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How to Use a Podcast To Get Clients - 100th Episode

Want to know how a podcast can be used to get clients? Here's what I've learned after 100 episodes...


99: Jim Padilla | The Park Bench Sales Approach

Jim Padilla, business coach, sales expert, and founder of Gain the Edge, says most people are going about sales all wrong. For one, they buy into a myth about how a business is supposed to grow that actually stalls growth – and causes unnecessary stress and worry. If you’re uncomfortable with sales… if you feel you must follow a rigid sales system to be successful… you need to hear the alternatives Jim advocates. They’re more effective – and easier to do too. Listen in to find out… - How to...


98: Arthur Joseph | 7 Rituals for Effective Communication

When you talk to people, it’s not just the words that matter, says Arthur Joseph. How you say something is just as important - if not more. Arthur teaches this Vocal Awareness through his Institute of the same name. Communication is part of everyone’s business – and life. So you’ll want to pay attention to what Arthur has to say about how to create belief, trust, engagement, and more just by changing the way you speak. This works one-on-one in-person, during webinars and podcasts, over the...


97: Jennifer Dawn | How to Optimize for Profit in 2019

What makes for a successful business? Coach, author, and speaker Jennifer Dawn says too many entrepreneurs need to change their idea of what success really means, as well as the mindset and practical strategies they’ll use to achieve it. Jennifer has built two multimillion-dollar companies (with a third on the way) and even had tremendous success in a corporate position (although the experience still soured her from ever going back to that world).


96: Robert Hartline | How to Multiply Your Productivity (and virtually eliminate email...really!)

With 400 employees spread across dozens of locations, Robert Hartline has spent a lot of time thinking about how to communicate his vision to his team… and have them communicate effectively with each other. Robert, a serial entrepreneur who splits his time between Nashville and Costa Rica, has ditched email for the most part… he hates phone calls. And now company-wide they’re using an app that allows them to stay focused, minimizes interruptions, and ensures they just plain get things done....


96: Robert Hartline | Email Must Die – Here’s Why

With 400 employees spread across dozens of locations, Robert Hartline has spent a lot of time thinking about how to communicate his vision to his team… and have them communicate effectively with each other. Robert, a serial entrepreneur who splits his time between Nashville and Costa Rica, has ditched email for the most part… he hates phone calls. And now company-wide they’re using an app that allows them to stay focused, minimizes interruptions, and ensures they just plain get things...


95: Jay Lucas | What Positive Thinking Really Means

Jay Lucas’s positivity is infectious. It’s no surprise, he says that the root of success is how you view the world. We explore ways to stay optimistic even when faced with even the most difficult situations. Jay has used his philosophy to excel in government and business, including his work today with the Lucas Group, which works with private equity investors to grow companies. But advising and building businesses isn’t his only passion. He’s also involved in a creative community...


94: Tina Forsyth | The Cure for Restless Entrepreneur Syndrome

These days it’s common for businesses to have “virtual” teams spread across the country… even the world. But when Tina Forsyth coined the term online business manager back in 2008 and wrote her first book on the topic, she was a pioneer in the outsourcing space. She continues to innovate, helping business owners find the right people they need to run and grow their business. We talk about how to find those key people, as well as… Creating a business that doesn’t need you around Where to find...


93: Mike McDerment | Escape the Time for Money Trap and Finally Get Paid What You're Worth

Mike McDerment didn’t know much about accounting – the nitty-gritty stuff, at least – when he started FreshBooks out of his parents’ basement. He feels that his “inexperience” was an asset as he grew the business. It also inspired his strong views about how professional service providers should be billing for their work.


92: Jesse Cole | The “It’s Show Time” Approach to Business

Jesse Cole’s motto is “Normal gets normal results.” As the owner of a minor league baseball team, he does what he has to to get butts in the seats for games… leading to record-setting attendance (and revenues) that has garnered national media attention. And, along the way, he’s discovered a way to create amazing experiences that turn customers into raving fans… and evangelists that become your best marketing team.


91: Jay Baer | The Biz That Doubled in Size with No Ads

Word of mouth can be responsible, at least in part, for 50% to 91% of your sales, depending on your industry. But, says Jay Baer, are you under the mistaken impression that word of mouth is something that just happens? Jay, digital marketing pioneer and co-author of the new book Talk Triggers, shares techniques for ensuring that word of mouth happens “on purpose” and has a measurable and major impact on your sales.


90: JV Crum, III | The Magic Million Dollar Mark

You don’t have to sacrifice money to be fulfilled and make a positive impact in the world, says JV Crum, III, bestselling author, podcaster, and founder of Conscious Millionaire. JV specializes in helping business owners go from six figures to seven figures. It’s not about working more… or taking on more clients. It takes a personal transformation and also requires a whole new way of providing your services.


89: Kim Butler | Is Everything You Know About Money Wrong?

Kim Butler, co-founder of the Economics Prosperity Movement, is passionate about helping people keep their finances as efficient as possible and spot opportunities to grow their wealth. Often that means taking an unorthodox approach to investing and financial planning…and going against what mainstream financial advisors will tell you to do with your money. So if you take your money out of the stock market and your 401(k), where should you put it?


88: Maddie Brown | It Could Be Time to “Breakup” with Your CPA

You became an entrepreneur to achieve financial freedom. But, says CPA and financial advisor Maddie Brown, too many business people have a mindset about money that ensures that will never happen. If you neglect your financial records. If you’re not sure how – or how much – money flows from customers to your pocket. If you blame the economy or other “outside forces” for problems. If you’re always on the lookout for IRS letters. Then you need Maddie’s advice.


87: Nina Cooke | The Cure for Imposter Syndrome

When you’re struggling in business, whether you’re having trouble getting started or you’ve plateaued, the tendency is to blame yourself. But that way of thinking could be the root of the problem, says business transformation expert Nina Cooke. Until she adopted the right mindset, Nina struggled in her corporate career and as an entrepreneur – even though outwardly she had “made it.”


86: Molly Grubb | The 2-Week Vacation Business Check-In Strategy

You start a business… you run it successfully for decades. But, asks Molly Grubb, what’s your exit strategy? The nightmare scenario – you get to the end and don’t have a sellable business or one you can pass on to the next generation. Molly helps people avoid that situation. Try this exercise: If you took a two-week vacation with no contact with your business… what would happen?


85: Scott Beebe | Setting Your Business GPS to Profit

You have goals for your business (hopefully). A good first step. Let’s kick it up a notch, says Scott Beebe, and create your vision. It’s the only way to get what you really want out of your business and your life. Scott, founder of My Business on Purpose, outlines seven things that you must consider when putting together your vision. All these elements work together to create a plan for you to follow and give you the motivation to get it done.


84: Jason Hsiao | The Best Way to Stand Out on Social Media

It’s clear that if you’re marketing products or services online (and who isn’t these days), video has to be part of your strategy, says Jason Hsiao, co-founder of Animoto, an intuitive video creation platform. And here’s why… Market watcher Tubular Insights has found that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video. And 51% of marketers surveyed by Insivia say video is the content with the best ROI. Video boosts leads and sales for every type of business.


83: Crazy (but simple) strategy to turn forgotten prospects into clients

In all of our work with clients, there’s a theme… And I believe it extends to virtually all businesses… The theme? That you’re sitting on, and ignoring a valuable asset in your business. Your existing database of prospects. The story of leads generated, then forgotten is an epic tale of missed opportunity and lost profit in business. Why? Because it’s damn hard to follow-up consistently. In fact, three big barriers tend to freeze most people before they ever get started…


82: Steve Gordon | How to create momentum in business development

This is Part 2 of our podcast series on escaping obscurity. Today, I share the 3 secrets to creating momentum in business development. Most people look around and see the “overnight” successes that are popular in the business press and on the web, and think that’s normal. The truth is that there is no such thing as an overnight enduring success. All enduring successes in business have a foundation under them, built up over years.