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Shoveling Snow & The Royal Family

E15 Enviornmental capitalism is also a topic. This entire episode seems like one big mistake. If someone finds any pleasure or any uplifting feelings of learning something then I’m super glad we did this.


Is This Cyberpunk?

E14 This episode was recorded on January 31, we were talking about new years and stuff because we didn’t hang out until that day since we had our pod hiatus and ran out of time to hang out. There are only two things we largely discuss. Cyberpunk & our New Year’s reflections. Shorter but hopefully still entertaining. Heres the link to the photo:


A E I O U - Empire

E13 This episode was inspired for the fact we wanted to complain about black friday and that it’s the day right after Thanksgiving. The first part of the ep will test your patience, but it does actually get better. Please excuse our looooong series of banter about thanksgiving. I didn’t want to cut out all that because the ep would only be 20 minutes or whatever and I despise a podcast that’s under a half hour. I talk about listening to yourself and following your true heart (when...


Squier Stratocaster

E12 Funny how on this episode we talk about procrastination, and we didnt even record an entire episode. We kept delaying it and eventually either forgot or decided to just continue on with future episodes. Tim is a good guitar player


Hand Me Down

E11 Song: Fullmoon by Kettel & Secede I dont know how to go over these anymore. Most of it is what we do to have fun while saving money for the new Spyro game. As you can tell these episodes are from 2017. About 10 episodes away from catching up (shrugged shoulder emoji)


I should probably get a headlight

EP 10 Fair warning: the audio goes up and down on volume levels. be prepared. We have better equipment for future episodes so dont get used to this quality. This episode is basically two long conversations that could have been done in 5 minutes, but instead took over an hour and we decided to record and share it for reasons unknown.


The River Meanders Towards The Sea

E9 This is a continuation of episode 8 pretty much. Tim goes over his struggles and I just give an update on my life. We mention our future interests and stuff as well. Pretty boring episode IMO. Better to come. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn


National Anthem Protests & The Monty Hall Problem

E6 This one is a little different. We discuss the dilemma of the NFL and the debate between the national anthem and if it’s within the rights of the players to protest. We finish the episode with a good brain teaser. It is understood if this episode is the most boring out the ones we all put out so far. Tim and I recognize that we can’t just babble about stuff, so we’re looking forward to providing interesting content in future episodes.


Identity & Ethics: It’s A Long Road To Get It Right

EP 5 Tim and I expand on self-progression and what it means to be someone in 2017. Identity is such a large word in terms of the meaning behind it. All of us have an identity either created, obtained, or collected. It takes a lot to build one and it’s easy for people to get sucked into a world of pseudo-identity with the influences of higher institutions of people in political power and thriving convincing corporations. Without trying to go on about this now cyberpunk style description,...


Asteroids & Geology. Is Pluto a Planet?

E4 Tim makes a change in his college career. We talk about studies in general and I go on a monologe as to why I’m tired of the social work major. The power of communication is key in this E.P. Tim says we’ve been communicating for thousands of years so I was able to take that with a grain of salt We give our biased opinions on medication. In all seriousness we understand that depression is serious and just going out for a walk or finding a hobby won’t cure it. Tim talks about stuff...


Logic: Hurricane Irma & The Moon

EP3 Boy do we have a good one for you! In this episode we begin with some housekeeping from last episode and I (Jonah) talk about my semester begininng. Tim brings up Hurricane Irma and the declination of the state of Florida. This is also the time of year in which adult women become overly excited about a certain flavor of coffee (no spoilers!) I then go on about my philosophy obsession and intend to discuss logicical principles in the best way possible within the limitations of...


College life/please skip this episode

In episode 2 Tim and I discuss the transition from Summer life into Fall life. What classes are we taking? What are we interested in? Where do we wanna head in the future? This episode should give you more information about us so we aren’t strangers to listerners anymore. Just a heads up, we are new to this whole podcast thingy ma gingy thingy so the directions fluctuate and the audio quality is not elite whatsoever. I really didnt want to post this because it may come across as boring....