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With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.

With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.


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With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.






Bitcoin Privacy Through Statechains with Nicholas Gregory

“We send around UTXOs, at the moment those UTXOs are Bitcoin, they could be lightning channels. Now, there’s a lot of complexity there, but I think that’s where we’re gonna go where you’d be able to move around lightning channels, and that’s like swapping around your checking account.” — Nicholas Gregory Nicholas Gregory is the CEO of Commerce Block, the company behind Mercury Wallet. In this interview, we discuss how they have used statechains to develop a virtual version of Opendime, the...


Running a Business on Bitcoin with Tibor Ballai

“One interesting thing about Bitcoin is Bitcoin doesn’t care about what the regulators do. If they end up drafting regulation that stifles the adoption it will just flourish in other jurisdictions, and eventually, they realise their mistake.” — Tibor Ballai Tibor Ballai is the co-founder and CTO of Fortris. In this interview, we discuss the challenges of running a business on Bitcoin, how Fortis enables businesses to use Bitcoin as an operational currency, and why this will be the next...


Can Bitcoin Fix the Political System? With Logan Bolinger

“Is the world that we want to live in, one where we need to hyperfinancialize every aspect of an individual’s life because financial conditions on a macro level are such that you have to finacialize your whole being in order to keep up or get ahead? Is that truly a victory for democracy?” — Logan Bolinger Logan Bolinger is a lawyer and writer of the Think Bitcoin newsletter. In this interview, we discuss how he became orange pilled after concluding trust in politics is an impossible dream....


Mining Bitcoin with Nuclear Energy with Ryan MacLeod

“Bitcoin mining can be plugged into the existing nuclear fleet as it and shore up the economics right now, because a lot of the reactors that are being shut down are because they’re not economically competitive on a grid that has a large share of wind and solar.” — Ryan MacLeod Ryan MacLeod is a Bitcoiner working in the reactor research and safety programs at Canadian Nuclear Labs. In this interview, we discuss the importance and safety of nuclear energy, and how Ryan is trying to orange...


The Quantum Threat to Bitcoin Revisited with Richard Murray

“On the encryption side a lot of people are worried about ‘how long do you want your secrets to remain secret for?’. And if you’re really worried about things staying secret for a long time, there are some things that people won’t want to get out for the next 100 years, then that’s the reason for people moving on to other types of secure platforms today.” — Richard Murray Richard Murray is the co-founder and CEO of ORCA Computing. In this interview, we discuss the spooky and baffling...


Bitcoin Security & Freedom with Pascal Gauthier

“I think freedom is what humanity is striving for; I think we should have freedom in our societies, and freedom is not something that we should bargain for.” — Pascal Gauthier Pascal Gauthier is the CEO of Ledger. In this interview, we discuss how to build and grow a business in a bear market, making the business part of the mission, how nation-states are trying to steal Bitcoins, the vulnerability of software wallets to hacks at scale, and why freedom is not something that we should...


Building on Lightning with Ben Arc

“If you decentralise custodianship, if you make being a custodian very, very easy, it makes a mockery of laws restricting people from being custodians; if you’ve just got a few big operators, they’re points of failure which can be attacked by government or whatever. I think you see that with technology if you make things easier to run, more people are going to collectively challenge those regulations and those rules.” — Ben Arc Ben Arc is a free open-source software advocate and founder of...


Free Private Cities with Peter Young

“A world where there’s a plethora of different kinds of society where people consent to the rules, and people have the ability to choose what kind of system they live under, is a better society for everyone.” — Peter Young Peter Young is the managing director of the Free Cities Foundation. In this interview, we discuss the development of autonomous administrative areas around the world called ‘free cities’, where new types of governance can be offered to citizens outside the control of...


Bitcoin Banking in 2050 with Eric Yakes

“Now that we have this peer-to-peer payment network, where normally that value is being captured by credit card companies and applications and things like that in our current system, now that it’s peer-to-peer, that value can be captured by individuals peer-to-peer…that 5% fee going to your credit card company, that’s going to you baby.” — Eric Yakes Eric Yakes is the author of ‘The 7th Property’. In this interview, we discuss the possible Bitcoin banking systems that could emerge when...


Fedimint & the Future of Bitcoin Custody with Obi Nwosu

“Most of the solutions that I’ve seen around custody take us from A to B to C, so they’re better custody, they improve upon where we are. But what we did is look at what does the world look like when everybody’s using Bitcoin, when there are billions of people using Bitcoin.” — Obi Nwosu Obi Nwosu is a co-founder of Fedimint and a board member for Jack Dorsey’s and Jay-Z’s ₿trust. In this interview, we discuss how Fedimint builds upon various innovations to create community Bitcoin banks,...


Has the Bitcoin Price Bottomed Out? With The Rational Root

“A model is just a way to try to predict something, but this got so popular that people just started believing in it completely, and stopped being rational about it. You always have to be a bit sceptical about models that predict the future, they can be wrong.” — Rational Root The Rational Root is a Bitcoin on-chain & cycle analyst and in this interview, we discuss developing & using Bitcoin price models. We look in detail specifically at his Bitcoin Spiral Models, Bitcoin hodl price...


Why Bitcoin is the Best Monetary Network with Lyn Alden

“Lightning opens up interesting things, if you’re a programmer in a country, you can now get international payments directly from them without going through their country’s banking system. It’s basically peer-to-peer finance. And then they have a unit that is hard, that is harder than their local currency….basically it connects global labour, global work, global productivity in a way that didn’t exist before.” — Lyn Alden Lyn Alden is a macroeconomist and investment strategist. In this...


The Right to Bitcoin Privacy with Max Hillebrand

“It’s seriously a matter of life and death. Humanity cannot survive under tyranny, it just dwindles away and dies. It’s a really important fight, if we lose this one, we’re screwed - the future is going to be substantially different, substantially different, and not in a good way at all.” — Max Hillebrand Max Hillebrand is an economist and open-source entrepreneur who runs Agora Towards Liberty. In this interview, we discuss the release of Wasabi Wallet 2.0 that he has been contributing...


Bitcoin for Libertarian Socialists with Ben de Waal

“Left libertarianism, libertarian socialism, is the idea that you want to maximise freedom for people in general so maximising of liberty, that’s the libertarian part of it. And the socialist part of it is explaining that the best way to do that is with traditionally socialist structures, rather than more capitalist structures.” — Ben de Waal Ben de Waal is the VP of Engineering for Swan Bitcoin. In this interview, we discuss living on bitcoin, what it means to be a libertarian socialist,...


Has Ethereum Been State Captured? With Mark Goodwin

“This is the US government and the dollar system beating an open-source project and a free speech project… this isn’t like, oh, Bitcoin’s winning because Eth is losing. No, this is a big change that’s happening.” — Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin is the director of print editorial at Bitcoin Magazine. In this interview, we discuss the US government's sanctions on Tornado Cash, the upcoming Ethereum merge, and why this is vitally important for the future of Bitcoin. - - - - On 24th August, the...


Bitcoin for Fairness with Anita Posch

“In Zimbabwe for instance with that high inflation: if you tell them you can’t inflate that money, you can’t make more out of this Bitcoin, you can’t censor it, your government can’t take it away from you, everybody understands immediately.” — Anita Posch Anita Posch is a fellow Bitcoin podcaster, author, advocate, and educator. In this interview, we discuss her mission to educate Bitcoin educators in emerging countries, the challenges Africans face using Bitcoin, and the numerous...


What’s Happened Between Ukraine and Russia with Matthew Mežinskis

“We’ve lived with this, we’re done with this. Look, you are now invading Ukraine, we’re not going to stand for it, and we’re certainly not going to side with people who say that Russia’s security interests are the problem here.” — Matthew Mežinskis Matthew Mežinskis is the creator of the Crypto Voices podcast and Porkopolis Economics website. In this interview, we discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the refutation of justifications for the war on the basis of Russia’s security needs...


The Corruption of Power with Maajid Nawaz

“The problem is that this idea that what we used to believe were inviolable, sacred rights, can be suspended because of an emergency then they’re not sacred, then they’re not inviolable, then they’re basically temporary and they’re not rights: they’re permissions.” — Maajid Nawaz Maajid Nawaz is a UK-based counter-extremism activist, author and content producer. In this interview, we discuss his membership of a fundamentalist pan-Islam political group, imprisonment in Egypt, and returning...


Fractional Reserve, Base Money & Bitcoin with Matthew Mežinskis

“Credit needs no money; it needs no barter, it needs no commodity, it needs no intermediary, credit actually needs nothing and it can work… and that is actually the thing that has allowed civil civilization to grow well in excess of money.” — Matthew Mežinskis Matthew Mežinskis is the creator of the Crypto Voices podcast and Porkopolis Economics website. In this interview, we discuss the definition of money, the importance of credit and fractional reserve banking, and how “not your keys,...


Who Needs Bitcoin? With Junseth

“Any of these external effects like the fact that mining is good for attaching to an energy infrastructure, the fact that anything is useful as a result of Bitcoin, comes from the fact that Bitcoin is nothing interesting. It just contained value, that’s it. All things flow from that.” — Junseth Junseth is an OG Bitcoiner and the former co-host of Bitcoin Uncensored. In this interview, we discuss how the early days of Bitcoin mirror the issues we’re seeing in the ecosystem today: over...