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How Gratitude Can Grow Your Tour - Laurel Darren - Wild Bunch Desert Guides

On the Tips for Tour Operators podcast, guests often provide tactic marketing and business advice. Laurel Darren called me with a different perspective. Her tour has grown, not because of a fancy, new strategy, but because of an old one: Gratitude. She shares how she’s learned to be grateful and give thanks whenever possible. She’s trained her guides to do the same and her business has seen huge growth because of it. About Wild Bunch Desert Guides Wild Bunch Desert Guides was born in the...


Using Video To Increase Tours 80% - Chris Torres - Tourism Marketing Agency

Video is one of the most powerful tools we have today. It also is one of the hardest things to get started for your tour. Chris Torres, owner of Tourism Marketing Agency, shares his top tips to get started in using video, what should be included in the video, and how to use it to increase your bookings with video marketing. Visit Chris’ company at About The Podcast Listen to all episodes at Tips...


Getting More Direct Bookings (For More Profit) - Stephen Joyce - Rezgo

Getting More Direct Bookings (For More Profit) - Stephen Joyce - Rezgo Online Travel Agencies have given tour operators and suppliers an amazing platform to bring awareness to tours. However, the OTAs have their drawbacks too. Stephen Joyce, CEO of Rezgo, shares his years of industry knowledge and why tours should focus on getting more direct bookings first and bookings from OTAs second. He also gives insight into what’s coming in the future of Rezgo. About The Podcast Listen to all...


Building Million Dollar Tours - Josh Oakes - The Sunshine Tribe

Josh Oakes created a tour that grew to a multi-million dollar operation in Melbourne. After 10 years, he sold his business to focus on his family and his true passion, The Sunshine Tribe, a business that helps other tours reach their business and lifestyle goals. In this episode, Josh shares a few highlights from his tour growth blueprint, “15 Steps to Building a 7-Figure Tour Company”. You can download the full guide at About The Sunshine Tribe About The...


Increase bookings by 40+% By Making These Website Changes Today - Matthew Newton - Tourism Tiger / Peek

Matthew Newton is the premier expert when it comes to tour and activity websites. He founded Tourism Tiger and is now the director of marketing for the booking engine Peek Pro. He is sharing his top tips that a tour can make right away that will increase bookings by over 40%. These are proven tactics that have been tested by Tourism Tiger and Peek Pro. If you want more business directly, write these tips down! About The Podcast Listen to all episodes at ...


Scaling Your Tour With Limited Capacity - JJ Briles - Stellar Adventures

JJ Briles from Stellar Adventures wanted to work with a large destination management company but his limited capacity couldn't support their needs. With a bit of smoke and mirrors, he figured out a way to take large numbers of guests out on his tour without having to risk buying new vehicles. Because of the large revenue, he was able to grow his fleet of off-road vehicles, Hummers and ATVs and is now one of the largest off-road tours in the country. Listen now to hear how he did it. Check...


Overcoming Unexpected Tragedy & Bad Press - Amanda & Stephanie Long - Hot Air Expeditions

Amanda & Stephanie were thrust into ownership of Hot Air Expeditions after the unexpected loss of their mother. The twenty-something duo managed to keep the operation running due to some business savvy and insightful moves. Their operational skills and quick thinking also helped them see through a bout of bad press that could have destroyed any regular tour, but they shined through without any business loss. About The Podcast Tips for Tour Operators brings real-life stories and secrets...


Breaking Down Customer Services For Increased Bookings with Brent Ramirez, The Booking Ninja

If you've ever wondered how to let go of your phone lines, check out this week's episode with Brent Ramirez of The Booking Ninja. He breaks down customer service into multiple elements so you can identify areas for improvement and so you can more effectively train your employees or outsource to a team. About The Booking Ninja The Booking Ninja offers personalized back-office support exclusively for tour and activity businesses. The Booking Ninja team handles sales calls, customer...


The Future of Tours and Activities with Douglas Quinby, Co-founder of Arival and Former SVP of Research for Phocuswright

Douglas Quinby is the former Senior Vice President of Phocuswright and the co-founder of Arival, the conference for in-destination tours and activities. Douglas talks big picture about a number of topics including how to keep your tour authentic when working on an international level, how Airbnb is moving into experiences, how technology is bringing demand-based pricing to tours.


5 Steps for a Steady Stream of 5-Star Reviews - Kelsey Tonner - Be a Better Guide

Kelsey Tonner (Owner, Be a Better Guide Project) the premier training resource on creating memorable experiences for tour operators and guides. He's led tours in over 30 different countries and creates custom training content for tour guides all over the world. Kelsey addresses the importance of ratings on Google and TripAdvisor and what the impact of those ratings can me. He shares 5 steps to creating a steady stream of 5-star reviews on the largest booking sites online. Visit the Be A...


Tools for Tour Profitability - Ingrid Edstrom - Polymath

Ingrid Edstrom is the CEO of Polymath, an accounting firm specializing in tours and activities. She has been recognized as one of the accounting profession’s Top 40 Under 40 and as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting. Her specialization in the tourism industry gives her clients the advantage of understanding the unique financial challenges tours face. Include how to integrate with booking engines to discover which tours are most profitable and handling off-season finance. Learn...


Growing 1 tour to over 320 - With Todd Kersey - Florida Fishing Network

Todd Kersey (Founder & CEO, Florida Fishing Network) spent years in the corporate world and wanted a change. After starting a small fishing tour, he began applying knowledge from the corporate world to his tour with massive results. He grew his single tour to a huge network of over 320 tours. Florida Fishing Network is one of the largest fishing tour companies in the US. His network of boats and captains expands into the online world for an incredible digital footprint that brings constant...


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