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Like an auditory jackanory




Episode 20 – Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is most well known for being a presenter on The Gadget Show, a show he hosted for 12 years. I think its fair to say that he is the most geeky person I've had on the podcast, and possibly the most 80s one too! We discuss 80s toys, fixing old computers, 80s music, building geeky electronics, breakdancing, DJ-ing, the Trick Stick, 80s icons and SO much more. Spoken intro by Joe Gooch Intro Music by Ben Liked the podcast? This is the last one. Thanks for listening! Want to support...


Episode 19 – Andy Remic

Andy is an addict - he is so addicted to his ZX Spectrum that he's made two and a half films about it! He's also a published author with over 20 fantasy books to his name. He discusses interviewing Spectrum game creators, writing fantasy, how he managed to get an interview with John Romero, and how to blag your way into posh locations to film things. Spoken Intro by Duncan Newmarch. Intro Music provided by Ben. Swears are beeped out with different Spectrum game sound effects.. Like the...


Episode 18 – Michael Winslow (feat. Steve Guttenberg)

Michael Winslow is probably most well known for being Larvell Jones in Police Academy, the guy who made sound effects. He had landed in the UK 4 hours earlier and kindly agreed to take part in two interviews, one of which was with me. Shortly after recording the chat to Michael, Steve Guttenberg also agreed to one interview, but over the phone as he was on location in London. He was on a short break in between filming, so he only had 5 minutes spare. I asked as much as I could, but our chat...


Episode 17 – Paul Bennett

Paul in one of my longest friends, not only in length of time but also in height. I've known him since I was 5, which itself was in 1979. At the time of recording this chat, back in late 2018, Paul was a successful music promoter. In the 9 months between recording and releasing this chat, Paul has made the tough decision to leave music promotion, a job which I'm sure you can tell from his voice that he absolutely loved, and return to a normal day job. Spoken Intro by Duncan Newmarch. Intro...


Episode 16 – Retro Laird

Retro Laird, or Kieren to fellow humans, is a huge Atari fan. He is a writer for Retro Gamer, a writer for other YouTubers, an author of many books on old systems / games, and a a Pit Fighter (arcade game) champion. This chat is from Play Expo Manchester in 2019. Our chat took place at the back of the dining hall, so with the ambient noise you may experience hunger while listening. This is normal - just eat something and you'll be fine. Intro Music provided by Ben. RetroLaird on YouTube :...


Episode 15 – Mike Quinn

Mike is someone whose name you may not have heard of, but whose work you will definitely know. He is a puppeteer who worked under Jim Henson, performing characters on The Muppet Show, The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, and Labyrinth. He was also one of Audrey 2's lip sync puppeteers on Little Shop Of Horrors, and brought life to Nien Nunb, an unusual looking character from Return Of The Jedi.... the man is a behind-the-scenes puppeteering god! Dreamchild is a superb but often overlooked film...


Episode 14 – Top Hat Gaming Man

Mr. Top Hat Gaming Man is a YouTuber. He has a huge collection of consoles, computers and handhelds, and he's a fan of R-Type, which is no bad thing. This chat is from Play Expo Manchester in 2019. We took care to pick a quiet spot at the far end of the dining area for this interview, only to be joined a few minutes later by a man with 10 kids who all wanted pizza, so please excuse the background noise! Intro Music provided by Ben. Top Hat Gaming Man YouTube:...


Episode 13 – Villordsutch (feat DJ Slope)

Villordsutch, or Rod in real life, was a geek in the 80s. He built a Star Trek shrine, he had a ZX81 (which he still owns) and he was a Blake 7 fan. Also, his mum ALMOST competed in The Olympics. This episode features a short but necessary burst of DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room. Spoken Intro by Duncan Newmarch Intro Music provided by Ben. Interval Music - Target Renegade by https://soundcloud.com/gordon-king Villordsutch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/villordsutch Featuring DJ Slope :...


Episode 12 – Retro Man Cave

Neil is the host of one of my favourite YouTube channels, Retro Man Cave. The first video that I saw of his was the restoration of an Amiga on his Trash To Treasure series back in 2018, which was awesome. This chat is from Play Expo Blackpool in 2018, only a few months after I had become aware of his sterling work. We were sat in a corridor, so please excuse the background noise. Intro Music provided by Ben. Retro Man Cave on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/retromancave Like the podcast? I...


Episode 11 – Jonathan Sothcott

Jonathan is a modern day film producer who has a huge appreciation of the 80s. He owned a Commodore 64, he can name ALL the Transformers and he was almost responsible for bringing back the Carry On films. Spoken Intro by Duncan Newmarch Intro Music provided by Ben Interval Music :Phoenix Arcade Game by Digital Nomad Like the podcast? Tweet me the secret code "EP12JS" Want to show support : Ko-fi.com/80snostalgia


Episode 10 – Derek Findas

Derek is currently a TV presenter in 1984. Just take a moment to let all those words sink in… I sent a message back through time, where he recorded his replies on a cassette and left it for me to collect 35 years later. (It was a robust C-15 from Boots.) Intro Music provided by Ben. Derek's YouTube Archive: https://www.youtube.com/thederekfindasarchive Like Like L-Like-L-Like the podcast? (as Steve "Silk" Hurley once said.) Want to show support : Ko-fi.com/80snostalgia


Episode 9 – Iain Lee

Iain prefers Street Hawk over Knight Rider, likes Blue Thunder more than Airwolf, he isn’t a fan of 80s music and he once tried to write a text adventure about The Monkees. I also confess something about 80s music too. Spoken Intro by Joe Gooch Spoken Intro Background Music by Chris Haugen Intro Music provided by Ben Interval Music : Eliminator by Jeroen Tel, from Hewson Consultants album "Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers" (clip used with permission from Rob Hewson.) Like the podcast? I...


Episode 8 – The Gaming Muso

The Gaming Muso is probably best known for winning the Joystick Waggling tournament at Play Expo Blackpool, a skill he claims he developed while practicing the guitar over many years... He streams regularly on Twitch, he performs cover versions of gaming tunes and he also has a lovely beard. Twitter : https://twitter.com/gamingmuso YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/gatecrashersofficial Intro Music provided by Ben. Like the podcast? Damn straight you do! Word! Want to show support :...


Episode 7 – Hugo Myatt (Treguard)

Hugo Myatt is probably best known as Treguard in 80s TV show Knightmare. Come and listen to how he got the job of the most fearsome TV presenter, find out how the show was put together and learn about "Gatwick. Spoken Intro by Joe Gooch Spoken Intro Background Music by Chris Haugen Intro Music provided by Ben Interval Music : Battle Valley by Tess & Tel, from Hewson Consultants album "Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers" (Used with permission from Rob Hewson) Like the podcast? Hoorah for...


Episode 6 – Mr Biffo

Mr Biffo, (or "Paul Rose" if you prefer to think of him as a human,) worked for Teletext when I was young. He created the daily Teletext magazine Digitiser. He has also worked for Ladbrokes designing their teletexty graphics, and the huge digital display at Wembley Stadium. He admits he's a Marillion fan - I'm making no judgement on this, merely pointing it out. This chat was recorded in a corridor at Play Expo Blackpool, so there are background noises which I'm sure you will do your best to...


Episode 5 – Nikki from Nikki and Bunty

I think its fair to say that Nikki grew up in a different environment to most of us. She loved digital watches, owned a Specrum +3 and wasn't allowed to watch certain cartoons because they were too magical - it's a weird story! Spoken Intro by Duncan Newmarch Intro Music provided by Ben Interval Music by me. Visit Nikki and Bunty on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/NikkiandBunty Like the podcast? I knew you would! I'm a great judge of character. Want to show support? I love coffee:...


Episode 4 – Octav1us

Octav1us is a YouTuber who has a love of Horace (the hungry, skiing one.) She reviews games, electronic toys and old things on her channel and loves her pet rats. Out of everyone I've spoken to she gave the most thought to the question of C64, Amstrad or Speccy. This chat was recorded in a corridor at Play Expo Blackpool, so please forgive the background noise. Intro Music provided by Ben Visit Octav1us on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/0ctav1usKitten Like the podcast? So do I! Lets...


Episode 3 – Pat Sharp (feat Bunty)

Pat Sharp was probably best knows as the presenter of Fun House, the kids TV show that ran for 12 years. He has also been a radio DJ (his first job was at Radio One, which he wasn't too fussed about!) and a Satellite Video Jockey. I asked him what was actually in the Fun House gunge.. it isn't good... Spoken Intro by Joe Gooch Spoken Intro Background Music by Chris Haugen Intro Music provided by Ben Interval Music : 1 bit Pirate Intermission VO provided by Bunty from the Twitter Internets...


Episode 2 – Games You Loved and Numskull

Chris (Games You Loved) and Ryan (Numskull) were both at Play Expo Manchester in May. I decided to bother them with my unique* brand of questioning. They discuss their favourite arcade games, handheld consoles, the Pac-Man quarter scale arcade machine and I tell my Dragons Lair story yet again. *below average Music provided by Ben. Like the podcast? Share it and become happier!


Episode 1 – Mark Read aka B1rdy

Mark was the original creator and owner of 80sNostalgia.com. He launched it in 1999, built it up and made it one of the most popular 80s sites in the world. Then in 2004, despite being offered thousands of pounds for it, he gave it away to a complete stranger, for free. Why? Spoken Intro provided by Duncan Newmarch. Theme music provided by Ben. Shake and Vac advert used with permission from SC Johnson. Like the podcast? Tell some people about it! Better still, borrow their phones and...