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2 P's In A Pod Ep 10: Darwin, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Guess what? The Administrator of the NT hasn't called us back and we may know why. If you're going to use bus advertising, you better do it correctly. In some much-welcomed news, The Northern Territory Government have just released an exciting private sector investment opportunity to build, own and operate a world-class water theme park as part of their plan to revitalise Darwin City, here's our take. ABC Darwin you bunch of scumbags. Not a single criminal charge will be laid as a result...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 9: There's Just So Much Happening Right Now

We just cover it all this week! What isn't happening, the buzz continues!... From some amazing Darwin events, to shading our Territory. The Cannibas announcement. Will the administrator meet with us? Tattoos, royal wedding, firefighters having to learn new skills nothing is off limits today! ENJOY!!!


2 P's In A Pod Ep 8: We Take It To The High Skies

It's official, the name change is in! From 'Legendary Morons' to '2 P's In A Pod'... Get it?.... 2 Pete's in a Pod(Cast) In this episode the Petes discuss Mothers Day fun in Darwin. Discuss the CHILLING discoveries have been made in the search for MH370 about how the pilot “deliberately” avoided detection while flying. A surprise flight over Darwin and Qantas, are you there, is anybody home?... The Administrator of the NT is an official appointed by the Governor-General of Australia to...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 7: Some Things We Should Not Speak On 'Literally"

The Legendary Morons (UPDATED 2 P's In A Pod) give you another reason to visit the NT! David Warner and Cameron Bancroft considering cricket come-back in Top End? The recent 'Seaside Sounds' festival was an real eye opener or are the Morons getting old. A few Australian music legends are visiting the Top End soon at the 'One Tropical Day' festival. The Darwin community groups, what impact have they had and what's the benefit of joining. What happens if you get caught drink driving in...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 6: Is this a Darwin Based Rant

Forget Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Sydney it's time you put NT on the map. Remember the 'Blue Light' disco days?.... They both DJ'd at one point and how music plays a role in their lives. Let the Legendary Morons tell you why they innovate in Real Estate. Are they getting shut down already? Always unscripted, they reveal the truth that many will not speak about! We have a small population in the NT and everyone knows everyone so it's time we speak up on hate, being closer than...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 5: Start Of The Dry

We have 2 seasons in the NT and now It's the start of the dry! If you've never been to the NT let the Morons give you a few reasons including our favourite markets and cage of death We touch on Kanye West is he a genius or absolute tosser?... North & South Korea crossing borders and what does the Celebrity in Chief Mr Trump got to do with it?..... So why has LinkedIn brought in more than $1.3 billion in revenue this quarter, up from $976 million in its first full quarter under the...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 4: Fracking The NT Vs Innovation. Are We Really Local?

Join Darwin's Legendary Morons as they discuss the recent 'Fracking The NT' announcement, is there a better option, like Innovation? Are our local television stations really local in the NT? We take on a controversial subject, do good looks have an advantage in the social world, should everyone with a mobile phone be on video, and is everyone an expert these days?


2 P's In A Pod Ep 3: Massive NT Announcement!

In this episode of Legendary Morons podcast, iProperty NT's Peter Gowers is back from Singapore and he's noticed a synergy that is all too familiar with our mall.... The Morons talk Mark Zuckerberg versus less than tech-savvy old dudes that just have no idea, are the old folks holding us back around the world?.... They touch on local Darwin entrepreneur, Sam Kuhn, it's a brilliant idea! The 'RecoverMe GPS Tracking Devices' Why 'authenticity' is so important when it comes to Attention...


2 P's In A Pod Ep 2: Cricket Scandal, Gowers jukebox hire, fracking the NT, and a little boxing

Gowers on fire!.... We speak on the Australian cricket ball tampering scandal and how it was handled, touch on Peter Gowers long term jukebox hire business and fracking the NT, leadership from our leaders and close it out with a bit of world boxing.


2 P's In A Pod Ep 1: Cyclone Marcus You Bitch

We got hit! CYCLONE Marcus has officially been named as the worst to hit Darwin since Tracy, we speak on Power and Water, and how the community has responded!..