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Why Branded Content Fails

Branded content or content marketing is everywhere on the web. In a follow-up to Tara's Why Branded Content Doesn't Work video Tara and Carlos talk about what causes branded content and/or content marketing to fail, what brands and creators need to think about that will help their build a valuable audience. Let us know what you think! Our picks for Truly Social Heroes in this episode: Build a Better Agency PodcastFilmJoy channel Here's where you follow Truly...


Reliving the Agency Life

This week Tara is away as Carlos sits down with Daniel Francavilla who is the founder and creative director at Now Creative Group, a branding and social agency in Toronto. During the podcast, Carlos and Daniel discuss explore some of the challenges facing agencies in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and advertising agencies. Don't forget to stick around until the end for our truly social heroes picks. This week's Truly Social Heroes: Adam J. Kurtz@assassinscreed If you want to...


Creating a Social Brand

Welcome to the secret agent episode 007 of the Truly Social podcast. This week we welcome Truly Social's own graphic designer Alexander Appugliesi to talk to Carlos and Tara about all things design in a social era. During the podcast, they explore some of the subjects that Alex brought up in his What I've Learned as a Social Designer blog post as well as Tara's latest YouTube video What is a Social Brand. Don't forget to stick around until the end for our truly social heroes...


Going Viral Overnight in 15 Years with The Portuguese Kids

Welcome to the Azores edition of the Truly Social Podcast recorded in the offices of Radio Atlantica, Sao Miguel. While on our summer holidays Tara & Carlos got to hang out and talk with the 15 years in the making overnight ethnic comedy success The Portuguese Kids. The Portuguese Kids have been online content creators since the days of MySpace using online platforms to both find an audience and help shape the type of comedy that’s helped them build a niche audience that is Azorean...


Just Evil Enough with Alistair Croll

We're back! This week's Truly Social Podcast Tara & Carlos welcome an old friend Alistair Croll. Alistair is an entrepreneur, author, and event organizer. He's spent a lot of time understanding how organizations of all sizes can use data to make better decisions. He has written three books on technology and entrepreneurship: Lean Analytics (2013); Complete Web Monitoring (2009) and Managing Bandwidth (1999). Alistair recently wrote 'A better definition of marketing' on his Medium blog on...


Building a Badass Business to Business Community

On this week's The Truly Social Podcast we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) welcome one of our own, Hunter MacKinnon who is a Junior Strategist at Truly Social Inc. Hunter recently published an article on the blog on how companies use social to build engaged online communities around their brand, service or product. Make sure to listen until the end to hear ours and Hunter's and our picks for this week’s Truly Social Heroes. This week's Truly Social Heroes: The League of Awkward Unicorns...


You Are The Product with LinkedIn Creator String Nguyen

On this week's The Truly Social Podcast we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) welcome our first ever guest in the studios! Her name is String Nguyen, more commonly known as StringStory on LinkedIn. String is a content creator and strategist from Melbourne Australia and has blown up on LinkedIn video over the last 6 months. String spent a few days with us while visiting Toronto and we got the chance to sit down with her to discuss content creation and how she’s been able to grow her brand on...


Why The Agency Model Is Broken

On this week's The Truly Social Podcast we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) talk about how the agency model is broken which is strange since Truly Social Inc is an agency! The tense client-agency relationships, the awful RFP process that burns out employees and ensures shot-in-the-dark "strategies", and the damaging lack of continuity caused by campaign-based thinking and warring agencies are just some of the things that make #agencylife not that great. No agency is perfect but we're trying...


Can You Trust Online Metrics?

Welcome to the first episode of The Truly Social Podcast! In this week's episode, we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) discuss the issues revolving basing marketing and advertising results sorely on online metrics. The podcast discussion stems from 'Metrics are a Lie' video on the Truly Social YouTube channel. Looking at online numbers alone can be deceiving, even with sophisticated targeting, we're seeing traffic coming to our clients' social accounts from places they shouldn't. A brand's...


Introducing The Truly Social Podcast

Introducing The Truly Social Podcast. Recorded in the Truly Social Inc. office studio in downtown Toronto where the raccoons have a better Yelp rating than our public transit system. Every two weeks, we deep dive into the topic of all things social. And lest you think that we are talking social MEDIA, we’re not. We come from the perspective that ALL things are social - or as I like to say, “Social is an approach, not a tool.” We aim to tackle the subjects that connect people to people,...