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Episode #44 - Be An Early Saver!

If you start early, you'll build wealth faster and more consistently!


Episode #43 - Opportunity and Debt - One wins over the other

We have so many opportunities here in the US. However, debt is crushing our us. We've got to get out of debt and become savers and investors.


Episode #42 - The Burden of College Debt!

The burden of college education is affecting families for decades. Is there an answer? Do you have to go into debt to get a college degree? We talk about this and more on episode 42.


Episode #41 - Investor, Speculator, or Trader - which one are you?

Hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday on a day that the market is dropping again, well maybe not the day you actually listen to this or watch this podcast or video but the day that I am recording it, we got another six or seven hundred point drop off, this is supposedly because of China's retaliation to Trump's tariffs on aluminum and things like that we export to them. You know I am just not a fan of tariffs altogether, it basically picks and choose industries that...


Episode #40 - Is It Wise To Pay Cash For Cars?

Well, hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, glad you could join me today, hope your week is going great in today's episode and video, what I thought I would do is talk about the best way to buy cars and I am going to be jumping on to my screen and showing you my screen here as we go along because I have got this neat load of calculator that I think would give us a lot of better feel for how this works. So what basically the premises and I am going to talk about how...


Episode #39 Does Dollar Cost Averaging Work?

Hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, hope you are doing good whether you are listening to the podcast or the video, hello. And today I wanted to talk about this concept that is very prevalent in financial planning world and the concept is called dollar cost averaging and essentially I think it gets misused quite often because dollar cost averaging is different than what most people think. [00:00:59] if you are investing in let's just 401K and each month, you invest...


Episode #38 - Should You Invest In a Retirement Plan?

Investing in a retirment plan assumes you are going to save money in taxes in the long run, but will you? What are your choices? How do they work? How can you WIN with a retirement plan?


Episode #37 - More Winning Financial Tips

More Finanical Tips!


Episode #36 - Winning Financial Tips

7 Winning Financial Tips!


Episode #34 - The DOW for the last 100 years

Hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise Wednesday, glad you can join me today on this podcast and video, hope is going well for you. Today, I am going to spend quite a bit of time on this chart that I was recently given and I think it is pretty telling for a lot of different reasons. You know we have kind of got this mindset that wall street keeps us in, you know a few weeks ago, I shared you that cartoon of how wall street just want to keep you in the traffic, dodging cars, going...


Episode #33 - What Drives The Market Down?

What can tip the scale to send the market down into a correction or dip? In this episode, we'll talk about how inflation can be a spark to ignite a market burning.


Episode #32 - Market Update - Special Episode

What is going on in the market today? As of 15 minutes before the close the DOW Jones is down nearly 1000 points. This is a special episode and what this might mean to you.


Episode #31 - The Radio Show

I was asked to be on a radio show until he found out that I'm not a big fan of fees. Let me show you why this episode.


Episode #30 - Get Out of Traffic!

00:00:29 Hi everyone! And welcome to another podcast, another video on this Wealthy and Wise Wednesday. Hope you're doing great and ready to finish out the week strong. 00:00:41 So I've been thinking about this concept for quite some time, and the concept is basically, how we’re persuaded to invest and save by called traditional financial advisors. And as I thought about this and thought about this and thought about this, I came to the conclusion that one the best things I could do are...


Episode #28 - Confused By Annuities?

Why Annuities Seem Confusing Hey, thanks for joining us on this podcast. Before I forget, I’d love to hear from you. I get questions all the time from our listeners and viewers, but what I’d like you to do is send me a topic or two that you would like to hear more about on a future podcast. Go ahead and send your suggestions to questions@wisemoneytools.com and in the subject line, put TOPIC. Okay, great….look forward to hearing from you. I know one topic I get asked a lot about is...


Episode #27 - The 5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Well, hi everyone! Welcome to another Wealthy and Wise Wednesday. In this podcast and video, I wanted to cover a few critical issues that come up regularly, as people call in from all over the country. They like the idea of a well-engineered High Cash Value Life Insurance Policy but want to know exactly where it fits in. 00:01:01 So let’s talk about that for a second here. If we break down the steps to what I’ll call the 5 Steps to Financial Freedom, they may look something like...


Episode #25 - Is the New Tax Law Good For You?

Hi everyone and welcome to another Wealthy and Wise Wednesday. We’re pushing right up to Christmas. It's getting kind of exciting, seems like every time I go out on the streets, it gets more and more and more crowded. How is it in your part of the country? 00:00:18 So you could get really frustrated with trafficking. I grew up outside of the bay area in California and before my wife and I moved out to California, we lived in the East Bay of San Francisco area and man, it was traffic and...


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