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Episode 67 - Most Popular Financial Channels - You Might Be Surprised!

I went to a financial conference and was surprised what some of the most popular channels are. There are lots of them too!


Episode 66 - What About A Family Podcast?

Hey everyone, it is good to have you here on another wealthy and wise Wednesday and I hope life is going great for you. So I want to run something past you and I am serious this time when I say I love your feedback and your feedback can go the same place, questions@wisemoneytools.com and I will like to get your input and if you think this would be a worthwhile idea or not. So I have been an investment guy for 33 years now and all of our kids, we have five kids. I always had to say this, we...


Episode 64 - Home Equity, How To Build It, How To Access It

Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, you know maybe if you have been on my video channel, you have seen that I have had this other playlist, if you will, they are called 3 minutes to money mastery and it is just a bunch of short videos that are 3 minutes long, they talk about certain concepts and what they do is they try to keep them under 3 minutes and get a lot of contents out there. I tried to make one or two or three of those each week. But this past week, I...


Episode 63 - Gotta Have Passive Income! How Do You Get it?

Well, hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, I am really glad you can join me today and I think our conversations will be a little eye opening and maybe interesting. Because I wanted to start off by asking you this questions, what do you ultimately want your money or your investment to do for you? You probably have the answer right off the top of your head. Maybe you don't say it quite like this but I will bet it something like you want your money and your...


Episode 62 - Financially Thinking For Yourself - One of the most empowering things you can do!

Well, hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, glad you can join me today. As the summer draws to a close, kids back to school, hope your world going okay for you? And if you do have those youngster, I hope they are enjoying school? Because you know school is just an interesting thing. You know when I went to high school, I grew up in California, I went to a very unique high school and you know maybe I got a few friends out there listening to this podcast to remember...


Episode 61 - What Is An Index? How are they calculated? Should I care?

Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday. Well, as promised from our last episode, we are going to talk about indexes and what an index is and why you might want to pay attention every once in a while to what is going on in the index. So what is an index? The most famous one is called the Dial Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) you might have seen that a time or two or every time you turn on the news, you might have seen it and what that basically means just so you know....


Episode 60 - Does Diversification Work? Warren Buffet Does Not Think So!

Warren Buffet says that diversifcation is for the ignorant. Pretty strong words, right? In this episode, we talk about diversification and why so many advisors push it. Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday and I hope your week is going great for you and let's see just a couple of more days to the weekend, hope you got some good plans, hope where you are at the weather is good? I think right now we have been in some record heat so it has been most welcome to jump in...


Episode #59 - It's Easier To Stay Out Of Debt - Than To Get Out Of Debt!

Hi everyone, here we are again with another wealthy and wise Wednesday, thanks for joining me whether you are on video or podcast, want to welcome you all. You know I am kind of a water ski fanatic, I try to go at least two or three times a week and I ski the course, you might have seen a tournament [00:00:44] course skiing, there are 6 balls that you got to get around and it is really fun and they keep shortening the rope every time you get through and it is really kind of competitive and...


Episode 58 - When is the best time to take retirement plan distributions?

Retirement plan distubtions are all about TAX MANAGEMENT! When you take money from your retirement plans, make sure you do it when it's at your best tax advantage.


Episode #57 - How Come Advisors Don't Teach The Buffet Way?

Finacial advisors are never taught how Warren Buffet created Billions of dollars in wealth with a very simple forumla to follow. He's arguably the best investor, ever, yet advisors have no idea how he got there, let alone teach it to their clients.


Episode #56 - Is There A Way To Use Credit Cards Wisely?

Let's stipulate that most credit card uses are TROUBLE! If you are buying something with a credit card, thinking it's going to be easier to pay for it later - you are kidding yourself! It's harder! However, there are ways to use credit cards wisely. Let's talk about it!


Episode #55 - Don't Be Like This Guy - A Debt Disaster!

Early on in my career, I ran into this family that had one of the worst debt disasters I'd ever seen! 30 years later it still is a top ten worst financial situations I've seen. What can we learn from their mistakes?


Episode #54 - Should you be an Active or Passive Investor?

Active investing and passive investing each have its strong suit. What is best for you and how do you adjust your investing philosophy to maximize your wealth? Hello everyone and happy fourth of July to you, you know aren't you glad we are living in a country that is free or we can have opportunities, really the sky is the limit, I know there is a lot of negative talk about America and certainly there is a lot of politician who like to you know maybe sound like we are the worst people in...


Episode #53 - Is Term or Whole Life the Best Bet?

Here are the charts talked about in the podcast.


Episode #52 - Should You Invest In a ROTH or Traditional IRA?

What are the major diffences between a ROTH and Traditional IRA? Is one better than the other? What are the tax consequences when it's all said and done? Let's talk about the differences in this podcast.


Episode #51 - 401k Plans - Big Trouble!

Well, hi everyone it is Dan Thompson again with another wealthy and wise Wednesday, hope everything is going great for you? We are just about this expect some puppies around our house, I am really excited about that, we got a beautiful golden Doodle and she is going to deliver some pups in the next probably week or week and half. Somewhere there, so I will definitely bring them on the video and show you them when we have them. [00:00:33] You know we have seen the last few podcast and video,...


Episode #50 - What's going on in the economy?

Hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday hope you are doing great this week, we just got a couple of more days until the weekend and hope you might be having some good times, summertime out there, nice and sunny, ready to go. I got a little bit of exciting news to share with you today, we are going to start something that I think is going to be really unique and very helpful, I call it the three-minute money mastery. [00:00:48] And what we are going to do, we are going to...


Episode #49 - Economic Cycles and What To Watch For

Hi everyone and welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, hope everything is going good in your world and welcome, I am glad you can join us today. You know every once in a while I get the thinking about the economy, actually not every once in a while, almost every day and I am sure you do too because some of the things that are going on in the economy directly affects you and certainly affects what is going on in your future and especially if you are getting to the point where...