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#99 Oct 15th - Weird UFO Sightings-Types of UFOs-Researcher Cheryl Costa

Cheryl Costa, 2018 UFO Congress Researcher of the Year talks about her findings of what type of UFO's are being reported. She co-authored with Linda Miller Costa: UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015 Disclosure from the government? The significance of the Summer and Winter Solstice Follow the show on:…iew_as=subscriber


#98 Oct 8th - Strange and Unusual with Robert Berry of 3.2 Prog Rock Keith Emmerson

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter Robert Berry of 3 with Keith Emmerson and Carl Palmer and now with 3.2, a newer version with the music and inspiration of Keith Emmerson. He talks about working with Keith Emmerson on his final project and how the album, "The Rules Have Changed" was made. We also talk about other fascinating topics from advanced technology that's held from us to the basics of humanity. Check out "The Rules Have Changed" from 3.2 Robert Berry's latest release with the...


#97 Oct 1st - Heart Bassist Steve Fossen-Skull Asteroid-Strange People

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bassist Steve Fossen from Heart joins the show to talk about the strange and unusual! From a unique experience playing a certain song to humanities final frontier. A Skull Asteroid is headed our way after Halloween. How convenient. What tips you off to a fake story? People are People, I guess. Follow the show on:


#96 Sept 24th - Strange Stories-Ambrosia Drummer Burleigh Drummond-Mars-Moon Man-NYUFOs

Deep conversation with original member and founder of Ambrosia, Burleigh Drummond. Before hits like "That's How Much I Feel" and "Biggest Part of Me" made the charts, they were and still are a progressive rock band getting their start in the mid 70's. We discuss the early days of their music as well as hear Burleigh tell some personal stories of some strange and unusual experiences. Story updates: The Solar Observatory was shut down. We have an explanation. I think. The man who's paying Elon...


#95 Sept 17th - Crazy Ghost Stories-Observatory Closed-Mars Colonization-Twilight Zone Monsters

Mars is getting colonized, but by who? Observatories were shut down for no explainable reason. Ghost stories and the unknown. The Twilight Zone synchronicity. Follow the show on:…iew_as=subscriber


#94 Sept 10th - Strange Global Abduction Program-Chakra Energy-Wizard of OZ Pink Floyd

Rene Watt is back to read Chakras and talk about energy. Astronaut sees something outside the space shuttle How will we communicate with aliens? There's a global takeover going on by hybrids so human-like, you'll never know. Well, that's according to one guy. The Wizard of OZ and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album appears to be in sync with one another as if it was done on purpose. Maybe It's Real? Or Maybe It's Make-Believe? Rene Watt at Songs: ELO - Strange...


#93 Aug 27th - Marta G Wiley Pt2-Carlos Castaneda--Shamanism-Amygdala & Sugar

More of my original interview with Marta G Wiley that didn't make the radio version. We discussed sugar and the relationship it has with the amygdala and the brain. She studied under Carlos Castaneda and we discuss Shamanism and Naguals. A very fascinating conversation to say the least. MARTA WILEY is an “Internationally Renowned Artist” - Painter, Singer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker, Actress, and Author. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific Artists in the 21st Century....


#88 July 2nd - Strange Abduction Story-Tracking Implant-Scars-Fertility Program

A special episode of The Mothership Radio Show with an "experiencer" who shares her story about abduction, scars and other strange and unusual things. No songs Follow the show on:…iew_as=subscriber


#87 June 25th - Are You A Hybrid-Strange Skull-Summer Solstice Witchcraft-Reptilians

Since it's the Summer Solstice, I asked our favorite witch, Renee Watt of, to join me in explaining some of the reasons why we celebrate it. Renee then tells a great story of a possible meeting with a hybrid person in Roswell, NM. A Nobel Prize winner says our DNA is out of this world A strange skull was found in Utah Are you a hybrid? Jim Carrey calls out a "shapeshifting reptilian" human Songs: Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman System of a Down - Aerials Weird Al -...


#86 June 18th - Incredible Ghost Stories - Life on Mars - Owls & UFOs - Catching Goblins

Back at the practice facilities of The Chimpz and lead singer Artimus Prime who introduces us to his friend who goes by the name, Sketch. He had some great ghost stories to share as well as talk about the culture of death from where he was from. We also talk about finding life on Mars and putting a helicopter on the red planet. Oh yeah, the government paid to $20 million to investigate UFO's. But now we found it it's also investigating the paranormal. Is there a connection between Owls and...


#85.5 June 11th - Space Shuttle UFO - A George Adamski Connection

A continuation of podcast #85 with Chelsea Scott, the front-man for the Faux Fighters, a Foo Fighters tribute bands. He talks about seeing something strange in the sky while the Space Shuttle flew overhead. Also, an unusual tale of a strange connection. Finally, I had to ask him about being in a tribute band! Follow the show on:


#85 June 4th - Intruders Witness - Followed By UFO's - Alien Asteroids - Killer Clowns

Chelsea Scott joins the show to talk about a string of UFO sightings he's encountered since he was a kid. He's also the front-man for the Faux Fighters, a Foo Fighters tribute band in Southern California. "Get in Loser" is on a shirt depicting a UFO abducting a person. Are "Alien Asteroids" on the loose in our solar system and should we be worried? Bud Hopkins wrote a book about a strange UFO abduction case called, "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at...


#84 May 28th - Crazy Ouija Board-Mars Colony-Gnomes-Little People-The Milky Way Song

Renee Watt of is back with some haunting tales about her Ouija board. Elon Musk's plan to colonize Mars and cleanup space. Gnomes and Little People lore in America and around the world. And did Ridley Scott really say that about aliens? Songs: The Yardbirds - Into the Earth Pink Floyd - The Gnome Follow the show on:


#83 May 21st - Exorcism-Bizarre Near Death Encounter Walkins-Lady Gaga Illuminati

Lead singer of The Chimpz ( Prime joins the show to talk about some stories from his childhood from Mexico, were he was born, to the house he grew up in Southern California. A story you won't soon forget. Brazil's ex-president witnesses a UFO and tells a TV crowd and their response was pretty unexpected compared to the reaction in America to one of its politicians. Did Lady Gaga sell her soul to the Illuminati? Maybe it's real? Songs: The Chimpz - Who Can I Trust...


#82 May 14th - Insane Alien Abduction-Satanic Panic-Witchcraft Pt2-Paranormal Day

Renee Watt returns to talk more about her encounter with aliens and spirituality. National Paranormal Day was May 3rd, we recap it. The Satanic Panic Pamphlet. Insane Alien Abduction story from Wes Roberts in Eastern Canada. Maybe It's Real or Maybe It's Make-Believe Songs: Cher - Dark Lady Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost Richard Straus - 2001 A Space Odyssey Follow the show on:


The Yardbirds Jim McCarty Interview

Drummer Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds talks about his early days with the band and their interest in the strange and unusual. And his own experience visiting a crop circle in England. He's on tour and has a new album and autobiography out!


#81 April 30th-Bizarre Alien Encounter-Wicca Witch-Toxic Uranus

Rene Watt of The Witch Doctorate joins the show to talk about being a witch as well as tell us a story of telepathy and an alien. We also get into an unusual encounter in the Cisco Forest of Northern California that includes aliens and other "beings" And Uranus has been identified by smell! Songs: Rush - Witch Hunt Simple Plan - My Alien Leonard Nemoy - Bilbo Baggins Follow the show on: Follow us on:


#80 April 16th-Weird Abduction Story-Pareidolia-MUFON Reporting-AI Takover

-What a weird story from UFO abductee, Betty Andreasson. Take a wild ride down this tunnel with her! -Heidi reported a UFO to MUFON's website -Elon Musks dire warning about A.I. -Spirits at home and at work -Seeing faces in things? You're not crazy...right? -Celebrity UFO Sightings with Kim Wilde Songs: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Area 52 The Strumbellas - Spirits Bauhaus - Spirit Follow us on:


#79 April 2nd - Astral Plane Abductions-Strange Coincidences-Lizard King-Jimi Hendrix's Experience

Outerbody abductions is a theory or maybe a true tale from an anonymous man about a Mantis like species that use the Astral Plane as a means to abduct people. Also, we get an update on Mad Mike Hughes, who finally launched himself high in the sky during a test in Amboy, CA. on Saturday March 24th. Strange Coincidences---Ever hear a song that just fits the scene you're at? Was Jimi Hendrix saved by aliens? Songs: Hum - Stars Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction The Doors - Ghost Song Follow...


Roger L Phillips - The Gray Zone Creator - Close Encounters Studios - Full Interview

Roger L. Phillips, the creator of The Gray Zone, an online comic strip talks about his own encounters with fans and their response to his alternative form of comedy! He runs Close Encounters Studios on Facebook and his website is: