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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!

Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!
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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!






S08.E26: All That Glitters

Somehow, a real journalist (named Peter Raitt) has become aware of Brandon's work in the Beverly Beat, and somehow, it's convinced him to partner with Brandon on a story about a proposed football stadium. Brandon is so busy sucking up, he doesn't notice that Kelly is in the midst of a crisis regarding Chris, an intellectually disabled man who works the night shift at the clinic but may have to give up his job now that his mother's work schedule has changed and she can no longer drive him....


S08.E25: Aunt Bea's Pickles

We all know that Brandon considers his job at the Beverly Beat a waste of his prodigious talents -- so much so that even after publicly reaffirming his commitment to it in the last episode, he's already prepared to edit the Beat on the side while joining the Los Angeles Chronicle as a reporter on the Metro desk. Somehow, despite being a journalist ostensibly focused on local news, it has entirely escaped his notice that the Chronicle's reporters are striking, and that Brandon is only being...


S08.E24: The Nature Of Nurture

So Kelly was all about getting that confused teen mother, Leanne, to take back the baby she abandoned at the clinic. But when that teen mother, Leanne, let Kelly know that, actually, leaving the baby was the right call, Kelly decided that, actually, Kelly should foster the baby...which is why, when Pam tells her that, actually, her agency has found a pair of qualified foster parents to take the baby, suddenly Kelly is a homophobe who doesn't think a baby should be raised in a household...


S08.E23: Making Amends

Brandon already took a giant dump all over journalistic ethics the last time the Beverly Beatchronicled David's music career, but that was when it was on the rise: perhaps Brandon's now trying to balance the scales by exploring the fallout from David's decision to pursue Jasper's Law's record deal know, Jasper. It seems as though Jasper knows what's behind The Rise And Rise Of David Silver, though, so Brandon must pursue the allegation that David's stupid song got so much radio...


S08.E22: Law & Disorder

In show time, Noah raped Valerie less than a week ago, so of course, now they're in court as Val pursues her civil case against him. Val's lawyer is confident that the facts make Noah a poor defendant -- the poor little rich boy who got drunk and had sex with a woman who wasn't his girlfriend (anymore) -- but Noah's lawyer knows some things about Val, like that she faked a pregnancy before Noah even knew her, and got arrested for bookmaking in the extremely recent past. Reputations are...


S08.E21: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

When Val makes a charge of rape against Noah, how do her friends react? Well, inasmuch as they are generally terrible friends to her, they're pretty much all awful. Kelly is sure Val's only in it for the payday. Steve ties the incident back to her fake-pregnancy extortion scheme. Brandon's not sure what to think, but believing a woman isn't exactly his default position. Donna actually manages to give Valerie the benefit of the doubt, though it's hard to know whether that's because every...


S08.E20: Cupid's Arrow

It's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means: romance-related STUFF! Everyone wants to throw their single friends at Steve and Brandon! In fact, Steve ends up with too many bebs! Brandon's not interested, though, because he's still hung up on Kelly, despite the fact that things are progressing between her and Dr. Jeff -- progressing right into a hotel room! But will Kelly be interested in spending the night in it with him after he informs her that he's received a job offer in San...


S08.E19: Crimes & Misdemeanors

As if there weren't already enough reasons to be appalled by both the American health care system and the American carceral state: "Crimes And Misdemeanors" introduces us to Andrew, a recently released convict (as a teenager, he killed his mother's abusive boyfriend, only for her to testify against him) who can only be treated at the Clinic Clinic and thus has no choice but to have Kelly Taylor inviting herself into his personal affairs. Specifically: when Dr. Jeff tells her Andrew's back...


S08.E18: Rebound

The premise of our latest A-plot seems to be that Kelly, Brandon, and Steve are having trouble getting through their current romantic woes because they just can't get any perspective on them. Never-before-seen characters to the rescue! At the clinic, Jeff -- and, for some reason, Kelly -- treat Ellen, a teenager who's gotten chlamydia whilst cheating on her boyfriend. Hearing Jeff lecture Ellen about how important trust is in the course of telling her why she needs to tell her boyfriend...


The Again With This Minis Archive

The spirit of the Minis will live on in the main episodes but, alas, will no longer be released as individual episodes. Here are the last two Minis followed by an archive of all past Mini episodes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


S08,E17: The Elephant's Father

Kelly having FINALLY been forced to confront the extremely obvious truth about Brandon and Emma's "affair" and dumped him hard, the parting of Mr. and Mrs. The Gang has ripple effects on their friends (and poor Janet, who probably thought she'd accepted a job at a professional workplace where people keep their personal shit at home instead of screaming at photocopiers). Val, improbably assigned to atone for her bookmaking by doing community service at the Clinic Clinic, immediately starts...


🌴 S08.E16: Illegal Tender

After Emma lets it be known that she has tape-recorded evidence implicating Brandon in...her pants, Brandon finds himself in a quandary about how to proceed. Will he follow his own counsel and confess everything to Kelly in a sincere and searching WordPerfect doc? Will he heed Steve's advice not to say anything? Will he fail to correct Kelly's misapprehension of a phone call she overhears between Steve and Emma that convinces her the philanderer is actually Steve? If your answer to all of...


🌴 S08.E15: Ready Or Not

After the Christmas party massacre, Kelly continues dealing with Dr. Monahan's retaliation against her -- which is lucky for Brandon, because now that he's finally had sex with Emma, she's decided it's her turn to get up his ass, constantly dropping obvious references to their illicit coitus which Brandon makes all the more obvious by tensing up about them. How far is Emma willing to go to get Brandon away from Kelly? Further than anyone else who's ever boned him could possibly imagine....


🌴 S08.E14: Santa Knows

Marvel at the fidelity of Brandon Walsh: it's taken him two and a half episodes of flirting with Emma to lower his defenses...and pants: yes, Emma finally succeeds in seducing Brandon -- although, really, is "succeed" the right word here? Brandon is consumed with guilt, but Kelly still has no idea, perhaps because Kelly's still dealing with Dr. Monahan and his roving Monahands. With Kelly's time at the Clinic Clinic winding down and her attempt to address Dr. Monahan directly regarding his...


🌴 S08.E13: Comic Relief

Kelly has so much going on, you guys! She's still 50% of the workforce at the Clinic Clinic, still fending off advances and innuendoes from Dr. Creep -- and now, on top of all that, she's also coming out of retirement to model for Donna! She's just so busy that she doesn't notice how much Brandon and Emma are flirting with each other, and how little they're bothering to hide it! Oh well. One of Val's new initiatives for the club turns out to be a comedy night, and apparently the venue has...


🌴 S08.E12: Friends in Deed

David having stomped out of the club in a fit of pique and left Noah to deal with it, Noah gives himself a one-night trial run and decides that he sucks and hates it and that despite his differences with Val, he should take her up on her offer to return as manager. This complicates things for him and Donna, since Donna's not trying to get into another relationship with someone Val will be constantly needling her about -- though she's also sick of David's trifling ass freeloading all over...


🌴 S08.E11: Deadline

David's mood dramatically improves as soon as he decides that his mysterious loan shark angel must be Donna...and predictably darkens when Val returns from her low-cut sweater-clad recon mission to tell David that the person he actually owes his fingers to is Noah. Then he tosses one of his hobo rags onto a space heater in his office and starts a fire, so things are bound to get better from there. Somewhere in the midst of his ongoing crisis, he finds time to try to drive a wedge between...


🌴 S08.E10: Child of the Night

Donna having kicked his ass out of the beach apartment over his cheque fraud, David decides he might as well also confess his financial idiocy to his father. Or, rather, to confess most of it: while Mel swiftly recommends filing bankruptcy for the sake of David's creditors and even gives David the money to replace what he stole from Donna, there's no line item in Mel's plan for paying back David's loan shark. And yet David is extremely blasΓ© about keeping all his fingers intact, finding...


🌴 S08.E09: Friends, Lovers & Children

The show that not only can't get back the opening-credits cast members for very occasional cameos but can barely even remember the characters they played ever existed is, in its eighth season, reallyimposing on the viewer's patience by bringing back Dylan............'s sister Eric for the first time since Season 5. And she's gone through some changes! Like, she's changed into a completely different actor! Also she's a streetwalker now. (Did Noley "Original Erica" Thornton quit the biz? Did...


🌴 S08.E08: Toil and Trouble

You know how David's been having money issues all season? Well, it turns out solutions like closing down the club for a week and trying to make a racist band happen haven't actually helped, and now shit's really dire: he's at immediate risk of eviction, which somehow doesn't induce a bank to give him the loan he's applied for! Noticing the corner he's painted himself into, David gets really desperate, and makes a decision that's really dumb. He also skips a big fundraising ball Kelly's...