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Woopra's CEO John P. and GeekBrief.TV's Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell bring you a show about making the most of your personal and professional life.

Woopra's CEO John P. and GeekBrief.TV's Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell bring you a show about making the most of your personal and professional life.
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Woopra's CEO John P. and GeekBrief.TV's Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell bring you a show about making the most of your personal and professional life.




Wealth Nation #22 | Gary Vaynerchuk

This week on Wealth Nation, we’re joined by the famous Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Crush It: How to Cash In On Your Passion, host of the popular Wine Library TV and all around business and marketing genius. In this episode, he'll share his thoughts on the importance of personal branding, passion and the role it plays in establishing a business, and much more, all with that Vaynerchuk passion that he's famous for.

Wealth Nation #21 | Dave Taylor

This week on Wealth Nation, we’re joined by Dave Taylor of Intuitive Systems, Dave on Film, the famous Ask Dave Taylor and the Attachment Parenting Blog. In this episode of Wealth Nation, he’ll share his wisdom about marketing and social media, and the importance of listening, not just speaking, when participating in the conversation that is a social media campaign or blog.

Episode #15 | Holiday Marathon

Episode 15 of Wealth Nation is a special holiday episode, recorded live on Bitwire's Holiday Marathon with our editor, Dave Moyer. We talk about the pressure of holiday gifts, and how that factors into people loosing their jobs, making money versus loosing money for your employer, what you should think about when considering leaving your job to start your own business, buying a house in the current housing market, and take a random question about investing in backup heat for your home.

Episode #14 | Spotlight on Success – ‘The Secret Millionaire’, Liz Jackson

This week, we're delighted to have Liz Jackson, from Great Guns Marketing in the UK as our Spotlight on Success! Wealth Nation citizens who hail from the UK will recognize Liz from her TV appearance on ‘The Secret Millionaire’, article in the Financial Times, her cover story on Disability Now magazine, or from her book Start Up!: How to Start a Successful Business from Absolutely Nothing.


Episode #12 | Job Searching, Social Network Marketing, and Vanity Names & D

Giovanni Gallucci, the social media ninja, joins us for this weeks episode covering a range of Social Media topics as well as a few questions about starting your own business vs. working for others.

Episode #11 | Search Engine Optimization, True Wealth, Working for the Man,

On Episode 11 of Wealth Nation, we talk about whether you should hire an SEO expert or consider doing it yourself, discuss the way Google looks at different languages ...

Episode #10 | Spotlight on Success: Las Vegas News Anchor Dave Courvoisier

Dave Courvoisier covers a wide range of topics including addressing the challenges traditional media is facing, promoting your personal brand, working for others vs. branching out on your own, and even how to get started in the voice acting business. He talks about what it takes to be successful, and how he goes about prospecting for new clients for his personal voice acting business.

Episode #9 | Investment Options, Pricing Your Services, and Entrepreneurshi

This weeks show tackles a range of topics starting with deciding between working for yourself and working for others. No matter who you work for pricing is a tricky subject we all need to tackle. And after you’ve make enough money to have some to invest, where should you put it all?

Episode #8 | Spotlight on Success | Scott Jordan, ScotteVest

On episode 8 of Wealth Nation, we're introducing a new segment called Spotlight on Success, starting with Scott Jordan of ScotteVest. We'll focus on one entrepreneur or successful businessman and find out why they're successful. What choices did they make that got them to where they are? What are the challenges they've faced when beginning their company or during the growing process? Having been there and done that, what do they suggest other entrepreneurs do?

Episode #7 | Buying a Car in a Down Economy

Buying a car is hard enough in a good economy, but when people are clinging to every dollar making good decisions becomes all the more important. This week we'll cover how to get the best deal, negotiation tips and tricks, financing issues, and more.

Episode #6 | Fundraising, Choosing an Attorney, Ad Rates, Competitive Posit

This week we talk with guests about competitive positioning and differentiation for businesses, fundraising opportunities, advertising rates and even how to choose an attorney or other professional service provider. Show ...

Episode #5 | Advertising Budgets, FaceBook Ads, Google Ads, and Promoting Y

This weeks episode focuses soley on a topic that has come up in many previous shows, namely advertising. We talk about where, why, and how to advertise and promote your business as well as when its even the right time for rethinking your strategy.

Episode #4 | Starting a Business; Planning, Financing and Managing Your Bus

This episode of Wealth Nation is all about planning, starting and running a business. Topics covered include business plans, legal structures, financing options, and online resources to help manage a business.

Episode #3 | Advertising Mix, How Much to Pay, Podcasting Frequency

One of the topics that all businesses must face is finding the right mix of advertising spend. This week's episode tackles this subject as well a the topics of determining how much an entrepreneur should pay themselves, and a discussion about podcasting including how often to publish podcasts.

Episode #2 | Hiring Freelancers, Selling to Small Retailers, Web Site Spons

This week's episode focused on a number of small business issues that many people are facing; how and where to find good freelance workers, how to sell to small retailers, and where to get Web site sponsors for online businesses.

Episode #1 | The 10 Rules of Wealth Nation

This isn't a show just about money, it's a show about getting the most out of life in every single way. It's about passion, common sense solutions, and realizing your goals and dreams. Everyone can be a citizen of Wealth Nation, so come on in!