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Sky and Colin are just a couple of dudes sharing their opinions on movies past, present and future. Expert opinion or amateur a-hole-ery, you be the judge.

Sky and Colin are just a couple of dudes sharing their opinions on movies past, present and future. Expert opinion or amateur a-hole-ery, you be the judge.
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Sky and Colin are just a couple of dudes sharing their opinions on movies past, present and future. Expert opinion or amateur a-hole-ery, you be the judge.




Missing Link

This week the 2 Dudes talk about the latest movie from Laika Studios Missing Link Find out what they think about the most recent film from the innovative stop motion studio and how this stacks up to their past releases Try not to get a WOODY because the Trailer Park is aBUZZ about the new Toy Story 4 Trailer Spoilers as always folks

Avengers: Endgame (SPOILER FREE!)

NO SPOILER ALERT NEEDED THIS EPISODE The 2 Dudes talk Avengers Endgame without any spoilers this episode If you havent seen the movie yet first of all what are you doing with your life you will be safe to listen to this episode Sky and Colin talk Brightburn in the Trailer Park give grades and TomatoTomahtoes on Endgame but most importantly The 2 dudes rank THE ENTIRE MCU All 22 movies from worst to holy wow this movie is amazing Were in the Endgame now

Pet Sematary

Sky and Colin take a trip to the land beyond the barrier and recap how they feel about the remake of the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary Is this movie a shining star or another poor example of hollywood trying to reignite a flame from the past Sticking on theme the 2 Dudes also talk the new Childs Play trailer in this weeks Trailer Park Find out how the 2 Dudes feel about all these horror movie reboots lately Spoiler alerts as always


The 2 Dudes take another stroll through the DCEU and discuss Shazam Sky and Colin also decided to clown around a bit more than usual this week as they visited the Trailer Park to watch the first look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker Its a DC filled episode and Skys not quite sure how he feels about that Is Shazam The original Captain Marvel better than the MCU Captain Marvel Find out what they think Spoiler Alerts as alwaysSorry for the technical problems earlier today This is an updated...

MCU Phase 3

The finale to this MARVELOUS series of bonus episodes The 2 Dudes talk MCU Phase 3 Sky and Colin struggle to rank what is easily the strongest phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe They also check out the last little teaser for Avengers Endgame and discuss the nonsense they had to put up with when trying to buy their tickets for opening night


Sky and Colin flew into their local theater to check out Tim Burtons take on the classic Disney story of Dumbo Did the 2 Dudes think it soared to great heights or did it flop harder than Dumbos big ears This weeks Trailer Park took us through the cave of wonders as we checked out the new Aladdin trailer Find out if it BLUE the 2 Dudes away See what we did there Spoiler alerts as always folks


The 2 Dudes saw Jordan Peeles highly anticipated follow up to Get Out and talk Us Find out here if the movie lives up to the hype or if it pales in comparison to its predecessor Quentin Tarantino is the talk of the Trailer Park this week with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood dropping its first teaser trailer Sky and Colin hold back on spoilers until the tail end of the episode so feel free to listen and you will be warned before the spoilers start popping off

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The 2 Dudes put on their freshest dragon scale suits and went out to see the 3rd installment in the How to Train Your Dragon saga Does it hold up to the previous 2 films Did Sky even see the previous 2 films Find out here Sky and Colin also talk the new Hellboy trailer in this weeks Trailer Park because he rides a friction dragon people see the connection Spoiler alert as always folks

MCU Phase 2

BONUS EPISODE The 2 Dudes assemble to talk Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on their quest to Endgame Sky and Colin return to the Trailer Park with the 2nd Avengers Endgame trailer How will they rank the films of Phase 2 Will they agree disagree or agree to disagree Theres only one way to find out

Captain Marvel

The 2 Dudes got out to see the highly anticipated Captain Marvel Sky and Colin speculate on what this movie will mean for the future of the MCU and her role in the upcoming Avengers Endgame This week the Trailer Park is jam packed with mutant mayhem as the new XMen Dark Phoenix trailer hits us with some fiery scenes Spoiler alerts as always moviegoers

Fighting With My Family

The 2 Dudes enter the squared circle to talk about the Paige biopic Fighting With My Family Sky gets to show off his wrestling knowledge or nerdiness while Colin offers up the outsider perspective to wrestling Will the two see eyetoeye or will this episode break out into a Brawl for All This weeks Trailer Park is filled to the brim with insane action as they talk Hobbs amp Shaw Spoiler Alerts as always moviegoers

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Sky and Colin act their shoe size and not their age as they review Lego Movie 2 The Second Part The 2 Dudes struggle to decide on which movie to check out in the Trailer Park so they decide to watch an unprecedented 2 trailers Head on over to the 2dudesmoviereviews Instagram to vote on which movie Sky and Colin should review Angry Birds 2 or Secret Life of Pets 2 Spoiler alerts as always moviegoers

MCU Phase 1

BONUS EPISODE Sky and Colin take time to give a retrospective on the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to Avengers Endgame In the 1st of this 3 part series the 2 Dudes talk about Phase 1 of the MCU and rank them out from top to bottom They also take a trip to the intergalactic Trailer Park and talk the much anticipated Avengers Endgame trailer

Alita: Battle Angel (w/ Special Guest Ducky!)

Sky and Colin are joined this week by their long time friend Ducky to discuss Alita Battle Angel Thats right movie goers from 2 Dudes to 3 Dudes The Trailer Park is abuzz with Pokemania all thanks to the Detective Pikachu trailer This action packed episode also has heart as we hear the romantic story of Duckys impromptu Umbrella Academy wedding Im not crying youre crying Shutup Spoiler alert as always people but you should know the deal by now

Velvet Buzzsaw

Sky and Colin sit down to Netflix and KILL Thats right the 2 Dudes are breaking down the barriers and reviewing their first Netflix original movie This weeks Trailer Park takes a detour through deep space to discuss a new A24 project High Life Spoiler alerts as always


Sky and Colin slipped into their wetsuits to dive into the latest movie from the DCEU Find out if they thought Aquaman was a whale of a success or if it just floundered Sticking with the DC theme the 2 Dudes talk Shazam in this weeks Trailer Park and rank out the entire DCEU so far Spoiler alerts as always folks


Cooke Crumb DUNN The 2 Dudes went to see the already polarizing film Glass Did M Night Shyamalan make a real thinker or a steamy stinker Sky and Colin also take a trip to the Trailer Park to discuss the first look at SpiderMan Far From Home Spoiler Alerts as usual

Bumblebee (w/ Special Guest Brandon Holmes)

The 2 Dudes are joined this week by a THIRD DUDE Colins brother Brandon swings by to talk Bumblebee Sky and Colin take their guest on a trip to the Trailer Park and check out Godzilla King of the Monsters Colin also catches Sky up on the shit storm that has been the TransformerVerse thus far Spoiler alerts as usual

The 1st Annual Dudey Awards!

Welcome to the 1st Annual Dudey Awards movie goers Sky and Colin breakdown their top 10 movies from 2018 and their bottom 10 movies from 2018 What movies kicked enough ass to earn a Dudey Which movies sucked enough ass to earn a Doody What is the difference between a Dudey and a Doody Listen to find out The 2 Dudes also take time to talk about some of the Oscar nominations and offer their predictions

Holmes and Watson

The 2 dudes saw the reviews and just had to see Holmes amp Watson Sky and Colin also talk Will Ferrells roller coaster of a career This week in the Trailer Park Us from director Jordan Peele