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Episode 79 - Be Smart With Your Money and Mortgage - Don't be this guy!

This guy made a couple of bad financial choices and is now living a substandard retirement. Don't be this guy!


Episode 78 - 2019 Resolutions - Make Your 2019 Financially Better Than Ever!

No better time than now to set your New Year's financial goals. Let me give you 5 objectives for 2019!


Episode 77 - Fed Raise Interest Rates - How Does That Affect You!

Feds raise interest rates - how will that affect you? What will that do to mortgage rates?


Episode 75 - How Would You Like To Pay Taxes - Even If You Have a Loss? Beware, this could happen to you!

With the year end stock market losses, mutual funds could send of what is called "Phantom Income" which basically means you could be paying taxes on short term capital gains, even though you end up with losses!


Episode 74 - The Wonder of Growing and Compounding Over Time!

We live in a world of immediate gratification, however to build wealth requires some patience and a proven process.


Episode 72 - How To Leverage Cash Value Into Real Estate

Policy Loan: $60,000 Home Build Cost: $250,000 Total Cost: $310,000 Sales Price: $370,000 Expenses: RE Fees - $22,000 Bank Interest - $5,000 Policy Interest - $1000 Total: $28,000 Net: $342,000 Profit: $32,000 ROI: 53%


Episode 71 - Is There Something Better Than a 401k?

Nearly every employer offers a 401k, but is it a good deal for you? Think about the alternatives and what you might be able to do with that money if you controlled it!


Episode 70 - Diversification May Not Work! Beware!

Diversification is a big deal in the traditional financial planning community. But does it work or is it smoke and mirrors.


Episode 67 - Most Popular Financial Channels - You Might Be Surprised!

I went to a financial conference and was surprised what some of the most popular channels are. There are lots of them too!


Episode 66 - What About A Family Podcast?

Hey everyone, it is good to have you here on another wealthy and wise Wednesday and I hope life is going great for you. So I want to run something past you and I am serious this time when I say I love your feedback and your feedback can go the same place, questions@wisemoneytools.com and I will like to get your input and if you think this would be a worthwhile idea or not. So I have been an investment guy for 33 years now and all of our kids, we have five kids. I always had to say this, we...


Episode 64 - Home Equity, How To Build It, How To Access It

Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, you know maybe if you have been on my video channel, you have seen that I have had this other playlist, if you will, they are called 3 minutes to money mastery and it is just a bunch of short videos that are 3 minutes long, they talk about certain concepts and what they do is they try to keep them under 3 minutes and get a lot of contents out there. I tried to make one or two or three of those each week. But this past week, I did...


Episode 63 - Gotta Have Passive Income! How Do You Get it?

Well, hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, I am really glad you can join me today and I think our conversations will be a little eye opening and maybe interesting. Because I wanted to start off by asking you this questions, what do you ultimately want your money or your investment to do for you? You probably have the answer right off the top of your head. Maybe you don't say it quite like this but I will bet it something like you want your money and your investments...


Episode 62 - Financially Thinking For Yourself - One of the most empowering things you can do!

Well, hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, glad you can join me today. As the summer draws to a close, kids back to school, hope your world going okay for you? And if you do have those youngster, I hope they are enjoying school? Because you know school is just an interesting thing. You know when I went to high school, I grew up in California, I went to a very unique high school and you know maybe I got a few friends out there listening to this podcast to remember this....


Episode 61 - What Is An Index? How are they calculated? Should I care?

Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday. Well, as promised from our last episode, we are going to talk about indexes and what an index is and why you might want to pay attention every once in a while to what is going on in the index. So what is an index? The most famous one is called the Dial Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) you might have seen that a time or two or every time you turn on the news, you might have seen it and what that basically means just so you know....


Episode 60 - Does Diversification Work? Warren Buffet Does Not Think So!

Warren Buffet says that diversifcation is for the ignorant. Pretty strong words, right? In this episode, we talk about diversification and why so many advisors push it. Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday and I hope your week is going great for you and let's see just a couple of more days to the weekend, hope you got some good plans, hope where you are at the weather is good? I think right now we have been in some record heat so it has been most welcome to jump in...


Episode #59 - It's Easier To Stay Out Of Debt - Than To Get Out Of Debt!

Hi everyone, here we are again with another wealthy and wise Wednesday, thanks for joining me whether you are on video or podcast, want to welcome you all. You know I am kind of a water ski fanatic, I try to go at least two or three times a week and I ski the course, you might have seen a tournament [00:00:44] course skiing, there are 6 balls that you got to get around and it is really fun and they keep shortening the rope every time you get through and it is really kind of competitive and I...