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Episode 19: White People Spices & DC Movie Trailer Breakdowns

Hey Almost Firsters! Strap in, because Wade Savage and Chazz Kibler bring you continued coverage of what went down at San Diego Comic Con 2018. 6:06 - Hot Fuzz 2 Possible Reboot 15:28 - Alf Reboot 21:06 - James Gunn sit down with Disney 30:53 - African Disney Princess 45:59 - Anna Diop from Titans receives racist feedback 1:03:00 Terminator 6 Plot details 1:08:56 - Aquaman Trailer Breakdown 1:26:35 - Shazam Trailer Breakdown 1:50:04 - Drake Keke Challenge 1:59:51 - Black Colonel Sanders...


Episode 18: Social Media Will Get You Fired

Hey Almost Firsters! In this month's episode Q. Carter, Jervey Staley, and Chazz Kibler breakdown the questionable tweets of Guardians of Galaxy's director James Gunn. And we're also breaking down the Titans trailer that DC Comics unveiled at SDCC '18. Plus a whole lot more time coded below. Episode TL 2:58 - James Gunn Tweets 12:00 - Worse live-action adaption? Dragon Ball or Avatar? 13:18 - Teaser Trailer for Iron Fist 20:20 - Titans Trailer 29:56 - Favorite 90's Kid shows 41:15 - Which...


Racist Tweets And Deadpool 2

Hey Almost Firsters! In this episode, Chazz and Wade share their thoughts on the tweet read around the world by comedian Roseanne Barr. Also, the dynamic duo reviews the family friendly rated R action-comedy Deadpool 2. Episode Timeline 4:07 - Top female heroines 11:46 - Stolen Iron Man suit 15:31 - Best & Worst Series Finales 27:52 - Marvel villains that should be introduced in the MCU 47:57 - Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio 54:09 - Jamie Foxx as Spawn 1:05:58 - Morgan Freeman sexual...


Episode 16: Infinity War SPOILER Review

Hey Almost Firsters! In this episode we share our thoughts on the costume designs of the upcoming live-action Teen Titans series. We also talk about Wonder Woman 2 being set in the 80's and how awesome that decade was. There's plenty to be discussed, but make sure you stick around to hear our review on Avengers: Infinity War. Time codes for the show 2:49 - Teen Titans Costumes 10:48 - Wonder Woman2 set in the 80's 20:58 - Fast & Furious Netflix animated series 26:06 - What If 90's Avengers...


Episode 15: Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

Hey Almost Firsters! On this episode, I am joined by Wade Groot to talk shop on a variety of mostly Marvel topics. Here's the rundown. Timeline Venomless Venom Movie? (6:02) Cloak & Dagger Trailer Reactions (15:58) Jessica Jones Season 2 Review (18:29) The Strongest Infinity Stone (27:58) Who Should Replace Chris Evans as Captain America (31:36) Scooby-Doo Supernatural Team-Up (38:59) Aqua Man Movie Talk (43:06) Matrix Reboot (46:07) Villains that should make a return in the MCU(50:14)...


Episode 10: A Transgendered Superhero In The MCU?!

Hey Almost Firsters - That's what I'm calling you now so deal with it! In this episode I'm joined by two guest from two different walks of life. Grewtiam (Creel) from Home of some of the most testosterone filled stuff you can think of. And up and coming Mission Success rapper Lor Richy. 5:22 - We talk shop covering the latest sexual misconduct scandal involving Entourage star Jeremy Piven. 9:18 -Actors Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier played Peter Parker's best friend Ned and...


Episode 5: Lasso of Truth Review of Wonder Woman

In this lengthiest podcast to date we give our take on the Wonder Woman film, along with our thoughts on Flash season 3 and the rest of the arrowverse, the Black Panther/Lightning Trailer and a whole bunch of other stuff that probably should have been edited out. Anyways, enjoy. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC USED IN THIS PODCAST. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE FOLLOWING COMPOSERS. Wonder Woman Theme - Rupert Gregson-Williams Sailor Moon Theme - Takanori Arisawa The Mummy Returns Theme -Alan...


Episode 4: Galaxies are Being Guarded by Guardians Again

In this mild stone 4th episode (sarcasm) I bring in some new blood to help me discuss Marvel's box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Also we discuss Netflix's The Defenders trailer, the Wonder Woman trailer and much more. So stop reading this and press play already!


Episode 3: Anime & Chill

In this episode of Almost First we're discussing the new Kingsman trailer, the upcoming Baywatch movie, a particular anime series, and recycling?! Blame it on the attention deficit I guess.


Episode 2: Marvel at Your Insecurities - Insecure Review, & Marvel Talk w/ Friends

I start off the podcast with a review of Isa Rae's HBO series Insecure which wrapped it's first season in the Fall of 2016. I also took some time out to talk about Marvel's Captain America: Sam Wilson comic book. And lastly, I got a couple of guest Nia and Jervey, to join in on the fun to talk Marvel's Netflix series Iron Fist and more. We may have got off track a bit lol.


Episode 1: Over 24 & Furious - 24 Legacy And The Fate Of The Furious Review

In this podcast I am doing a review on the television series 24 Legacy and the film The Fate of the Furious.