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010: Love in all 5 Languages

This episode husband and wife host, Josh & Kristina Long talk about their experience with the "5 Love Languages". Kristina takes the Love Language Assesment and they challenge each other to talk all 5 languages, one day at a time. They invite all of us to join them in the week-long "Love in all 5 Languages" challenge. Learn more about the Mom & Dad Club's website at The 5 Love Languages was created and trademarked by Gary Chapman Take the 5 Love Languages official...


009: Holiday Stresses & Traditions

This episode Josh & Kristina share their family's Holiday traditions, with gift giving, blended and divorced families, budgets, and the running between family dinners and gatherings. They also share three tips which remind them and help them navigate the priorities during a busy time of the year. No matter if you are new to marriage, new to divorce, or "old pros" at the holidays, Josh and Kris talk about the importance of being flexible, sharing time, making your own traditions, and...


008: This Couple Does What? Getting to Know Jason & Tanja Mackenzie

Kristina and Josh are excited to introduce the Couple's Q&A, a list of questions they have developed to interview couples about being mom & dad and husband & wife. In each episode, which features the Couples Q&A, we will learn things about other couples, like how they met, what the like and dislike about their kids. We talk about parenting styles, marriage norms, sex, the division of labor, and so much more with interesting couples all over the world. This week they interview husband...


007: Getting Kids to Listen

This week on The Mom & Dad Club’s podcast, Kristina and Josh talk about how they have evolved as parents, in regards to getting their kids to listen. They share stories about their experiences, along with 3 tips which they use to parent their strong-willed children! It’s less about what the kids do and more about what we as parents can do! Join in the conversation on The Mom & Dad Club's private facebook group at


006: Pet Peeves In The Marriage

This week Josh and Kristina try to avoid an argument while they talk about Pet Peeves in their marriage. From socks on the floor to not flushing the toilet, they share the top 15 pet peeves in a marriage, according to a recent Psychology Today blog ( What do you find to be mildly annoying habits of your spouse and kids? It seems Kristina is married to a very annoying man! Visit The Mom & Dad Club online at Join our private facebook group for...


005: The Grocery Experiment

Josh & Kris try an experiment this week and wondered if their kids could tell a difference. They went shopping to compare Wal-Mart (their store of choice for the last 10 years) to Aldi, a store they used to shop at, until Wal-Mart came along. Asking themselves, "could we save money each month and would the kids tell a difference?" They talk saving, brands, generics and more on this episode of The Mom & Dad Club Podcast. Visit The Mom & Dad Club online at Ask to join...


004: Three Daily & Intentional Marriage To-Dos

This week Josh and Kristina talk about 3 daily and intentional actions that they take in their marriage. Join them from their living room, as they laugh about arguments, unspoken expectations, and their 3 must dos on their marriage's daily checklist! Visit The Mom & Dad Club on facebook at Join the parents only Facebook group at Then read the blogs and listen to past podcast at


003: Me Time - Why We Need It

Josh & Kristina talk about the importance of "me time" when we are spouses and parents. They share how they each take time for themselves, along with ideas for you to enjoy the much needed "me time" too. Why? Because the time for ourselves is extremely important! Me Time is time away from the spouse and kids. Time spent, doing things we want to do, to recharge our batteries and rest the mind! Why time for ourselves is extremely important! Join The Mom & Dad Club's private group at...


002: Back To School

Join, Mom & Dad and Husband & Wife, Kristina and Josh from their living room, as they talk and share about back to school routines. In this episode, they share their family's routines, bedtimes, tech tools, and more as they prepare to send the kids back to school this week! Visit us online at To see our introduction to the tech device that changed our household for ever, visit our youtube video where we talk about "Circle" ( Click here to see...


001: Advice From The Trenches

Join husband and wife Kristina and Joshua Long, as they talk about marriage, parenting, and more from their living room! On this episode, Josh and Kris share 2 pieces of wisdom they would share with their newly wed selves, if they could go back 18 years. They also share some bits of wisdom from fellow members of The Mom & Dad Club's facebook group. They talk patience, bickering, goals, saving, and more! Learn more about The Mom & Dad Club, Josh & Kris, the podcast, and the facebook...


Intro - Podcast Coming Soon

Podcast Coming Soon - Josh and Kris introduce themselves and their plans for the Mom and Dad Club Join husband and wife team, Josh & Kristina Long, as they share, learn, vent & laugh together through the journey of marriage and parenting. Join the conversation on facebook at