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In Alter Ego, Athena Rosette explores the parts of us that exist outside the norms of expectation, interviewing two guests weekly. Do you have an alter ego hiding under the surface? This is for you.

In Alter Ego, Athena Rosette explores the parts of us that exist outside the norms of expectation, interviewing two guests weekly. Do you have an alter ego hiding under the surface? This is for you.
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In Alter Ego, Athena Rosette explores the parts of us that exist outside the norms of expectation, interviewing two guests weekly. Do you have an alter ego hiding under the surface? This is for you.








Beyond Alter Ego: Integration with Tonya Dawn Recla

So I have an Alter Ego… what’s next? Tonya Dawn Recla of Super Power Experts is here to talk with us about what is on the other side of Alter Ego. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. […]


Hannah 2.0: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How does identity shift through a diagnosis of breast cancer? Who are we if not our bodies? Who are we if not our gender? Join Hannah and I as we look at life before and after cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Also: if you’d like a guided meditation on transcendence, this is for you […]


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Alter Ego 42: Mushroom Medicine and the Shadow: Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author, and poet. She was initiated by nature into work with Psychotropic Mushroom Medicine, and is able to go into trance, giving her body over to other intelligent forces and beings. We speak of the shadow side, and Shonagh delves into the mystery of "Know Thyself" via the shadow in order to […]


Alter Ego 39: Wish Man: Make a Wish Founder, Frank Shankwitz

Frank Shankwitz, the founder of the Make a wish Foundation, shares his transformational journey with us. Before going on to create Make a Wish, he literally died, and was brought back to life with another chance, and the mandate: Give Back. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @BeAlterEgo Follow us on Facebook @alteregopodcast


Alter Ego 38: Athena’s Reflections: Secret Life Series

You’re stuck on a farm in the woods, the gate is locked, and you can’t get out of this secret marijuana farm until they let you out. The only reception is a 20 minute drive on top of a hill where you need to use some janky device to boost your reception up to one […]


Alter Ego 37: Green Rush: The Secret Life of Marijuana (part 3)

Meet real people, people just like you, who have found a way for this fringe lifestyle to support them over the years. I was graciously let into 4 farms over the course of these interviews. Some of these farms are already in the process of legalization, some aren’t. To see the behind the scenes of these […]


Alter Ego 33: Momentum, Sex Dungeons, and Walking Across the Country

Jordan and I met at Burning Man and have known each other for several years. We rather quickly get around to the surprising normalcy of being inside a sex dungeon camp, internal conflicts of belonging, how he got his name as "Momentum", and his walk across the country to win back an ex-girlfriend, only to find […]


Alter Ego 32: Love vs Approval

All of us want love. For some, early on in our lives the channels of love and approval got fused together. I learned early on that I was “bad" and "a sinner". So if I just changed what I wanted to do, how I expressed myself, and who I was, THEN I could get love. […]


Alter Ego 31: Devra as Michael Jackson

She's bad! She's bad! You know it... She's Devra Gregory: One of the most successful female Michael Jackson impersonators there is. Dev talks about expanding her mind into the role of becoming a celebrity, and gives the behind the scenes of the spiritual aspects of her life. Michael Jackson. Wicca. Dance. She's bad!


Alter Ego 30: Ouroboros: the Discomfort of the Ever-Evolving Individual

The ouroboros is a symbol from ancient Greece, adopted down through history into alchemy, depicting a serpent or dragon eats its own tail. I get down and dirty with you. Facing fears, exponential development, and the growing pains that accompany us all.


Alter Ego 29: Magic with Joshua Logan

Magic. Sleight of hand. Mentalism. What is the importance of Alter Ego in Magic? Today we hear from Magician Joshua Logan, who performs magic for audiences around the world! He’s been published in Magic Magazine, Wired Magazine, has developed magic videos for EllenTube and DreamworksTV. This year on April Fools Day, Joshua Logan and Doug Hofkins […]


Alter Ego 27: The Traveler and his Bucket List: Chase Boehringer

Can we decide to get up one day, and change the way we’re living, who we are, and have a completely different lifestyle? Chase did. He went from being a “normal person”, fitting in the system, wanting to commit suicide, to making a decision: “I don’t want to be this way”. So he started with […]


Alter Ego 26: Sex Work with Miss Monday Jones

Today’s guest changed my view on sex workers. I wasn’t aware of my stigma toward sex work until I had this opportunity to talk with Artemis Simon. Sex work, I learned, is not ALL about primal, disconnected, base needs. Sometimes its about healing, mentorship, education, growth, and vulnerability. Artemis has offered me a new view: […]


Alter Ego 24: Michelle in Decompression

She came, she saw something burn, she learned a super important life lesson...she even got a surprise from a white rabbit. What did Michelle bring home from Burning Man? She lays it all out for us here in this candid Post-Burn interview, where Athena and Michelle share some of their favorite takeaways from their adventures […]


Alter Ego 23: Michelle at Burning Man

Michelle has been Mormon her whole life... until now! Now she's accompanying me to one of the most provocative places on earth: Burning Man. Michelle never could have imagined coming to Burning Man. This episode features recordings of her experiences taken at Burning Man as her world view shifts beyond what she ever could have guessed. This […]


Alter Ego 22: Michelle Pre-Burn

Michelle has been Mormon for her whole life... until very recently. And now she's coming with me to Burning Man! Today marks the beginning of a 3 part series where I follow Michelle's journey through the before, during, and after experience of her first trip to the Burn. We talk about her life, and what has brought her […]


Alter Ego 21: Burner Names

Monk, Cookie Boy, Chameleon, Unicat, Fin...Burning Man. It's one of the most talked about communities on the planet. I went again, and took my recorder with me. This year I spoke with people at my camp to talk with them about their Burner Names. Many people adopt a burner name on the playa, usually it is […]


Alter Ego 20: OnyX, the Great Neutralizer

Sean badger is OnyX. Moving as a child from the inner city to a small town, Sean found himself as the only black child in a small white neighborhood. OnyX is a persona, an alter ego he's constructed to help him find balance in a polarized world. It has since helped him cope with his […]


Alter Ego 19: Glitter Butch: Liat Wexler

Liat Wexler is a trans man, and Glitter Butch!!! Liat's personal preference is to identify with the pronouns “them, they, and theirs”. To be clear, Liat’s identity as a trans man isn’t their alter ego, it is who they are. But many trans people have had the experience of feeling the need to adopt an […]