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The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more

The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more
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The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more




How Millionaires Buy Used Cars

This week’s assignment in Personal Finance is to find the perfect car for under $5,000. Using the tools listed below, do your own research to find the right car for you. 1. Write Your Story Write an article (800 – 1000 words) describing how you made your decision and tell me how you used the resources listed below in your research to find the best car to fit your needs. You may want to share how you came to believe that this is the perfect car for you. Did you choose a fine luxury car or a...


7 Golden Rules to Negotiate Anything

1. Negotiate Anything and Everything. Some consumers often fail to even attempt to negotiate major - or minor - purchases. Imagine the cost - or the value - over your lifetime if you decide to pay full price for everything all the time. What do you think? Would that be a 10% cost if you never negotiated anything and you never engaged in any kind of bargain-hunting? Another way to think about it is the value over your lifetime - when you decide to master a few basic skills related to...


Chase Bank Ultimate Rewards with Jason Steele

Jason Steele is an expert on Credit Card rewards and the masterful use of Credit Cards in general. In this episode, Jason Steele and Jim Munchbach talk about strategies for maximizing the benefits of your Chase Bank Ultimate Rewards cards.


The Best Budget That Works

In this episode, Roger Whitney, CFP and Jim Munchbach, CFP outline the principles and process for building The Best Budget That Works. If you're a student at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston, you have already received the show notes for this episode in BlackBoard Learn. If you're not a student of Personal Finance and you would like to be on our mailing list, visit today.


Farnoosh Brock Prolific Living Life Coach

Farnoosh Brockis my featured friend this week; I just pre-ordered herThe Healthy Smoothie Bible - available for pre-order. If you're looking for a little extra inspiration to lose weight, get in shape, or if you want to start living the life you know is possible, you might want to join me.Let's share a healthy smoothie together online! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Thank you, Farnoosh, for being my special guest this week onThe Social Business Podcast. Learn more about...

7 Rules to Negotiate Credit Cards with Jason Steele

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The Ultimate Guide to Cash Cars

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Dr Ryan Gray Epic Credit Challenge

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36 Todd Tresidder Financial Mentor and Investment Educator

Todd Tressider is a Financial Coach, Mentor, and Investment Educator. We met at #Fincon13 in St. Louis and spent a few minutes talking about money, life, and relationships. Mostly, we talked about financial stuff. Todd promised to come back and do a part two when his new training series launches later this year. Until then, please take a look at the great FREE resources Todd Tresidder has designed forFinancial Freedom for Smart People!


35 Paula Pant Says You Can Afford Anything

Paula Pant is a new friend I met at #FinCon13 in St. Louis. Paula writes an excellent financialblog. AffordAnything.comis based on one radical idea:You can afford anything. You can’t affordeverything. But you can affordanything. Paula Pant has a lot of encouraging words to anyone who's trying to figure out how to manage money and it's my pleasure to introduce her to our students at theBauer College of Business at University of Houston. See you at #FinCon14

34 Five Rules For Avoiding Buyers Remorse

Five Rules For Avoiding Buyers Remorse. 1. Research First! 2. Answer The Question: WHY 3. Think of All the OTHER Things You Could Do With THAT Money 4. Sleep On It! 5. Partner Up


33 Doug Nordman Retirement Before Age 50

Doug Nordman Age: 46 Retirement Age: 41 Residence: Mililani, Hawaii Career: Officer, U.S. Navy "After 20 years of active service in the military, you can retire with a pension worth about half your final basic pay. I've read that more than 85 percent of officers who retire start a second career. I went through all the assessments, which said I should be a nuclear engineer or a midlevel manager. That was pretty much what I was doing. "I was griping about it to my dad, and he asked, 'Didn't...


32 The Parental Interview About Money

The purpose of this assignment is to better understant the attitudes, beliefs and values about money, life, and relationships (in your own family).


31 Learning to Read People Better

For millennia, philosophers have observed four distinct types of people. The ancient Greeks, for example, believed the dominance of particular body fluids caused people to think and act in particular ways. 4 Kinds of Personality Sanguinepeople are excited, upbeat, and friendly.Cholerics are determined, disciplined, and goal-oriented.Phlegmaticpeople are easy-going and slow to make decisions. And people who aremelancholyare reflective but often pessimistic. 4 Behavioral Types In recent...


30 Order Your Free Credit Report Today

Please go to see the show notes for this episode. Jim is attending the Launch Conference and this episode is being posted early for our students at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston. If you're listening in iTunes, please take a minute to review the show. See you next week Jim


29 The Power of Spending Plans

In this episode, Jim shares a story about a couple who wanted to build their dream house.The Blueprint for Financial Success can help you build your dream house or your life plan. Spending Plans are more powerful than budgets once you get the big idea.


28 The Cinnamon ToothPick Store is Closing

The story of the Cinnamon ToothPick Story helps to illustrate the 3 Laws of Personal Finance and Five Important Principles for Money Managers: 1. Knowing Why Helps 2. Good Work Always Pays 3. A Little Planning Goes a Long Way 4. Spend Less - Save More 5. Invest in Yourself First 6. Pay it Forward In 4th grade, I was the Cinnamon ToothPick Guy and my business was booming. At that time (back in 1971) my mom was my #1 investor and she was also the supplier of the cinnamon oil (cinnamon oil is a...

27 Students of Personal Finance Meet Their Professors

In this overly long podcast episode, Professors of Personal Finance at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston discuss Day One of class among other things related to personal finance. Welcome to our new students! In this episode, I ask, suggest, beg for 5 volunteers in our Personal Finance class to share your Extra Credit assignments - in audio - right here oniMakeYourMoneyCount - the weekly podcast about money, life, and relationships. I really hope you'll help me out! Jim

26 Social Business Proof - Your Work Matters

Please for show notes for this episode. Join us next week for 12 Collegiate Lessons in Personal Finance. On today's show, you will hear Jim Munchbach share the Three Laws of Personal Finance as well as an interview with Jared Easely and Dustin Hartzler - WordPress tips.

What If You Could Change Anything

If i had to pick Three Words to describe my new friend and Change Anything innovator, I'd say Al Switzler is a man filled with:Purpose, Passion, and Intention. Al Switzler is the four-time New York Times best-selling co-author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything. He is also an acclaimed keynote speaker - you can watch and listen to Al on Youtube - great Free Resource! Al is consultant and co-founder of VitalSmarts, an innovator in corporate...