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Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective

Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective
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Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective








Across The Intersection Ep 54 - So much drama in the SBC

In this episode we dissect the recent breaking news of 700 cases of sexual abuse in SBC (Southern Baptist Convention). The series of articles chronicles the accusations as well as interviews some of the SBC leadership. We get into the need for there to be a domestic authority. We also continue our discussion on Western Christianity. This week we ask the question - How much of what we believe is biblical and how much is cultural? Whether good or bad it's good to see where the line is. As...


Across The Intersection Ep 53 - Blessings & Professional Ministers

In this episode we discuss a recent “blessings” of abortion clinics in Columbus, OH & Washington, DC by groups of faith leaders. These groups included Christian leaders. We discuss the concept that all abortions are not created equal. We also talk about the questionable practice of an inter-faith council. We then continue our discussion around the concept “Is Western Christianity Biblical”? This week we dissect the idea of the separation of leadership and laity? Where did it come from? Why...


Across The Intersection Ep 52 - Cultural Ignorance is a thing

In this episode we discuss an incident from late 2018 in which a young man who is a highschool wrestler from South Jersey who was forced to cut his hair at a match or be forced to forfeit the match. The student was african american and the referee was white. Though many may look at this as racist, we don't. So we explore the concept of cultural ignorance. As always if you want to continue to support Dive Media podcasts, please go to patreon -


Across The Intersection Ep 51 - Atheism & Bibliocentricity

In this episode we discuss an Atheist pastor in Canada... (yep you read that correct). Her change, rejection & acceptance by various leaders in that denomination. We also start an ongoing discussion we'll be having the next few episodes - "Is Western Christianity Biblical" We're going to ask various question and discuss the answers. Interlude music by Audiobinger - If you want to continue to support Dive Media podcasts, please go to patreon -


Across The Intersection Ep 50 - Survivng RKelly & The Shutdown

This is our 50th Episode!!!! In our 1st episode of 2019 we delve in a couple of controversial topics: - The federal shutdown: What to do when your only source of income is cutoff? Realizing how much of your earning power is actually out of your control. - Surviving RKelly: The recent docu-series about the sexual deviancy of Robert Kelly. His sexual interactions with minors, and the traps that could befall those that do not practice self control. Why it's also important for parents to...


Across The Intersection Ep 49 - Let's talk about...Health

This week we're talking about health! We have a special guest Akeema Bichali. She is a holistic healthcare practitioner. We talk the some of the differences between holistic & allopathic healthcare. In addition we get into the balance between natural healthcare and spiritual wholeness. Akeema can be reached at: FB - @PAHolisticCare Twitter - @princessakeema IG - @princess_akeema In the end we share a couple of stories about people in our live dealing with the...


Across The Intersection Ep 48 - We talkin' business & culture

This is our special Thanksgiving episode. We interviewed Andrena Sawyer of P.E.R.K. Consulting & MCWEN. We talk some more about her focus in business to assist minority women. We also got into her new book for entrepreneurs. We also get into issues within the African diaspora. As it pertains to race vs ethnicity and how people identify themselves Andrena's Organization are -


Across The Intersection Ep 47 - When we become our hashtag & America vs America

This week the ATI crew chop it up about one of the leaders in the #MeToo movement. Asia Argento her involvement in the movement as well as the results of her own personal accusation. We also discuss a recent court case in the state of Washington. It revolves around a treaty between the US and 21 Native American tribes. @acrossthis


Across The Intersection Ep 46 - So this is Sparta! Believers, Politics, & A Rich Civil War

In this episode we give a big shout out to the 300! We are reaching larger numbers in the latest episodes. We are really grateful for that. We also discuss the role of believers in the US political system. And we dive into some research that was done on the notion of a rich white civil war. is the site that has the year long study


Across The Intersection Ep 45 - The Restart, Memory Lane... & how not to share a message

This week the ATI crew are doing the official restart. We recorded this week with all of us in 3 different locations... Yeah Technology! We went down memory lane, and then decided that was too positive so we discussed Kanye, the 13th Amendment, & 45. We like to walk on the wild side. As always check us out on #acrossthis


Across The Intersection Ep 44 - They forgot about Nike... & Hip-Hop

This week the ATI crew discuss: - The recent Nike ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick as the pitchman. And the notion that Nike is "for the people" when their track record would state other wise. - We also ask the question, in the era of #metoo & #blm, why does Hip Hop get a pass? We also announce our new site -


Across The Intersection Ep 43 - Fake News & Drawing Lines

This week the ATI crew discuss - The time timing of the shooting of Botham Jean. As well as the what the greater issue behind what his shooting represents - A recent speech by Barack Obama - The recent statement released by religious leaders on social justice - #TWITN - Alabama Pastor cuts up Nikes in pulpit We also sending some love to one of our hosts who are relocating.


Across The Intersection Ep 42 - Trayvon, Testimony, & Trisha

This week the ATI have a special guest in studio. My Trisha Bell (@teabells) was in studio with us to chop it up with us. We discuss: - "Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story" on the Paramount Network/BET - Pastor McKinnon & Ken Parker's relationship after the Charlottesville riot back in 2017 - #TWITN -Church in the Philippines attending a LGBTQ rally with signs apologizing. We also had the chance to discuss both of Trisha's media ventures. Her Site is and...


Across The Intersection Ep 41 - Some of my friends are Black

In this episode the ATI crew discuss: - The recent meeting held by 45 with Black pastors regarding prison reform...and the subsequent backlash. This includes an interview soon after with one of the pastors on CNN with Don Lemon - We also began out dissecting of Black Lives Matter. Not the ideal that the lives of African Americans actually matter, but the official organization 'Black Lives Matter'


Across The Intersection Ep 40 - Loudly immature to Quietly mature

In this episode the ATI team chop it up about: -Lecrae's biography unashamed - JGivens recent disclosure on twitter about his sexuality We also interview Andrena Sawyer of P.E.R.K. Consulting & MCWEN. She discusses the lack infrastructure for minority entrepreneurs P.E.R.K. Consulting - MCWEN (Minority Christian Women's Entrepreneur's Network) - #acrossthis


Across The Intersection Ep 39 - #ChurchHurt (a different perspective)

This week the ATI crew discuss the recent trending topic of #churchhurt. We go through the start of it based on a Le'Andria Johnson's viral video. We also talked about: - Carnality & Emotionalism - What to do if we are considering leaving a church #acrossthis


Across The Intersection Ep 38 - Sexuality Conclusion

This week the ATI crew conclude the discussion on sexuality. We conclude the concept of human behavior (choice) vs physical characteristics. We also discuss: - The need for people to practice self-control & having standards - Jackie Hill-Perry's testimony & her recent visit to Harvard University - The changing meaning of words & terms in society


Across The Intersection Ep 37 - Old & New Sexuality pt 2

We continue our discussion on the concept of alternative sexuality. The discuss the myth that human behavior is somehow akin to physical characteristics. We discuss: - Karl M. Benkert - the gentleman who coined the terms 'homosexuality' & 'heterosexuality' - Alfred Kinsey -founder of sex institute and author of "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" and "...the Human Female" - Research study done in New Atlantis regarding the notion of people who believe in born this way Interludes by...


Across The Intersection Ep 36 - New sexuality is old sexuality

This week the ATI crew begin to tackle a very touchy and controversial subject, homosexuality. Is it a new phenomena, is it natural, has it always existed? We begin the discussion... Standford univ - the encyclopedia of philosophy The Plato Symposium The book of Leviticus The book of Romans #acrossthis


Across The Intersection Ep 35 (Disc 2) - The Black Christian Paradox Conclusion

This week we bring the discussion on the Black Christian Paradox to a conclusion. It was long so it's a 2-disc episode. We discuss church signs in Alabama, church cooperation, some of the racist roots of the religious rights/moral majority and how it was impacted by Bob Jones University. We also talk a bit about Also in #TWITN we are talking about "Reclaiming Jesus"?