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Below Deck's own Kate Chastain recaps new episodes of the hit Bravo show. Along with a new guest in each episode, Kate breaks down the latest hookups and blowups from Below Deck, discusses yachtie culture and serves up the juiciest gossip from the high seas. Tweet us your questions @AfterDeckTweets with #BravoAfterDeck.


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Below Deck's own Kate Chastain recaps new episodes of the hit Bravo show. Along with a new guest in each episode, Kate breaks down the latest hookups and blowups from Below Deck, discusses yachtie culture and serves up the juiciest gossip from the high seas. Tweet us your questions @AfterDeckTweets with #BravoAfterDeck.




Keeping up with the Mediterranean (with Bravo's The Daily Dish Podcast)



Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen: Below Deck Season 5 Reunion

Sometimes 12 episodes isn't enough, so we're sharing the Below Deck Season 5 Reunion from Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on After Deck, too. Listen to all the drama that unfolded and hear some of Kate Chastain's (@Kate_Chastain) behind the scenes insights from filming the reunion. Check out other episodes and behind the scenes commentary from Andy Cohen on the podcast edition of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen available now! Get the latest updates on Below Deck:...


Last Day of School with Captain Lee | S5E15 Reunion

On the final episode of After Deck’s first season, Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) is finding pens in her hair and soda in her Baileys. Before Kate can take a vacation (perhaps to visit Hot Jesus?), she’s closing out the season with the Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee Rosbach (@capthlr). These old friends are recapping the Below Deck Season 5 reunion. Captain Lee has a lot to say about Kyle and Nico. He also tells Kate the best advice he’s ever given and the hardest life lesson he’s ever had to...


A Grilled Cheese Is Always the Right Answer with Chef Matt Burns, Emerson Collins and Blake McIver|S5E14 “The Champagne Campaign”

Kate brought in the professional television watchers for this episode. Emerson Collins and Blake McIver of the Bravo show, The People’s Couch, talk about the point of view of charter guests and the psychic readings their primary charter guest gave the rest of the crew of Valor during Season 4 of Below Deck. They also have some fun playing “Would You Rather” and “Marry, Shag, Kill.” Later in this episode, Kate is joined by Chef Matt Burns. Matt reveals the one person who won’t let him do more...


If You’re Going to Poke a Bear with Jennifer Howell | S5E13 “The One Where Jen Goes Loses Her Mind”

Don’t worry, no one is calling anyone a “whore” this episode of After Deck, but Jen Howell does stop by give Kate her interpretation of some of the most memorable moments of Season 5 of Below Deck, including what set her off on the latest crew night out. Kate and Jen have some fun and play “Never Have I Ever: Workplace Edition” and Kate finds out what body parts Jen has Xeroxed on the office copier. They also discuss dating and give a whole new meaning to “recycling.” Tweet your questions...


A Tale of Two Chief Stews with Hannah Ferrier | S5E12 “55 and Lovin’ It”

If you have an account on a dating app, don’t be surprised if you run into a few familiar Below Deck faces on there. On this episode of After Deck, Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) welcomes Below Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier (@hannahferrier_) to the podcast. Hannah tells Kate about her mastery of online dating and reveals she is all caught up on Season 5 of Below Deck and she has a lot of thoughts about the crew. Kate also receives a surprise call from everyone’s favorite sea stud, Captain Lee...


It's KC^2 with Kristin Chenoweth | S5E11 “Only Doing It for the Money”

The incomparable Kristin Chenoweth (@KChenoweth) joins Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) for a very special episode of After Deck. Kristin tells Kate why you may not see her on a boat any time soon, but reveals that she and Kate have a lot in common besides their initials. KC^2 talk about Kristin’s Below Deck fandom, what she’d put on her preference sheet, Kate’s professionalism, their dogs and Kristin gives her picks for the Yachtie and Dinghy of the Season so far. Tweet your questions to...


Can’t Get Loose Without that Juice with Baker Manning | S5E10 “King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya”

Maybe Baker Manning (@bakermanning87) is born with it, maybe it’s the light up sneakers. Whatever it is, though, Baker brings her special magic to this episode of After Deck. Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) and Baker recap beach parties and missing apologies from Episode 10 in Season 5 of Below Deck. And Kate asks the repeat Yachtie of the Week winner about driving around the country in her RV, celebrity sightings and whether or not Kate was a good bunkmate. Tweet your questions to...


Canadian Rage with EJ Jansen | S5E9 “Hot Mess Express”

EJ Jansen (@EJbelowdeck) is one half of a classic “Will They/Won’t They?” this season with Baker Manning. Luckily, Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) is here to find out what his true intentions are. They’re also breaking down the rules of on-boat relationships and the events from the latest episode of Below Deck. EJ tells Kate his favorite swear word, Kate gives an update on her Manther (the male-version of a cougar), and both reveal how they keep their cool when they’re served up a hot plate...


The Three F’s of Flower Arrangements with Connie Arias | S5E8 “Under Cover Boss”

It’s been a minute since we last saw Connie Arias (@Conconarias) and her whipped cream bikini on Below Deck, but it turns out the deckhand from Season 3 never went far. She stopped by After Deck to catch Kate up on her yachting adventures including her recent move off the deck. Kate gives her and the listeners few tips on being a stew and get’s Connie's take on this season’s green crew. After all, she’s probably Below Deck’s most loyal viewer. Tweet your questions to @AfterDeckTweets and...


It’s Just a Boat Fling with Brianna Adekeye and Chef Ben Robinson | S5E7 “Blindsided”

Brianna, Brianna, Brianna! The free-spirited stewardess, Brianna Adekeye (@Bri_belowdeck) is in the studio! Well, she’s in our makeshift studio in a hotel room in Los Angeles, at least. Brianna and Kate talk about episode 7 of Below Deck together over a glass of whiskey. Kate asks Bri about her relationship with Nico and Brianna reveals whether she’s Team Nico or Team EJ. Kate also gets a surprise Skype call from Below Deck favorite, Chef Ben Robinson (@BenRobinsonChef), and finds out what...


The ‘Other’ Chris Brown with Chris Brown | S5E6 “100 Feet From Catastrophe”

This week on Below Deck was not an easy charter for Chris Brown (@ImChrisBrown7) as he was asked to disembark from his post on Valor. So who better to recap episode 6 with Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) than everyone’s favorite napping deckhand? Chris and Kate talk about being the wild card in a religious family, the crew’s close call with the Maltese Falcon, Chris’ plans for the future and whether or not he sees a continued career in yachting. Tweet your questions to @AfterDeckTweets and...


The First Rule of Being a Badass… with Nico Scholly | S5E5 "Cool Beans"

There are some major changes happening on Valor. Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) and her guest Nico Scholly (@NicoScholly93) recap episode 5 of Below Deck’s fifth season. Nico takes us step-by-step through the anchor fiasco. We also get a chance to learn more about Nico as Kate asks about his first impression of Valor’s new bosun and the worst date he’s ever experienced. Spoiler: Nico met her on MySpace. Tweet your questions to @AfterDeckTweets and vote for your choice for Yachtie and Dinghy...


It’s Not Easy Being Green With Captain Lee | S5E4 "Kate Goes to Church"

Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) welcomes her first guest to the podcast. It’s the Stud of the Sea himself, Captain Lee Rosbach (@capthlr). The two discuss Valor’s docking mishaps, Kate’s “religious experiences” and the misguided attitudes of some of Below Deck’s newest and greenest crew members this season. Captain Lee also reveals who he wants on the boat next charter season. Tweet your questions to @AfterDeckTweets and vote for your choice for Yachtie and Dinghy of the Week. Get the...


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