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Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*

Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*
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Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*






Act 3: Stranger Things 3, HBO Max and Disney's Mulan

After a brief preview last week, this week we are all in on Stranger Things 3. Comedian, and Stranger Things enthusiast, Forrest Deal is back to discuss and break down the latest season. We've also got some big news this week! Friends is leaving Netflix, but which streaming service it's going to might not be what you'd expect. And reaction to the teaser trailer for Disney's live-action Mulan. All this and more in this episode of Act 3! Time Codes: Act One: News -00:08:50 - "Friends" To...


Act 3: Amazing Spider-Man Spectacular

Marvel Studios' follow up to Avengers: Endgame is here and Steven and Chandler are diving your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's latest adventure. Steven and Chandler's love for Spidey is well documented, so joining them this week with his own take is comedian, Forrest Deal. They've got the scoop on Far From Home, plus a look back at Spider-Man's history on the big screen. And if that isn't enough, there's the latest casting news on The Little Mermaid, and early impressions on season 3 of...


Act 3: Toy Story 4, Black Mirror, and Stuber

Disney Pixar is back with the fourth entry in the Toy Story franchise. Did Toy Story need a fourth film, and what do Steven and Chandler think of it? We've also got some casting news and reactions to the trailer for the Elizabeth Banks written and directed Charlie's Angels. And if that's not enough we'll talk about the 5th season of Black Mirror and the upcoming comedy-action film Stuber, Plus, talk about why Steven and Chandler find George Lucas so fascinating. All this an more in this...


Act 3: MiB: International, Murder Mystery, and Marvel News

This week Steven and Chandler talk about Men in Black: International and all the behind the scenes drama during production that resulted in a lackluster film. Plus Chandler has finally watched the Game of Thrones documentary, and Steven reports in with the lastest Adam Sandler project to hit Netflix. And stay after the credits to hear about the Youtube rabbit-hole Steven went down involving vintage MREs. Time Codes: Act One: News -01:40 - "Avengers: Endgame" To Return To Theaters With...


Act 3: Tarantino's Star Trek, Doctor Sleep, and Rocketman

There's another biopic about a legend of the music industry in theaters and Steven and a very sleepy Chandler are here to weigh in with their thoughts on Rocketman. What do they think, and how does the film compare to another recent film about a similar subject? And apparently Quentin Tarantino is working on some kind of Star Trek movie? Their thoughts on that and reaction to the trailer for Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Time Codes Act One: News -01:25 -...


Act 3: Dark Phoenix and HBO's Barry

What looks to be the final movie in Fox's X-men franchise is finally here. The X-men series has had its shares of ups and downs. Steven and Chandler talk through all the highs and lows and are then set with the task of answering an important question: is Dark Phoenix any good? They also discuss season 2 of HBO's Barry, and will the "Black Adam" movie that Dwayne Johnson has been attached to for 5 years finally starting making it's way into production? Find out in this episode of Act 3! Time...


Act 3: TV Comedies and Godzilla 2, featuring Blaine Stewart and comedian Forrest Deal!

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies! This week brings a special extra-long episode, as Chandler is joined by News 3's Blaine Stewart and comedian Forrest Deal while Steven is out on vacation! Laugh along as the boys dive face-first into the new "Rambo" trailer and try to decipher its madness. Then, witness the frustration as they argue about TV comedies of the past, including "Friends", "The Office", "Seinfeld" and more! And finally, these gentlemen attempt to reason with the...


Act 3: Batman Casting and Detective Pikachu

We've gotta catch 'em all! This week Steven and Chandler talk all things Detective Pikachu. Not only is the movie any good, they also ponder the moral implications of Pokemon training and battling. And the next actor to play Batman is......Robert Pattinson (Battinson)? Steven feels one way about this and Chandler feels another. Listen to hear them debate whether or not this is good news.


Act 3: Spider-Man, IT: Chapter 2, and Disney's Future

We've got a boatload of news this week! Disney just announced release dates for future Marvel, Avatar, and Star Wars films. Plus casting news and trailer reactions. Also Steven and Chandler argue over the merits of the Dragon Ball franchise. Is it good or bad? Listen and see who lands which side of this contentious issue! Act One: News -02:15 - "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Trailer -08:40 - "IT: Chapter Two" Trailer -12:30 - Chadwick Boseman cast as African Samurai in "Yasuke" -19:40 -...


Act 3: The Battle of Winterfell and Sonic the Hedgehog

There's a trailer out for the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and it's bad. How bad is it? Steven and Chandler will let you know! They'll also delve deep into The Long Night and tell you just what they thought about the battle of Winterfell. But it's not all hot takes and controversial opinions, there's also talk of Quentin Tarantino and some off-brand soft drink taste testing in this episode of Act 3! Act 1 - News -01:00 - John Singleton and Peter Mayhew -04:45 - Sonic The Hedgehog...


Act 3: Avengers: Endgame

We're in the endgame now, and Steven and Chandler are joined by WTKR News 3 Anchor Blaine Stewart to discuss the biggest Marvel blockbuster yet. Steven and Chandler are big fans, but Blaine has only seen one other movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What did they think? Did the film live up to expectations, or was it a let down? Could Blaine keep track of which characters were which, and what's Blaine's problem with Rocket Raccoon? All this and more this episode of Act 3!


Act 3: Game of Thrones Premiere and Summer Movies

Summer movie season is fast approaching, with the release of Avengers: Endgame signaling that we are in blockbuster season. Steven and Chandler rundown their most anticipated movies for summer 2019 so you know what to be on the look out for. Plus we've got news! Moviepass struggles and Will Smith reacts to all the backlash surrounding the Genie footage. And if that's not enough, the guys have their (spoiler-free) reactions to the Game of Thrones premiere! Act 1: News --01:00 - Star Wars...


Act 3: Disney+ and the Star Wars trailer

This week Steven and Chandler are fresh off being huddled around a monitor to watch the unveiling of the trailer for Star Wars Episode IX. They'll break it down and give you all their expert analysis. Also the latest news about the details for Disney's streaming service and casting news! Time Codes Act One: News --03:15 - Disney Plus --11:00 - Kate McKinnon cast as Elizabeth Holmes --17:45 - Suicide Squad Casting News 22:30 - Act Two: What We're Watching --22:45 - Long Tangent About...


Act 3: The Latest from CinemaCon and The Twilight Zone

This week Steven and Chandler break down the news from this year's CinemaCon, and the latest from both Marvel and DC. And if all that news isn't enough, they discuss the newest offering from CBS All Access, The Twilight Zone reboot. 00:04:00 - Marvel Memo: Avengers Presale Records and Black Widow Casting 00:10:15 - Joker Teaser Trailer Talk 00:17:00 - WILL CALL: 2 Will Smith films exhibited at CinemaCon 00:23:45 - Netflix vs. The Academy, continued 00:27:50 - ACT TWO: What We're...


Act 3: Avenger's Runtime Revealed and Jordan Peele's Us

We've got leaks galore! The runtime for Avengers: Endgame has leaked, and Chandler demonstrates his impressive Star Wars knowledge by breaking down a leaked movie poster for Episode IX. Plus thoughts and reactions to the the new release from writer/director Jordan Peele, Us. Timecodes: 00:02:45 - Marvel Memo 00:12:00 - Star Wars Leaked Poster Breakdown 00:23:50 - Will Call 00:29:50 - Act Two: What We're Watching 00:39:30 - Act Three: Jordan Peele's "Us"


Act 3: Forrest Gump Sequel and Will Smith Controversy, Featuring Jessica Larche

In this super-sized episode, Steven and Chandler talk about some crazy news from the week, including the unbelievable Forrest Gump sequel that almost happened 20 years ago. Plus, News 3 Anchor Jessica Larche stops by to talk about some controversy surrounding Will Smith this week. Then the guys get into an in-depth breakdown and review of Netflix's "Love, Death and Robots". Show Notes: 8:52 - Forrest Gump Sequel Talk 17:40 - "Will Call" Featuring Jessica Larche 36:20 - Act Two: What...


Act 3: Triple Frontier

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies! In this episode of Act 3 they discuss the Netflix release of Triple Frontier. Plus the latest trailers that are burning up the internet, some breaking news from Disney, and Steven and Chandler struggle to remember some of Ben Affleck’s recent projects.


Act 3: Captain Marvel

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies! In this episode of Act 3 they discuss and review Captain Marvel! Plus the latest news about Disney's forthcoming streaming service, Netflix hits back at Steven Spielberg and casting news for the Suicide Squad sequel. Also, stay tuned at the end of the episode for a little bonus content, in the style of one of Marvel's "post credit" scenes.


Act 3: Personal Top 3

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies! In this episode of Act 3 they discuss their personal top 3 favorite films. But wait, there's a twist! They'll be selecting one film from each of the last 3 decades: the 90's, 2000's and 2010's. Will any of their picks be the same, or all completely different?? Listen and find out!