to make it happen. My guest, Dan, is an open book and shares his journey of trading the market and what he has planned for the future. I found his overall attitude and perspective greatly motivating… and to be frank, he says a lot of stuff that many people...


STR 243: Admitting Defeat to Accomplishing Victory

If you want the maximum value out of this episode, I’d highly recommend you go back and listen to episode 242 first. I wish I could say I had this all pre-planned, but I’m just not that good at my job! I welcome back long time member Jeremy (better known as “Remy” in community) for his 3rd appearance on the show. Jeremy has been crushing it lately and walks me through all the things he needed to admit to himself before making the change to his new and much improved strategy. It’s never easy...


STR 242: Let It Come To You

It’s time to roll our sleeves up and get down and dirty with the challenges that trading can present. I welcome back long time member and friend, Ben (for those of you in the community, alias “close2pga”) to get an update on his journey. Ben has been struggling and not seeing the results he’d like, so this turns into more of deep dive into his psyche and trying to pinpoint what the problem is, but more important, what the solution is. If you are brand new to trading and have never put real...


STR 241: A Trader Focused on “, YET”

A positive attitude can take you far in life (and trading) and that’s what we really get to see here. My guest, Homer (fellow member from the community who goes by alias “homercon”) opens up about his journey so far and holds nothing back. I really appreciated how he just told the truths of all the ups and downs he has been through. He’s not a profitable trader… but this is what separates him from many in society who seem to take such a negative out look on things. In his mind, he adds in a...


STR 240: Using Knowledge to Climb Out of the Hole

90% of us as traders have been there, in a hole. Whether it was due to letting emotions get the best of us, not knowing what we were doing, or an honest mistake, we’ve stood at the bottom of a hole and knew we needed to now climb out of it. If you can relate to any of these situations, then you’ll find great value and motivation in my discussion with fellow member George (alias in community, “gvigilgem”). Like the vast majority of traders, his journey started on a very bumpy road that...


STR 239: An Australian Trader Trading Forex

We are traveling down under for this week’s episode. For the first time ever I speak with a fellow member who is located in Australia! Ron has been trading Forex for quite some time with many ups and downs. Thanks to his honesty, he offers up many opportunities for us all to learn from the mistakes he has made. While he does have experience in Forex, he is also beginning to expand into other areas of the market which we also talk about. I really enjoyed the conversation with Ron and am...


STR 238: Stress Test Your Trading

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it isn’t necessarily enjoyable to receive criticism of ideas, systems or strategies that you have put time and effort into. Criticism is part of life and in all actuality, should be embraced for all of us as traders. According to Ray Dalio (worth billions of dollars), you should view any type of criticism as an opportunity. Through my own personal experience in life and especially in trading, I can attest to the fact that what Ray Dalio says is definitely...


STR 237: Paying For College With Trading Profits

How would your life be affected if you could pay for something as big as college with trading profits? Knowledge pays. Putting a plan into motion that allows for you to take full advantage of what the market offers, while not happening overnight, is completely possible! I welcome back long time member, Micah, to update us on his journey in the world of trading. He first appeared on the show three years ago, so needless to say, much has happened in his journey since then. Micah is absolutely...


STR 236: Hustling and Grinding to Make It Happen

I’m pretty sure this week’s guest is a long lost brother. When it comes to hustling and finding ways to make money in order to obtain a larger scale goal, Leon (better known as “Blew” in the community) is a monster. Those who enjoy making excuses for everything in life won’t enjoy Leon and his story, but if you are looking for some motivation and inspiration as you continue to grind in your goals, you’re going to love him. Leon works a full time job, so like many of you, his big goal is to...


STR 235: He’s Avoiding The PDT Rule By Doing This

One of the most dreaded rules in all of the markets: the pattern day trader rule (“PDT”). A classic example of government regulations thinking they are helping but in all actuality, creating a massive hassle for people. It is what it is, but there is some good news when it comes to this common issue. We welcome back “Reboot” (chatroom alias) to update us on his journey. A large part of his new journey has been escaping and working around the PDT rule. He takes us through all the adjustments...


STR 234: Trading For An Additional Stream of Income

Those who succeed diversify. In many cases, people hear the word “diversify” and automatically think about diversifying their stock portfolio. This is certainly important and something you should be doing; however, there is also diversification of income streams. The more directions of income you can create for yourself, the more freedom you will experience. As a business owner, our guest Christopher understands this and is currently grinding away to use trading as another source of income....


STR 233: 5 Years of Success (and Counting)

Consistency is the magic pill to trading success and this episode’s guest has found that pill. Long time community member, best known as RDTrader12 (“RD”), has gone through many ups and downs in his journey. He’s shared many of them on previous appearances on the show, but now he’s back to give us an update on where he currently is on his journey. Not only do the markets shift, but so does life in general. Because of this, RD had to do some reworking of trade strategies he uses in order to...


STR 232: A Unique Twist on Option Trading

I love bringing back previous guests to get updated on their journey. In this episode, Carl (who is very active in the chatroom) comes back to talk trading and share all the new developments in his trading. One of the great things about Carl is his willingness to be an open book of transparency. He shares with us a trade that resulted in a $100,000 plus loss and how it helped to shape and mold his current strategy. Fast forwarding to present day, Carl is seeing some great success due to the...


STR 231: The Power of Being Self Aware

Trading is a massive mind game puzzle that must be figured out in order to establish long term consistency. The first piece of the puzzle is becoming self-aware. If you are not able to do this, then all else will crumble around you. My guest from the community, Lisa, is a great example of what the journey of becoming self-aware looks like. I really enjoyed her perspective on things and how she was totally honest with the mistakes she made and her regrets. I respect here for locking her ego...


STR 230: Turning Physical Labor Into Mental Labor

I’m all for physical labor. Sure, it is something you cannot do forever, but if you’re willing to do it while you are able, it’s a great way to give any longer term goals a jumpstart. I realize most people would love to just start sitting in a comfy office chair and never break a sweat, yet still make money, but the reality is, the odds are against that happening. My guest, Marty, is someone who I have nothing but respect for. He is someone who is doing whatever it takes to accomplish his...


STR 229: The Science Behind Trading Struggles

I’m flying solo in this week’s episode as I wanted to focus solely on an issue that I see constantly arising for traders. The business of trading presents a constant struggle of both mind and strategy, but when you are new to the markets, this struggle can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Thanks to a recent article that is grounded in science and research, we are given some extremely practical insights into why trading can be such a challenge when you are first getting started. I’ll be...


STR 228: A Guy Who Wants to Know “Why”

One of the most revealing questions a newer trader can ask is: but WHY? This shows someone’s desire to want to be more than a blind sheep trader. With all due respect, if you believe the markets are as easy as “following hot stock tips”, then your current status is that of a blind sheep. No worries! I started off the same way and it can be corrected, but Step #1 is first just acknowledging you’re a blind sheep. My guest, Aaron, is still pretty new to the community, but he’s taking all the...


STR 227: An Old School Stock Broker Turned Trader

Pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars! My guest this week made a living doing this exact same thing as a licensed stock broker. I always enjoy talking with those from the old school way of doing things because it brings such great perspective into today’s online world of making money. Community member, Matt, walks us through his early days in the market as a broker to where he is now, learning how to take full control of his money and grow it through actively trading. While Matt is...


STR 226: He’s Still Grinding! Welcome Back Diego!

This person’s story is without question Top 3 Most Inspiring since I began the podcast back in 2014. My guest, Diego, has been on the show before and he’s one of those guys who will make you think twice before you begin feeling sorry for yourself or making excuses. Diego is an insanely busy guy, however, he continues to make progress within his trading journey. He’s had some rough patches for sure since his last appearance on the show, but he has also made extreme progress. In fact, he is...


STR 225: A Positive Energy Guy Taking It Slow

I’m a big believer that the success you have in life is influenced by who you choose to surround yourself with. In this week’s discussion, I talk with someone who truly gives off a positive vibe and I was soaking it all in. My guest, Jerry, got off to a great start in the markets back when people still talked to their broker on the phone, but then….well… things changed a bit. Back to the drawing board Jerry went and thus began his journey towards finding and establishing consistency. I...