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Two oddball, longtime geek friends from Toronto's Best Cult Video store get together and talk about topics the mainstream ignores. Everything from cult directors, strange celebrities, childhood recollections, music, comics, you name it.What's the topic? Tune in and hear.

Two oddball, longtime geek friends from Toronto's Best Cult Video store get together and talk about topics the mainstream ignores. Everything from cult directors, strange celebrities, childhood recollections, music, comics, you name it.What's the topic? Tune in and hear.


Toronto, ON


Two oddball, longtime geek friends from Toronto's Best Cult Video store get together and talk about topics the mainstream ignores. Everything from cult directors, strange celebrities, childhood recollections, music, comics, you name it.What's the topic? Tune in and hear.






Gettin' In The Nog! A Very Suspect Podcast Christmas Playlist Part 2!

Note! Adult content and recorded (of course) remotely. Tis the season to be jolly, imbibe and listen to part two of our COOL YULE TUNES! Here's part two of our carefully curated look into a bunch of weird, wild, wacky or wonderful Xmas tunes! Sit back, drink a gallon of yuletide ale and listed to stuff we like ! CAUTION! Some of these are NAUGHTY, some are NICE but all of them are guaranteed to provide a detour from all the old standards you’re used to !! More clips than we’ve EVER...


HoHoHos & Mistletoes! A Very Suspect Podcast Christmas Playlist Part 1!

Note! Adult content and recorded (of course) remotely. Tis the season to be jolly, imbibe and listen to COOL YULE TUNES! You probably thought Luis and Glen were going to poopoo the season of avarice abd good will towards others, didn’t you? Nope. We’re big fans of the jolly fellow in red and also big fans of a lot of songs influenced by Xmas. Yes friends, there are such things as totally cool Christmas songs and we’re here to give you a first sampling of some of our favorite choices to...


Sleaze, depravity & wholesome fun: Something Weird Part One

Get ready for part one of our look at the glory of SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO! The house that Mike Vraney built in the faraway age of 1990. A house of everything from nudism, sleaze, rough sex, depravity, gore and Betty Page is our topic this week. Sure the movies themselves may be lacking competence, cohesion, logic or even basic storytelling but the allure is unmistakable there. The 'lost ' treasuretrove that is Something Weird is a marvel to behold. And behold we will. Come join Luis and...


Paul Williams Part Two: Death Records and Beyond

Our look into the career of Paul Williams continues with his great work in the seminal 'Phantom Of The Opera' 'Battle For The Planet Of The Apes' and other lesser known gems from Mr. Williams' career! Join us for part two ! We promise lots of cool clips!! P.S. Become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/SuspectVideo?fan_landing=true Cool audio clips abound including: 'Phantom of the Paradise' excerpt CityTv Late Night Movies Ad Brian DePalma interview excerpt 'Phantom of the...


Scary, Spooky, Swingin', Screamin': Halloween Novelty Songs

Get ready for our Halloween special! We're going to be talkin' and playin' some of our favorite Halloweeny novelty tunes and we're avoiding stuff like Monster Mash, Purple People Eater and others of their ilk. Not that we don't love them too.. it's just that we're giving some love to lesser known classics on this episode. Put on you're dancing boots and join Luis and Glenn on the very first Very Suspect Podcast about Halloween Novelty Tunes !! Featuring awesome clips from ghoul-istic...


Paul Williams Part One: We've Only Just Begun

Paul Williams is a renaissance man. Most here may know him primarily as the amazing SWAN from The Phantom Of The Paradise but he's so much more. He's left his indelible mark in the world of music, film and television and was everywhere when we were kids. His small stature certainly contained a huge talent. Join Luis and Glenn on part one of our look at the work of the man - with an emphasis on the musical and television branches of Paul William's career P.S. Become a patron here:...


The Resurrection: Harvey Keitel Part 2

Harvey Keitel's career reached it's zenith in the late 80s and early nineties with his fearless and provocative work with Abel Ferrara and Quentin Tarantino as well as other projects that reinforced his place in the pantheon of gritty, take-no-prisoners actors. Join Luis and Glenn on part two of their informal plunge into the career of one of their fave American actors as well as the story of "You Shoot Me In A Dream" - Glenn's seminal zine on Harvey P.S. Become a patron here:...


Hey Sport! Part 1 of our look at Harvey Keitel !

Harvey Keitel has been one of the most interesting, vibrant actors of his generation. Fearless in his choices of roles, few actors have appeared in both mainstream fare like 'Sister Act' while also exploring the extremes of his craft by inhabiting such flawed characters as the 'Bad Lieutenant'. Part one of our chat will explore Keitel's early 1970's work with his work with directors like Martin Scorcese, Paul Schrader and Ridley Scott. Join Luis and Glenn on part one of their informal...


The Night has a Hero: The World of Clive Barker Part 2

The success of Hellraiser and the Books of Blood led Clive Barker to more exploration into the dark recesses of media. Books like The Damnation Game and Weaveworld and the films Nightbreed and Lord of Illusions were unleashed with Barker as the chief creator and others' interpretations of his stories have followed over the years. Comic books, both based on his movies and original concepts, came out in the 1990s and of course, his paintings and illustrations emerged into the forefront of the...


Demons to Some.. Angels to Others: The world of Clive Barker Part 1

When his seminal collections, The Books of Blood, exploded onto the horror world it was impossible not to feel the earth shift below our fear loving feet. Clive Barker had arrived on the wave of the British Splatter scene but his ambitions were far larger. His tales were beautifully literary.. and brutal. A canvas of blood that would extend to other creative worlds: Film, Television, Comic Books, Painting and Illustration. Horror had it's own renaissance man and his name is Clive...


From Kongs to Pink Ladies: The World Of Sid and Marty Krofft Part 2

The seventies ! When psychedelia and disco, bubblegum music and COLOUR, even permeated kids shows. And noone did a better job of altering the young marbles of generations of kids like Sid and Marty! Join us in our second part down the Kroffthole as we look into the brothers' output from the Saturday morning opus of The Krofft Supershow all the way to the relaunching of faves like Elecra Woman and Dyna Girl and even a Sid and Marty Krofft Amusement Park !!!! (spoiler: It...


Sleestaks & Pufnstuf: The World of Sid & Marty Krofft Part 1

Chaka! Pufnsuf! Horatio J. Hoodoo ! Yes - It's the bizarre Saturday morning world of of Sid and Marty Krofft! For a generation these psychedelic children's shows introduced a world unlike any young eyes had ever seen. Funny, odd and even serious shows that featured some pretty great music and lotsa cool stop motion dinosaurs too! Come with us as we look into the shows these two mavericks created ! LOTSA cool Krofft music and clips including: Banana Splits Opening H.R. Pufnstuf...


From Tranya to Eaglebauer: The career of Clint Howard

"Let us have.. Tranya! Ah..Hahahaha.." And with that, our collective minds were forever altered, the image of an odd space child with an adults' strange cadence confronts Captain Kirk and laughs that bizarre laugh.. Clint Howard is one of those character actors you have seen. Maybe in a cameo, maybe in a larger part, but you have seen him. As the younger brother of Ron Howard, the man has been in excess of 250 films but only starred in two. His small role as Eaglebauer in the seminal...


A look at the Pope of Trash: John Waters Part 2

MORE John Waters! Yes - we continue to look at the crazy output on one of pop cultures coolest cats. His movie output, his books, his spoken word shows! The man is busy !! Come join us in celebrating John Waters ! LOTSA cool clips including: Shock Value film festival promo Movie Theatre smoking PSA Simpsons excerpt A Dirty Shame 'Bears' scene Serial Mom phone call Cecil B. Demented excerpt Polyester exerpt Cry Baby Trailer Melbourne Film Festival promotion Opening introduction...


A look at the Pope of Trash: John Waters Part 1

John Waters! More than just about any other underground, subversive filmmaker, he's managed to go from the fringes of midnight cinema to mainstream darling. From making films that skewer everything from abortion, deviant sex, alcoholism, necrophilia, murder.. you name it.. to being on the Simpsons, it's been a strange ride for the king of sleaze. This is part one of our delving into Mr. Water's career starting with his films and his coterie of stars! Devine! Edith Massey! LOTSA cool...


The Cinema of Transgression Part 2

Here's the second part of our look into that extreme filmic movement called the Cinema of Transgression. We discuss some of the major personalities directly involved and even some of the precursors and even those filmmakers who's ethos and styles owed much to this DIY gore and socially unacceptable movement! Enjoy! NOTE: Some of the audio clips contain ADULT material! Cool audio clips abound including: ​Nick Zedd's "FINGERED" Lydia Lunch in "This Gun Is Loaded" and NICO's rendition...


The Cinema of Transgression Part 1

Richard Kern. Lydia Lunch. Nick Zedd. Are these names familiar to you? They should be, explorers of cinema! These are three of the biggest names involved in a New York born and bread Cinema movement that embraced shock, anger, violence and high levels of all manner of offensive behaviour and attitude. Luis and Glen dive into the history and personalities that created and personified this largely forgotten pit of extremist culture. Strap on and come aboard! Cool audio clips abound...


Monster Rock Part The Second !

Part two of our Monster Music chat! ​L & G directly continue their monster themed music chat ! From the 1950's heyday of classic novelty records and the great collections of those amazing records to the cross over monster moments of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein's Wolfman who introduced so many little folks to the joys of psychedelia all the way to modern horror rock, they touch on all kinds of topics! Cool audio clips abound including: Jackie Morningstar's " Rocking the...



Monsters and music - two great things that go great together! ​Sure the supernatural and the devilish has always had a corner of music since music began. Classical music and opera toyed with deals with the devil, murder and madness. Folk songs reflected dark fables, mystical creatures and witches. Early blues and bluegrass sang about the worst of humanity and Faustian deals. But it's really Heavy Metal and Rock that some musicians REALLY embraced all things dark and monstrous, to the...



Come take a trip with us waaay waay back to a time before superhero and comics based t.v. and movies were everywhere. A kid's comics fix was relegated to a couple of 60's cartoons, the occasional Saturday morning show and.. well... actual comic books. Then along came POWER RECORDS to deliver a bridge between the printed and the live action experience. Heroes had a voice via actors, sound effects and music you could listen to as you looked at the comic issue depicted. Sure it was just a...