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The 2019 Golden Globes, A Recap!

Awards season in the movie industry is underway and Jaime and I discuss the Golden Globes! After what was a stunning night of recognition we have a lot of things to discuss and share. Who won, who said what, who inspired and who gave us great laughs? We also share what our award moments have been in our lives and relive them for you. As the event that sets the path to the Academy Awards, the 2019 Golden Globes did not disappoint in the least! Sit back, take a listen and enjoy our latest...


Movie Mania in The New Year!

This week is all about movies, movies, movies here on The Random Riff! Sergio, Leslie and Jaime discuss favorite movies and why. They also discuss the movies they would be okay with never seeing again. Join them as they also discuss two movies that should make a splash during this years awards season. First up is The Mule, directed by and starring the legendary Clint Eastwood. Then, they discuss the period piece The Favorite, starring Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Olivia Colman! Grab your...


A Look Back, A Look Forward and Reverse Resolutions!

This week we have a "fireside chat" as Buttercup, Leslie, Jaime and I discuss the holiday season, the year that was and reverse resolutions! Not sure what a reverse resolution is? That's ok, we will teach you on tonight's episode of our show!


A New Start, Remembering Penny Marshall and Popeye's Has a Plan

It's a special week here at The Random Riff. We embark on a new journey featuring a roundtable format. Meet the new roundtable panel and then join us as we remember actor/comedian/film director Penny Marshall and discuss her life and legacy and the mark she left on the entertainment industry. We also discuss Popeye's "Emotional Support Chicken" campaign (yes, you read that correctly) and its relation to the recent topic of emotional support animals. We are off to an exciting and fresh start...


911 Dispatchers: A Tribute to Heroes in Headsets

On this latest episode of The Random Riff we learn more about 911 Dispatching and the amazing people who fill this role. Joining me on tonight's episode is Will "Showtime" Blanton, a 27 year veteran of 911 dispatching who currently serves as a Communications Training Officer and Senior Recruiter for his agency in Florida. On the panel as well is Trina Boskat, an Emergency Dispatcher with the New Braunfels Police Department here in Texas. Together they give great insight into the unique and...


Understanding Yoga

I am joined this week by my friend Fae Cain Deezy (aka Willa Shankspear, formerly of Hurricane Alley Roller Derby), owner and founder of Namaste FITness in Corpus Christi, Texas. We discuss the origins of yoga, some of its types and overall benefits. If you have ever been curious about this unique practice, take a listen and get a glimpse into this amazing practice!


Anthony Bourdain, A Tribute

On this episode of The Random Riff we take a look back and celebrate the life of chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain. If you are struggling with depression please note the following resources that are available for help: Warmlines.org will provide you contact information for "warmlines" where you can find someone to speak to when you are under high stress. The organization To Write Love On Her Arms can be reached via text by sending "twloha" to 741741 to text with someone. Hotlines such as...


Avengers: Infinity War Review (SPOILERS GALORE!)

On this episode we review Avengers: Infinity War and be warned it is SPOILER LADEN! If you have seen it great, if you have not then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Find out our thoughts on the film, its story, its production aspects, the acting and so much more!


Avengers: Infinity War Pre-Party!!!

Join me as we discuss the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in preparation for Infinity War!


Today's Topic, Movie Remakes - Yes or No?

On tonight's episode we explore the topic of movie remakes. Are they needed? Which have been good, which have been bad? We will also review the remake of Death Wish starring Bruce Willis. Join the conversation here on The Random Riff!


The Random Riff - Today's Topic, The Culture of Gaming

On this episode of The Random Riff we discuss the culture of gaming and its impacts and influence!


Tonight's Topic - The Walking Dead

On this episode my guest San Antonio Stephanie and I discuss the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead!


The Power of Pets!

Tonight I am joined by Licensed Professional Counselor Catherine McConnell for a discussion on the value and importance of pets!


The Random Riff Debut Episode! Today's Topic: Black Panther

Join us for the premier of my new podcast! Today's topic will be Black Panther, and you will also get a glimpse into what this new project is all about! Learn about the genesis of this show, and how you can be a part of its evolution. Experience the power of conversation here on The Random Riff!


A Few Minutes With Teran Dziadek, Aspiring Chef

We conclude our Youth & Passion series with a great interview! Join us as we welcome aspiring chef Teran Dziadek to the show. We also discuss Christmas traditions around the world and review Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Enjoy our last episode for 2017!


A Few Minutes With Flying D-Bre & Daryl Dixie and Catherine McConnell, LPC

Join us as we continue our Youth & Passion series, with junior derby skaters Flying D-Bre and Daryl Dixie as well as a visit from our friend, Licensed Professional Counselor Catherine McConnell! Catherine joins us in our first segment to share with us the importance and value of self care. Then we continue talking to amazing people who found their passion early and are living it to the fullest. Flying D-Bre of The Rolling Rebellion and Daryl Dixie of Texas Junior Roller Derby drop by the...


A Few Minutes With Marisa Barrera, Actor

This week we begin a very special 3 part series called Youth & Passion. Find out what kind of greatness can happen when someone finds their passion and purpose early on. This week actor Marisa Barrera shares her journey in the world of stage and music! In our review segment we will take a special look at Thor: Ragnarok and Season 2 of Stranger Things as Octomus Prime stops by the show! That and a look at a new update to Twitter and a salute to our veterans as Veterans Day approaches. All...


A Few Minutes With Rammer, North Texas Roller Derby

This week, roller derby athlete Rammer joins us to share her journey in the sport and how it has impacted her life! In addition we discuss the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film and its place in the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe. In our movie review for the week we discuss the fun that was Geostorm! All this and more on this weeks show!


A Few Minutes With J. Alfred Potter, Announcer, Coach, Comic, Writer

This week we welcome a guy who has lived life well! J. Alfred Potter shares his life journey on this week's show! Roller derby announcer, Screenwriter, Comic and Coach, J. does so much to live a life that is fulfilling and a benefit to others. He shares with us the challenges he faces in his daily life and how he overcomes them to master the things he sets his mind to doing. It is a story that will inspire and encourage you. Nick and Sergio spend time discussing the new Star Wars trailer as...


A Few Minutes With Tommy Doan, Founder, Countdown City Comic Con

This week we are joined by Tommy Doan, founder of Countdown City Comic Con! Listen in as he shares his passion and all it takes to launch a Con with a unique vision! Also, in our first segment hear our thoughts on Halloween and cooler weather and catch up on the recent culinary adventures of San Antonio Stephanie! In our movie review segment we take a look at the movie Blade Runner 2049. How many tacos does it get? Take a listen and find out! All this on this weeks episode of A Few Minutes...