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TMMS | Ep. 23 | Father Hurt II: The Root Cause Of Anger

Father Hurt is a significant contributing factor to Depression, Dysfunctional Marriages and the Degradation of family life. In this 23rd installment of TMMS Podcast you will be exposed to a unique methodology for curing your own Father Hurt.


TMMS | Ep. 22 | The Top 3 Predictors Of Marital Harmony

In this 22nd installment of TMMS Podcast we give you the Top 3 Predictors Of Marital Harmony: 1) "Does She Get Me," 2) The Law Of Reciprocity and 3) "Are We Good For Each Other?" Be true to yourself. Your happiness depends on it.


TMMS | Ep. 21 | Good Guys Finish First

In this 21st installment of TMMS Podcast Your Chief Transformational Life and Business Coach, Anthony Miller, gives you the secret sauce on how Good Guys can finish first in Life, Love and Legacy.


TMMS |Ep. 20 |The Mogul Mindset

In the 20th Episode of TMMS we explore exactly what it takes to acquire, maintain and sustain the Mindset of a successful business Mogul. For those aspiring Moguls who desire additional training, We have also created a complimentary Audio Course entitled, "The 8 Mindsets Of An Extraordinary Husband." To get your listen on, Click the link: Happy listening!


TMMS | Ep. 19 | Permission To File

In This 19th episode of TMMS we give specific and uncommon wisdom to anyone who is involved in a tumultuous marriage. You love her. You love him, but everyday you stay your heart continues to break. Listen closely. Your answer is here.


TMMS | EP. 18 | Father Hurt

In this episode of TMMS show we discuss Father Hurt. If you know your father, but he failed to love you like you needed to be loved, you have Father Hurt. You also have Father Hurt, If you never knew, but deeply longed for, your father.


TMMS | Ep. 17 | What Kind Of Man Are You?

In this episode of TMMS Podcast we take an honest exploration of What Kind Of Man You Are. If you are not where you want to be mentally, emotionally or financially this podcast will give you insight on how to up level most effectively and efficiently.


TMMS | Ep. 16 | Self Mastery: What's Your Proof?

In this episode of TMMS Podcast you will learn you have to master something about or within yourself in order to become the best version of yourself and to attract an Extraordinary Wife into your life.


TMMS | Ep. 15 | The Luck Of The Draw?

Episode 15 of The Mentoring Mind Show was created specifically for recently married wives who are married to incorrigibly angry and defiant husbands. In this show, I give you practical advice on how to create and maintain your sanity until a more viable solution to the chaos in your home can be obtained. I also show you how to hold your husband accountable for his behavior toward you.


TMMS | Ep. 14 | The Wife For You

Brother - No matter if you are single and have never been married or you've been married and divorced fives times, the woman for you will possess the following four attributes: 1) She'll be a partner in your dreams, 2) She'll be an asset you can not live without, 3) Her Big 3 will be similar to your Big 3 and 4) She owns her divinity.


TMMS | Ep. 13 | The Saving Grace Of Purpose

Brothers, without purpose, life has no meaning. In this episode of The Mentoring Mind Show you will learn what purpose is, how to magnetize it into your life and how to use it to build a profitable business and attract the right wife into your life.


TMMS | Ep. 12 | Releasing Yourself From Poverty

In order to release yourself from poverty there must be a disruption and an intervention. For some, the disruption will come via a lay-off. For others, the disruption will be growing tired of not making ends meet. No matter how your disruption comes your financial freedom will be predicated on what you own and control. In this episode of The Mentoring Mind Show (TMMS) Podcast you will learn the 3 Step process for transformational change as well as requisite 3 Rs for generating unlimited...


TMMS | Ep. 11 | Can You Align With Her Mind?

In this episode of The Mentoring Mind Show we focus on the all important task of Due Diligence. Many men have no problem attracting women. The problem is they aren't attracting women they want to wife. Why is this? They aren't spending enough energy and time to determine if she shares his core values, if she embodies the law of reciprocity and if she truly is good for him. This episode will give you a framework for designing and implementing a Due Diligence system that works best for you.


TMMS Ep.10 The 3 Ps Of Success

No matter what goal you are in pursuit of in life (Marriage and Business success) it will take you three P's to get there. The 3 Ps include: The Plan, The Process and The Promise. In this episode of The Mentoring Mind Show we focus heavily on the one key element necessary to stick to your plan, not give up on the process and revel in the promise once you achieve it - Burning Desire. The Mentoring Mind Group, LLC is a company that specializes in helping men entrepreneurs who have been...


TMMS | Ep. 09 | Overweight Ophelia

In this installment of TMMS Podcast we continue the series, "The Five Type Of Women You Don't Want To Wife." This episode focuses on Overweight Ophelia.


TMMS | Ep. 08 | Selfish Suzy

This is the fourth installment of the series, "The Five Types Of Women You Don't Want To Wife. This episode will help you quickly recognize the tendencies, traits, habits and energy of a Selfish Suzy. If you're dating one, walk away. You will save yourself 100 days of sorrow if you do. (TMMS) The Mentoring Mind Show is a transformational and entertaining podcast designed to help men entrepreneurs to Boss Their Brains. It is our heartfelt mission to help good men develop the mindset and...


TMMS | Ep. 07 | Messy Melissa

This Podcast is the third installment of “The 5 Types Of Women You Do Not Want To Wife” series. This episode focuses on Messy Melissa. The series is designed to help good men avoid toxic women who they never will be happy with.


TMMS | Ep. 06 | Evil Evelyn

The Evil Evelyn episode is the second installment of the, “Every Woman Who Glitters Isn’t Gold,” series. This Podcast is designed to help good men avoid marrying this type of woman.


TMMS | Ep. 05 | Religious Ronda

In this episode of TMMS Show I help good men learn how to recognize that every woman who glitters isn't gold even if she's known as Religious Ronda.


TMMS | Ep. 04 | How To Achieve and Attract Anything You Desire

This episode of The Mentoring Mind Show Podcast focuses on giving you clean and correct directives on how you can attract and achieve anything you desire in Life, Business and Romance. If you agree with the premise, thoughts become things, you are eighty percent ahead of schedule in living a life of design and intent. In order to complete the cycle you must be vigilant in choosing the words you tell yourself, the words you share with others as well as the words you allow others to speak...