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Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*

Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*
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Act 3 is a podcast about film and television. Steven and Chandler discuss the latest movie news and what they've been watching. Sometimes they agree, but a lot of times they don't! *cue laughter*






Act 3: Terminator: Dark Fate, The King and The Little Mermaid Live!

It's been pretty rough for the Terminator franchise ever since 1991. After several lackluster sequels and a failed reboot, James Cameron and Linda Hamilton are back for "Terminator: Dark Fate." Is this movie a worthy successor to "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgement Day?" We're talking about that and and all things Terminator in this episode. There's also a ton of news this week and we're running down all the big headlines. Plus, we'll discuss the Eddie Murphy movie "Dolemite Is My...


Act 3: The Current War, Benioff and Weiss and GoT Prequels

This week we're talking about the historical drama, "The Current War," and it's long, and winding road to theatrical release. We're also discussing the week's big stories including Game of Throne's show runners Benioff and Weiss parting way with Lucasfilm, and one Game of Thrones spinoff getting canceled while another gets the green light all in the same day! There's also some very good Matthew McConaughey impressions. Click play and check it out! Time Codes Act One: News -01:05 - Benioff...


Act 3: The Laundromat and Watchmen

We've got two new releases to talk about this week. We're discussing the new financial crime drama from Steven Soderbergh "The Laundromat." It certainly has a great director and talented cast but does all that added up to a compelling film? We're also talking about the debut episode of HBO's "Watchmen" and we get pretty in depth on our love of the source material. All this plus the entertainment news in this episode of Act 3! Time Codes Act One: News -00:01:30 - "The Rise of Skywalker"...


Act 3: El Camino and Gemini Man

We have a huge episode this week, Here to talk about Gemini Man is Jessica Larche, And if that isn't enough for you, we're also welcoming WTKR meteorologist April Loveland to talk about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie We've also got some casting updates for "The Batman" and "The Matrix 4" and the return of food taste tests in this jam packed episode! Time Codes Act One: News -00:01:05 - "The Batman" Casting Update -00:04:05 - Neil Patrick Harris Cast In "Matrix 4" Act Two: What We're...


Act 3: Joker and Scorcese v Marvel

This week we're talking about a little film that no one in the world is talking about called "Joker." We're also talking about some big casting news this week, including heading under the sea to talk about the Little Mermaid remake. Steven also gives a history lesson regarding Peter Jackson and Chandler shares his tales of directing celebrity interviews. All this and more in this episode of Act 3! Time Codes: Act One: News -04:15 - Martin Scorcese Says Marvel Films Are "Not...


Act 3: Tom Holland, One Takes, and Ad Astra

It's the Act 3 podcast, back again with your latest news, and reviews and trends in film, television and pop-culture. In this week's show we're taking about Tom Holland and his instrumental role in getting Disney and Sony to the bargaining table on the Spider-Man deal. And if you like immersive cinematography, there's some interesting news about the upcoming World War 1 epic, 1917 from director Sam Mendes. Plus we're talking about the Brad Pitt space exploration/dad issues film Ad Astra. If...


Act 3: Spider-Man Returns to the MCU and Downton Abbey

Big news this week on the Act 3 podcast! Marvel and Sony have worked out a deal that will keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe....for now. We're also talking about all the other big stories this week including recapping the Emmys, and Kevin Feige's new project. After that pour yourself a cup of tea and relax because we're talking about Downton Abbey. Steven has seen every episode of the show while Chandler has seen none of them, which results in two very different takes on the...


Act 3: Hustlers and Battle at Big Rock

On this week's episode of Act 3, we're talking about "Hustlers" and how surprised we were by it. We're also discussing the Jurassic World short film "Battle at Big Rock" and Chandler and I are comparing our thoughts on the Jurassic Park franchise. In the news this week NBC has released the details about their new streaming platform and the name they've landed on is, in our opinion, bad. And we've got the usual antics and out-takes, all you have to do is click the play button! Time...


Act 3: IT Chapter 2 and Don's Plum

This week on Act 3 we're talking about IT: Chapter 2! How does this sequel compare to chapter 1 and does the A-list cast deliver? We're also talking about the movie Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't want you to see, Don's Plum! This is an unsettling film with a storied history that might change the way you think about some of your favorite actors. We've also got news about what's next for JJ Abrams and future Game of Thrones projects, all in this jam-packed episode! Time Codes: Act One:...


Act 3: Bad Boys for Life, Jojo Rabbit and Fall Movie Preview

This week on Act 3 we've got a lot of trailer talk! We're discussing three new trailers that came out last week covering all the bases from Netflix releases to blockbuster action-comedies. We'll dive into the ongoing debate about the latest Dave Chappelle comedy special, and we're previewing the fall release calendar so you know which movies to be on the look out for. And if that's not enough for you, we also talk about the puppets in the new Dark Crystal series on Netflix. Do us a favor...


Act 3: The Irishman Runtime, Joker Trailer, and Summer Movie Wrap-up

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, it can only mean one thing. Summer is over! We've seen a lot of movies this summer and we're breaking down the good and the bad, along with trends about what's hitting at the box office and what isn't. We've also got some big news stories this week. There's a new trailer for "Joker" that is looking pretty good and we're learning about how crazy-long the Martin Scorsese crime epic "The Irishman" might be. We also get pretty deep...


Act 3: The Future of Spider-Man and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This has been one of the biggest weeks ever when it comes to news! We're covering the latest in the breakup between Disney and Sony and what it means for the future of Spider-Man. And we heard rumors earlier in the year and now it's official, we're getting a fourth Matrix film. Plus we have all the announcements from Disney's D23 expo. Plus,this week we're talking about the teen horror film, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which is way scarier than you might expect. Act One:...


Act 3: Hobbs & Shaw, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and The Little Mermaid

Chandler is back from vacation and is here to regale us all with tales from Disney World. But we can't let him tell vacation stories for too long, there's a bunch of news this week! We've got the latest developments on Ewan Mcgregor returning to the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and which famous musician turned down a lead role in The Little Mermaid. Plus we're talking about Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. One of us absolutely hated it and the other thought it was pretty fun. Click the play...


Act 3: More Little Mermaid, Disney + Hulu, and The Red Sea Diving Resort

Forrest Deal returns this week to fill in for a vacationing Chandler. Steven and Forrest are taking about the Netflix film The Red Sea Diving Resort. This is Chris Evans first post Avengers project and we'll let you know if this is worth your time. We've also got news about even more renditions of The Little Mermaid, Disney + and Hulu are bundling their services and it seems pretty appealing. Plus, Forrest is fresh off the Hampton Roads 24 hour film festival and is sharing stories about his...


Act 3: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and a director for Venom 2

We're joined by a special guest this week. Treezy from the Kinda Movie Critics podcast is here to discuss the new film by Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. All of us have very different feelings about this film, each liking and disliking different things. We've also got some news on a possible director for the sequel to Venom and we're comparing the digital effects work in two trailers that were released last week. Stick around till the end and you can hear Colin Farrell talk...


Act 3: The Lion King and News from Comic-Con

We've got a ton of news this week! At San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Studios unveiled their plans for the movies and streaming series that we'll see in Phase 4. We'll run down the release schedule and all the announcements. Chandler has reactions to season 2 of HBO's Big Little Lies, and we'll discuss the controversy surrounding series director Andrea Arnold. Plus Disney's remake of The Lion King is in theaters and Steven and Chandler have their take on how this new version stacks up to the...


Act 3: Emmy Nominations, CATS trailer, and The Twilight Zone

The Emmy nominations have come out and we're discussing which nominations were surprising and who got snubbed. Plus reaction to the CATS trailer that has everyone else on the internet very freaked out and questioning what exactly studios mean by "live-action." And we've watched the rest of the epsisodes of Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone we'll break them down for you in this episode of Act 3. Time Codes: Act One: News -00:02:50 - 2019 Emmy Nominations Announced -00:17:00 - "The King's...


Act 3: Stranger Things 3, HBO Max and Disney's Mulan

After a brief preview last week, this week we are all in on Stranger Things 3. Comedian, and Stranger Things enthusiast, Forrest Deal is back to discuss and break down the latest season. We've also got some big news this week! Friends is leaving Netflix, but which streaming service it's going to might not be what you'd expect. And reaction to the teaser trailer for Disney's live-action Mulan. All this and more in this episode of Act 3! Time Codes: Act One: News -00:08:50 - "Friends" To...


Act 3: Amazing Spider-Man Spectacular

Marvel Studios' follow up to Avengers: Endgame is here and Steven and Chandler are diving your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's latest adventure. Steven and Chandler's love for Spidey is well documented, so joining them this week with his own take is comedian, Forrest Deal. They've got the scoop on Far From Home, plus a look back at Spider-Man's history on the big screen. And if that isn't enough, there's the latest casting news on The Little Mermaid, and early impressions on season 3 of...


Act 3: Toy Story 4, Black Mirror, and Stuber

Disney Pixar is back with the fourth entry in the Toy Story franchise. Did Toy Story need a fourth film, and what do Steven and Chandler think of it? We've also got some casting news and reactions to the trailer for the Elizabeth Banks written and directed Charlie's Angels. And if that's not enough we'll talk about the 5th season of Black Mirror and the upcoming comedy-action film Stuber, Plus, talk about why Steven and Chandler find George Lucas so fascinating. All this an more in this...