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Taking a Break!

Hello dear listeners! The four of us all have some pretty full plates this month, and then Thanksgiving shows up to throw a turkey flavored wrench in the works. So, we’re going to take a short break for November and will be back mid December with the Shopping show (as of right now.) We still … Continue reading "Taking a Break!"


H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Color out of Space”

I’ve got two names to throw at you: Nic Cage and Boris Karloff. Add some Miskatonic madness and Muppet monsters and you’ve got a double feature that you won’t soon forget! For the final week of OctoBoo 2020, we’re discussing the often remade ‘The Colour Out of Space’ by H.P. Lovecraft. This terrifying tale was … Continue reading "H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Color out of Space”"


Pet Semetary



The Men Who Weren’t There.

And as we promised “The bag of meat guy”!



Nightmares are terrifying. What if a film captured that same feeling? This week, we’re going to find out, as we’re discussing the original Dario Argento classic ‘Suspiria’ vs the recent remake staring Dakota Johnson. This film has it all. It’s got witches, dancing, horrifying deaths, rotted food, stabbing and more barbed wire than you can … Continue reading "Suspiria"



Remember when you used to play “The Wild West” when you were a kid? What about if you could do that as an adult? What about if this could all be accomplished with hyper-realistic robots that ultimately became sentient and realized all of the horrifying things that had been done to them? Sounds like fun! … Continue reading "Westworld"


All about our yards…

As a kid, we don’t think much about our yards, other than they’re fun places to play. As we get older, we learn the horrifying truth about upkeep and mowing and creatures that seek to destroy our peaceful habitat.


Jacob’s Ladder

Some films come along and after you’ve watched them, you spend the next few minutes, hours or days puzzling over what you just witnessed. ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is one of those films. On this week’s show, we’re revisiting the 1990 Tim Robbins original and standing it up against the 2019 Michael Early retelling. It’s a difficult … Continue reading "Jacob’s Ladder"



The original ‘Watchmen’ series of comic books surpassed the genre and went on to prove that these weren’t just funny books. They proved that these were literature. As fans of pop culture, we wanted to span the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons masterwork across all of its iterations. If you’re a longtime lover of these … Continue reading "WATCHMEN"


Cover Songs v.3

Who doesn’t love an amazing song? Who doesn’t love an amazing cover of a previously recorded song? We sure as heck do! On this week’s musical masterwork, we’re taking another trip down memory lane, as we discussing more of our favorite songs from the past that have since been covered by modern artists. How will … Continue reading "Cover Songs v.3"


Steve Buscemi

Throughout the years there are actors that just seem to show up everywhere, and is always knocking the role, no matter how small, out of the park. Most notably is the one and only Steve Buscemi. How do you do, fellow kids? From his early days as extras in TV, to everyone noticing this “Mr. … Continue reading "Steve Buscemi"


Unsolved Mysteries

Sometimes mysteries get solved, and we sit back and smile as Dr. House, Jessica Fletcher and Sherlock get the “ah-ha!” at the end. (Colombo too!) But once in a while, a mystery sits there, like a week old banana staring you in the face, saying “I’m still not SOLVED!” That’s where Robert Stack and his … Continue reading "Unsolved Mysteries"


Our Favorite Albums

Music is important part of our lives. As advocates of audio awesomeness, we felt it was time to discuss our favorite albums. While these may not be our all time, singular, favorite album ever produced, it’s certainly at the top of our lists! If you dig music and like lists, then this may be your … Continue reading "Our Favorite Albums"


21 Jump Street

At this point in our lives, there’s no way we’d pass as high schoolers, nor would we want too. However, the fine folks at ’21 Jump Street’ would! Or would they? On this installment of ’40 Going On 14′, we’re being joined by Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum’ and none … Continue reading "21 Jump Street"



You might have some leftovers. That’s also the topic of discussion this week! Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh are all grabbing some nibbles and turning them into a meal. While we’re at it, we’re also going to tackle the hard hitting topic of casseroles. You know em’, you love em’ and you can make em’ … Continue reading "Leftovers"


Cheers vs It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

NORM! Welcome back and get ready for us to raise the bar on this one. This week we’re lifting a class and toasting two amazing and amazingly different sitcoms. On our alcohol fueled newest episode, we’re discussing ‘Cheers’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’. Both shows are about bars and the wacky people that inhabit … Continue reading "Cheers vs It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia"


17 or 18 Again?

I think all of us have, at one point or another, wished we were younger or older than we currently are. For our show this week, we’re going back in time to when things were simpler or at least they seemed that way. We’re spending some time deconstructing ’18 Again!’ and ’17 Again’. Two films … Continue reading "17 or 18 Again?"


The Rocketeer vs Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow

Hey there, pally! Are you looking for a dandy set of talkies that both tell tall tales of terror and technology? Then look no further! For this week’s talkiecast, these fine gents at ’40 Going On 14′ are tipping their bowler’s to ‘The Rocketeer’ and ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’. Which one of … Continue reading "The Rocketeer vs Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow"


Magnum PI

Hawaiian shirts, big mustaches and Ferrari’s. Are we talking about a 70′ key party? Nope. This week we’re spending some time with a man that needs no introduction, ‘Magnum P.I.’. The four of us grew up with this show, whether it was watching it ourselves or overhearing our parents enjoying it late into the evening. … Continue reading "Magnum PI"


Cringe Songs We Hate to Love

Music shows tend to be our favorite to record and our listeners favorite to download. Why is that? Music is personal. Its’ something that we all have experienced and the majority of us have emotional ties to it. Because of this, it can create some heated debates and some hilarious hug fests. We’re taking this … Continue reading "Cringe Songs We Hate to Love"