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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!

Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!
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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!






S09.E09: The Following Options

Kelly spent all of "I'm Back Because" -- well, all except when she was making eyes at Dylan -- getting between her mother and her grandfather, to make sure her grandfather's legally documented wisheswith regard to the end of his life were being followed. So naturally, in this episode, all Jackie has to do is call and ask Kelly to put her failing grandfather on a ventilator for Kelly to utterly disregard her legal responsibility. It seems to be mostly so that she has something to do this week...


S09.E08: I'm Back Because

Since Gina doesn't have a job -- or an agent, even, despite what she's told Donna -- she's got nothing but time to devote to the new project she's pursuing post-Cabaret On Ice: Donna And Noah On The Rocks. When she's alone with Donna, she diligently shit-talks Noah (not that hard, given his many failings) to try to change Donna's mind about making their relationship work. And when she's alone with Noah, she suggests reasons it's not worth his trying to get back into Donna's good graces, what...


S09.E07: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

With Noah continuing his downward spiral of regret and self-recrimination following his father's suicide, it turns out not to have been a great idea for him to buy a bar: he's drinking a lot, and driving drunk, and maybe hitting someone? Donna's distracted from her usual fussing by the arrival of her cousin Gina -- former Olympic figure skater, current Ice Capade star, and [touches earpiece] I'm being told she impulsively quits the Capades in the cold open and sets to her task of running...


S09.E06: Confession

It's time for Leah to have her day in court, and a custody settlement allowing Lenny basically unfettered access to their baby -- and, therefore, to Leah herself -- is obviously not the result she had hoped for. Enter Kelly, who's ready and willing to help Leah get out of the county on an assumed identity. Unfortunately for Leah, Kelly has no idea how to do any of that. On top of that, Noah's ongoing grief-induced self-destruction has Donna looking for comfort elsewhere, and since Matt is...


S09.E05: Brandon Leaves

Sophie's multifarious strategy to take over the entertainment industry leads her to consider working in adult films, despite all the great advice David's giving her about being patient and waiting her turn and paying her dues -- you know, like he did, which is why he's currently having such a successful career scoring movies LOL. Noah continues grieving his father in extremely drunken ways, and continues rebuffing all Donna's efforts to get him to talk to her about it, instead opening up to...


S09.E04: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

We kind of respected Sophie for having some skill as a con artist, but she really loses a lot of her prestige with her latest scheme: getting Steve to let her write for the Beat. Over Janet's objections (which: that'll teach her not to require that Brandon designate her editor when he's out of town/on his way out the show's door), Steve not only gives Sophie a column in which she can apparently write whatever she wants; he also thinks said column should be adorned by her head shot, and that...


S09.E03: Dealer's Choice

Noah's father having killed himself, a significant portion of the episode is focused on Noah's grief. This is bad news for Vincent Young, who can't act, and worse news for us, who have to watch him as he gets morbidly obsessed with his late father's weapon, drinks to excess, and pushes away the help of the only person who cares about him. (The only person who cares about him -- Donna -- at least gets to break up her worrying with some work drama from an assistant who's All About Eve-ing...


S09.E02: Budget Cuts

What's worse than surviving childhood sexual abuse from a parent who goes on to kill himself? When the primetime soap you're on is running out of ideas in its ninth season and makes you keep reliving it over and over and over again. Now, Val wants to tell Abby about the last days of Mr. Malone's life, but her attempts to get Abby alone for this rather serious conversation are immediately foiled when it turns out that Abby's brought her new boyfriend Carl to town with her -- and, it turns...


S09.E01: The Morning After

Brandon and Kelly mutually and amicably agreed to leave one another at the altar, and you know what that means. ...Oh, you do? Please tell them, because they're not sure. Kelly decides to invest a round of ex sex with meaning: she forgets all the reasons she and Brandon broke up, gets maudlin and regretful, and suggests to Brandon that they go ahead and take their honeymoon to Corsica together after all, leaving him to decide whether to go along with this to avoid confrontation -- you know,...


S08.E31 & S08.E32: The Wedding

It's the week of Brandon and Kelly's wedding, and preparations are underway: Steve is getting excited for Sarah to meet all his friends at the reception, but she might not be ready to keep seeing him because some other friend of hers is breaking up with her boyfriend and splitting up all their books and furniture seems like a big hassle, or something? Donna has somehow landed the job of wedding planner, putting her in constant contact with Jacob the caterer. He's way into her, and it's...


S08.E30: The Fundamental Things Apply

Since Kelly and Brandon have decided they really are definitely going through with their engagement and will absolutely get married, for sure, they've divided up the list of tasks required to plan their wedding. However, questions about the guest list and wedding registry are interspersed with their interactions with Alex, who meets Kelly when he brings to the clinic the woman whose baby he just delivered in his cab. Before seeking refugee status in the U.S., Alex was a doctor in Sarajevo....


S08.E29: Ricohet

It's been a while since the show gave David something he could really be stressed out, so: time for him to get robbed at (possible) gunpoint while taking money out at an ATM. Noah's got the perfect solution: he should get a gun, like Noah did: he's got one behind the bar and one on his stupid boat! David starts the process, but he has to wait eleven days to take possession of his confidence and self-worth. Meanwhile, we don't have to wait long for evidence that Noah does need protection on...


S08.E28: Skin Deep

Kelly's notions of feminism have, over the years, perplexed us in their inconsistency; "Skin Deep" compresses all her worst instincts and muddiest thinking in a single episode. Brandon has decided to write about the grand opening (heh) of Beverly Hills's first sex shop, which has already attracted protesters even before its manager has opened the doors. Among those protesters is Kelly, who is suddenly a sex-negative scold: she confronts Brandon in front of Steve and Muntz over the...


S08.E27: Reunion

It's been five years since the gang graduated from West Beverly High, and since someone at the network presumably had the sense to predict that this crew wasn't going to make it to their ten-year reunion, we're made to suffer through their stupid, pointless five-year reunion. No, that doesn't mean we get appearances from Brenda, Dylan, or DeadScott's restless ghost; only Gabrielle Carteris had nothing better to do, so Andrea returns to let us all know she's desperately unhappy and that her...


S08.E26: All That Glitters

Somehow, a real journalist (named Peter Raitt) has become aware of Brandon's work in the Beverly Beat, and somehow, it's convinced him to partner with Brandon on a story about a proposed football stadium. Brandon is so busy sucking up, he doesn't notice that Kelly is in the midst of a crisis regarding Chris, an intellectually disabled man who works the night shift at the clinic but may have to give up his job now that his mother's work schedule has changed and she can no longer drive him....


S08.E25: Aunt Bea's Pickles

We all know that Brandon considers his job at the Beverly Beat a waste of his prodigious talents -- so much so that even after publicly reaffirming his commitment to it in the last episode, he's already prepared to edit the Beat on the side while joining the Los Angeles Chronicle as a reporter on the Metro desk. Somehow, despite being a journalist ostensibly focused on local news, it has entirely escaped his notice that the Chronicle's reporters are striking, and that Brandon is only being...


S08.E24: The Nature Of Nurture

So Kelly was all about getting that confused teen mother, Leanne, to take back the baby she abandoned at the clinic. But when that teen mother, Leanne, let Kelly know that, actually, leaving the baby was the right call, Kelly decided that, actually, Kelly should foster the baby...which is why, when Pam tells her that, actually, her agency has found a pair of qualified foster parents to take the baby, suddenly Kelly is a homophobe who doesn't think a baby should be raised in a household...


S08.E23: Making Amends

Brandon already took a giant dump all over journalistic ethics the last time the Beverly Beatchronicled David's music career, but that was when it was on the rise: perhaps Brandon's now trying to balance the scales by exploring the fallout from David's decision to pursue Jasper's Law's record deal know, Jasper. It seems as though Jasper knows what's behind The Rise And Rise Of David Silver, though, so Brandon must pursue the allegation that David's stupid song got so much radio...


S08.E22: Law & Disorder

In show time, Noah raped Valerie less than a week ago, so of course, now they're in court as Val pursues her civil case against him. Val's lawyer is confident that the facts make Noah a poor defendant -- the poor little rich boy who got drunk and had sex with a woman who wasn't his girlfriend (anymore) -- but Noah's lawyer knows some things about Val, like that she faked a pregnancy before Noah even knew her, and got arrested for bookmaking in the extremely recent past. Reputations are...


S08.E21: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

When Val makes a charge of rape against Noah, how do her friends react? Well, inasmuch as they are generally terrible friends to her, they're pretty much all awful. Kelly is sure Val's only in it for the payday. Steve ties the incident back to her fake-pregnancy extortion scheme. Brandon's not sure what to think, but believing a woman isn't exactly his default position. Donna actually manages to give Valerie the benefit of the doubt, though it's hard to know whether that's because every...