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What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

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With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.

With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.


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With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin, economics and politics. From developers to investors, journalists to authors, you will learn about everything in the world of Bitcoin.






Bitcoin Privacy with Matt Odell

“I’ve already come to the conclusion that with or without me, with or without you, with or without anyone in this room, Bitcoin will be the money of the world. So it’s up to us to make sure that it’s actually freedom money and not cuck money.” — Matt Odell Matt Odell is host of the Citadel Dispatch and venture partner at Ten31. In this interview, we discuss why each additional positive act of privacy protection improves Bitcoin's resilience and value. Perfecting privacy is not the goal;...


Bitcoin: The Perfect Machine with American HODL

“In the long run, Bitcoin will have been a story about when a bunch of imperfect humans met a perfect machine, and what happened - that’s the story of Bitcoin.” — American HODL In this interview with American HODL, we discuss escaping from social media echo chambers, stablecoins and altcoins, whether free speech has limits, Bitcoin’s current price activity, the need for reasoned thinkers in Bitcoin, and the protocol being a perfect machine. - - - - Bitcoin’s volatility remains a...


Is Hyperinflation Coming? With Preston Pysh

“This is a math problem, this is just math, they can’t take that out; looking at everything that’s about to go down in my opinion in the coming two to four quarters… things are about to get insane.” — Preston Pysh Preston Pysh is a co-founder of The Investor Podcast Network. In this interview, we discuss credit cycles depending on increasing debasement of the USD, accelerating inflation, and other signs of the long-term debt cycle ending. We also talk about Bitcoin changing the economic...


Bitcoin is a Black Hole with Harry Sudock

“The economy is not a combustion engine, where you change a fan belt, and it starts or stops. The economy is a large, complex multivariate emergent social phenomenon. And because of that, when you poke one side of the bear, you don’t know how it’s going to react. And it’s an incredibly volatile and incredibly complex place to try to play God. And so the best choice is not to do it.” — Harry Sudock Harry Sudock is a Vice President of Strategy at Griid. In this interview, we discuss whether...


The Crisis Across All Markets with Peter Doyle

“You could see how inflation could spin out of control under certain environments. Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen, it’s not going to happen probably in the next several weeks. But it doesn’t take a lot, where the numbers that we saw that we’ve experienced in the recent past, would basically look like nothing compared to what we experience in the future.” — Peter Doyle Peter Doyle is the Co-Founder and MD of Horizon Kinetics. In this interview, we discuss investment in an...


The Reality of Web3 with Lane Rettig

“We have to get back to the original vision of Bitcoin and the cypherpunks, which is that in a sense, Bitcoin and crypto in general, is outside of any particular nation-state system.” — Lane Rettig Lane Rettig is a former Ethereum Core Developer who now works as a core developer for Spacemesh. In this interview, we discuss the Terra/Luna crash, trust and the discipline of Bitcoin; the history, theory and reality of current Web3 initiatives; and Bitcoin’s future. - - - - On Friday Jack...


The Fed, Inflation and Bitcoin with Steven McClurg

“You watch the Fed very carefully: you analyse every word; you try to see where interest rates are going; you try to see what the Fed’s doing. There’s an old adage, don’t fight the Fed.” — Steven McClurg Steven McClurg is a Co-Founder of Valkyrie Investments. In this interview, we discuss how Steven called Bitcoin’s top, watching the Fed for policy indications, protecting wealth against high inflation, how governments should fight inflation, supply chain issues, and inflation hedges. - -...


The Culture Wars with Michael Moynihan

“You can convince people of these things much easier now because they believe that speech is violence and nobody likes violence…there’s a reason, a very specific reason that you recast words as violence because nobody wants to be opposed to free speech.” — Michael Moynihan Michael Moynihan is a correspondent for Vice News and co-host of The Fifth Column podcast. In this interview, we discuss identity politics and its effect on framing issues such as the Russia Ukraine conflict. We also...


A Lesson in Bitcoin Volatility with Dan McArdle

“Picking the highs and lows is an impossible game, so I think the best advice for people is: know what you own and why you own it.” — Dan McArdle Dan McArdle is co-founder of Messari Crypto and creator of casebitcoin.com. Dan has been in Bitcoin since 2011. In this interview, we discuss the history of Bitcoin cycles and events: Mt. Gox hack, rise of altcoins and stablecoins, Ethereum DAO Hack, and 2017 Bitcoin cycle. - - - - Bitcoin is volatile: its history has been dominated by large...


The Crisis of Inflation with Lyn Alden

“I think we’re going through a quote-unquote ‘fourth turning,’ so a time period where we’re examining our existing institutions. We’re decreasing our level of trust in them, whether it’s governments, whether it’s media, whether it’s corporations… basically the things that have been built over the past 50-100 years, and wanting to build new institutions. And that transition is always very messy.” — Lyn Alden Lyn Alden is a macroeconomist and investment strategist. In this interview, we...


Why Terra Luna Collapsed with Jonathan Wu

“The larger these stable coins are, the more adoption there is, and the more stable they’re likely to be. But then the worse and more contagious the effect is if it fails. It’s almost like you have to be really big, in order for it to be stable. But once you get that big, the cost of failure is immense.” — Jonathan Wu Jonathan Wu is head of growth at Aztec network. In this interview, we pick over what happened when the stablecoin UST crashed, how it linked to the Terra blockchain and Luna...


Can Bitcoin Help Tackle Human Trafficking with Victor Boutros

“When you look at the giving trends of the Bitcoin community, what’s interesting is they’re not like the traditional philanthropic community, they’re not really interested in Symphony tickets, or the art. They’re looking at ‘where are there game-changing impacts that if they were scaled would have world-changing effects, and have world-changing effects for human freedom?’” — Victor Boutros Victor Boutros is CEO and co-founder of the Human Trafficking Institute. In this interview, we...


Censorship Resistant Social Media with Justin Rezvani

“It’s the worst parts of us that sometimes are displayed on these centralised networks because it’s driven by these algorithms, and I do think that the algorithms don’t know the difference between love and hate because they’re not humans; they just know the difference between high engagement and low engagement and virality.” — Justin Rezvani Justin Rezvani is the founder and CEO of Zion. In this interview, we discuss completing Ironman, his near-death experience, recovery and perspectives,...


Bitcoin in El Salvador - Part 2 with Nayib Bukele

“I don’t think it’s going to work, I’m sure it’s going to work. Because the fundamentals are there. We can have some bumps in the road like everything… but, the fundamentals are the same. And it’s going to work because the philosophy of it is right. Just give it time. It’s going to work for El Salvador, it’s going to work for Bitcoin, it’s going to work for the world.” — Nayib Bukele The full interview with President Nayib Bukele, undertaken days after the Bitcoin Law became effective on...


The Bitcoin Awakening with John Vallis

“I think we’re at the precipice of really next-level civilizational change, and it’s probably going to be messy a little bit in the transitionary period. But on the other side of this, or as we move forward, I think more good is coming than bad, and that’s something to be hopeful for.” — John Vallis John Vallis is a Bitcoin podcaster who hosts Bitcoin Rapid Fire. In this interview, we discuss what freedom means, parallels between Bitcoin and religious values, living a meaningful life,...


Why are Bitcoin Forks Contentious with Adam Back

“It’s a competition of ideas… and it’s a collaborative competition of ideas. So if you propose an organised set of ideas as a proposal, some parts of them might end up being good and used, and some parts might not. And you just have to be open to that.” — Adam Back Adam Back, an original cypherpunk, inventor of Hashcash and co-founder and CEO of Blockstream. We discuss the controversy around BIP 119: the soft fork proposal aiming to add “covenants” to Bitcoin. We also talk about the...


Texas is Bitcoin Country with Will Cole

“What’s the end game? It is honestly to do less harm. Bitcoin doesn’t actually need politicians to make it succeed, it will succeed on its own merits; what would be helpful is to not have people actively attacking it and elongating the inevitable collapse of their own currencies, but also rise of Bitcoin as a global reserve currency.” — Will Cole Will Cole is Chief Product Officer at Unchained Capital. In this interview, we discuss Texas and Austin as ideological centres for Bitcoin, the...


The Risks of Hyperbitcoinisation with Rob Hamilton

“The idea is that fix the money fix the world, the thing that’s often said, and that most of our problems in the world come from bad money. And I think my point is that malevolence in man is something that is so core to the human condition that fixing the money isn’t going to actually magically fix all these problems.” — Rob Hamilton Rob Hamilton is a programmer and data scientist. In this interview, we discuss the risks associated with a transition to hyperbitcoinisation, the limits to...


Bitcoin is Truth with Jeff Booth & Austin Hill

“Human rights don’t come easily, they actually have to be fought for; fought for with encryption, fought for with principled individuals, fought for with giving people other alternatives, and the best alternative is economic sovereignty.” — Austin Hill Jeff Booth is an Entrepreneur and Author of ‘The Price of Tomorrow’ and Austin Hill is a cypherpunk & former Blockstream CEO. In this interview, we discuss the unique sense of hope in El Salvador, the loss of freedom, Bitcoin as objective...


Bitcoin & Absolute Freedom with Junseth

“I don’t understand the moral position of absolute freedom, and the reason is because, when I hear people talk about it, it’s very obvious to me that absolutely everybody knows that there are limits to freedom, so absolute freedom is not something that anybody believes in.” — Junseth Junseth is a OG bitcoiner and the former co-host of Bitcoin Uncensored. In this interview, we discuss government being the logical extent of libertarianism, the evolution of news media, falling for...