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The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more

The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more
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The Weekly Podcast about money, life, and relationships for Students of Personal Finance. Designed to help you earn more, save more, and live more




29 The Power of Spending Plans

In this episode, Jim shares a story about a couple who wanted to build their dream house.The Blueprint for Financial Success can help you build your dream house or your life plan. Spending Plans are more powerful than budgets once you get the big idea.


28 The Cinnamon ToothPick Store is Closing

The story of the Cinnamon ToothPick Story helps to illustrate the 3 Laws of Personal Finance and Five Important Principles for Money Managers: 1. Knowing Why Helps 2. Good Work Always Pays 3. A Little Planning Goes a Long Way 4. Spend Less - Save More 5. Invest in Yourself First 6. Pay it Forward In 4th grade, I was the Cinnamon ToothPick Guy and my business was booming. At that time (back in 1971) my mom was my #1 investor and she was also the supplier of the cinnamon oil (cinnamon oil is a...

27 Students of Personal Finance Meet Their Professors

In this overly long podcast episode, Professors of Personal Finance at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston discuss Day One of class among other things related to personal finance. Welcome to our new students! In this episode, I ask, suggest, beg for 5 volunteers in our Personal Finance class to share your Extra Credit assignments - in audio - right here oniMakeYourMoneyCount - the weekly podcast about money, life, and relationships. I really hope you'll help me out! Jim

26 Social Business Proof - Your Work Matters

Please for show notes for this episode. Join us next week for 12 Collegiate Lessons in Personal Finance. On today's show, you will hear Jim Munchbach share the Three Laws of Personal Finance as well as an interview with Jared Easely and Dustin Hartzler - WordPress tips.

What If You Could Change Anything

If i had to pick Three Words to describe my new friend and Change Anything innovator, I'd say Al Switzler is a man filled with:Purpose, Passion, and Intention. Al Switzler is the four-time New York Times best-selling co-author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything. He is also an acclaimed keynote speaker - you can watch and listen to Al on Youtube - great Free Resource! Al is consultant and co-founder of VitalSmarts, an innovator in corporate...


24 Remember When: First Memories of Money

Eva Baker from was my special guest - and you don't want to miss this opportunity to meet Eva Baker! Hi! I’m Eva. Just before I turned 16 my mom and I listened to the audio book version ofThe Total Money Makeoverby Dave Ramsey. Dave helped me realize that planning and budgeting your finances is interesting and can be fun – especially when you are young and haven’t had time to make many financial mistakes yet! As I start on my journey, I know there is much to learn....


23 Day Trading for Dummies with Annie Logue

In this episode, I have the delightful pleasure of interviewing Annie Logue, author of Day Trading for Dummies and several other best sellers. If there is one thing that Ann Logue would stress to college students, it’s that life is just plain weird. She said students need to go out there, take advantage of opportunities, meet new people and try new things, because one never knows what’s going to happen.
“When we talk about networking, it seems like a mechanical thing,” said Annie. “I will go...


LinkedIn Casting Crowns Shout Out to

LinkedIn Casting Crowns Shout Out to


22 FinCon Plays My Kids Adventures Stelzner Style

For show notes, please

What IS Possible For Your Life

What do you really want out of life? What if money were no object? If you could have anything, what would you want out of life? Imagine with me. I do this in career counseling with high school students. And, college students. They come to me and say… Well I'm getting out of school soon and I really don't have a clue what I want to do with my life. So I always ask the question: if money were no object, how would you want to spend your life? Every day. Every hour. What would you really love to...


021 Budgets Don't Work Unless and Until

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Starbucks MidWeek Update July 8 2013

After spending a few minutes with a student at Bauer College of Business at University of Houston, Jim (that's me) wanted to unpack a few of the most common questions about the internship atMorgan Stanley Smith Barney. Also, Steven Crevar posted a comment related to How to use the Goals Tab in #Mint#MunchMac in Houston, Texas!

20 Why You Need a Financial Gyroscope

Why You Need a Financial Gyroscope Follow #MunchMac in Houston, Texas! Jim Munchbach Contact Me... --Facebook: --Twitter: --LinkedIn: --Vimeo:


19 Morgan Stanley Internship Update from Houston

For students of Personal Finance atBauer College of Business at University of Houston who may be interested in a career in financial services. This is Jim's very first mid-week #Podcast using #BossJock and iPhone. Jim also introduces a new hashtag: #MunchMac

18 Establishing Your Spending Plan on Purpose

If you've already taken the time to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes - thank you. Jim continues his series titled: 12 Collegiate Lessons in Personal Finance. The first law of personal finance is the law of spending and saving. Spend less than you earn and save more forWhat Matters Most. In this episode, Jim offers students of personal finance a very easy and fun assignment that can help each of us gain wisdom about managing money. If you've already written some financial goals for...


17 Financial Geeks Wanted - Join Our Community

In this episode, Jim describes the difference betweenFinancial Geeks andFinancial Handi-Cappers and offers 3 Powerful Tools forFinancial Geeks. Financial Geeks Wanted - Join The Community Financial GeekCalculating Tool Financial GeekTracking Tool Financial GeekPlanning Tool #1 - Financial GeekCalculating Tool EZ Financial Calculators By Bishinew Incorporated The widely popular, easy to use and feature rich financial calculators app comes to iPhone/iPad: * TVM Calculator - My Fav! For TVM...


16 The 12 Collegiate Lessons in Personal Finance

The 12 Collegiate Lessons in Personal Finance 1. The Law of Spending and SavingThe first lesson moves from an overview of the course to a class discussion on the powerful influences that drive financial choices in every culture.2. Creating Your Spending Plan (Powered by Purpose)Becoming a Millionaire by Age 50 doesn’t happen accidentally. You need a well defined spending and saving plan that works for you. It’s simple— and powerful - by writing down your goals for your money and...