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A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297

A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297


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A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297




Episode 66: Can Of Stripper w/ Bart Komar

Bart Komar is here! Bart is working on a patio slab on his property to move a shed over so they can open up an area for a pool to get installed! After that is a hand cut dovetail joinery project for his parents. Dan delivered the Tetris shelf to the client, which cleared up a ton of space in his shop. He’s having his “sub contractor” Nick Brim finish up the Murphy shelves. A large delivery of hardwood is coming to dan’s house which he will be using to make a shower floor for a pool shower...


Episode 65: Indiana Jones & The Swoop Of the Arch

Dan went to install the Murphy doors but they didn't fit when they pivoted. So he sub-contracted Nick Brim to help him out with rebuilding the doors. This allows Dan to focus on the many smaller projects he has from his other client. Pete finally fixed the washing machine tranny, Got a bunch of new tools on Memorial weekend even though there was no sales, grilled the best ribs he have ever done, and had some drama with the home closing that keeps getting pushed back. Lastly he ended up...


Episode 64: The Sofa King

Episode 64 - Dan took a very large commission that will keep him busy for months. 9 projects in total for 1 customer. He’s also going away for the weekend for a wedding photoshoot. Tomorrow he’s installing some Murphy doors with a local woodworker Aaron from Ingrained Wood. Lastly he’s working on the second section of the Tetris shelf. And working on more CNC projects! Oh and he got a new set up for his dust collection. Pete turned 33 (Woo Hoo!), rebuilt a transmission on his washing...


Episode 63: The Ridgeline Killer

Episode 63 - Pete finally wrapped up the ash coffee table that will have glass panels inserted into it on 5 sides, and it will be finished with India ink. But not by Pete! He’s also been working on a van conversion with his friend that started 2 years ago and will finally be wrapped up this summer. Ands finally he’s getting into more 3D printing models. Releasing a few new things and working on some old designs that he needs to finish, as well as adding a 5th printer to the mix. Dan has...


Episode 62: Polish Mischief

Episode 62 - Dan is killing it on the CNC. Making push sticks, bowties, clocks, and custom signs. Also picking up work on the Tetris shelf. Mike is trying out some new finishes and testing them out, working on a bunch of commissions for Etsy, and picked up the super large slab for a custom waterfall table. Getting custom table bases made for some tables, and he’ll be flying out to Montana to check out some neighborhoods for no particular reason. 62. Pete has had a super rough work week...


Episode 61: Live. Laugh. Trailboss.

Episode 61 - The guys were all in Nebraska this past weekend. Dan is still working on the basement buildout, used a router to remove a whole stretch of MDF instead of doing it on the table saw. Dan also hosted a meetup with Mike and Pete and a bunch of our listeners. Mike was in Nebraska, delivered the hearing bone coffee table, and is also planning out a butcher block table out of teak. And lastly working on a large waterfall table and picking up the two slabs for that table. Pete has been...


Episode 60: Dan Almost Died

Name: Episode 60 - The boys are all in Omaha Nebraska! Dan has been working on some MDF shelves that will be Murphy doors for secret room. He went camping, and GOT HIS CNC! Peter has been working on an ash coffee table with his friend that will store a LEGO millennium falcon model with glass on 5 sides of the table. Mike has been working on an ash coffee table as well, helped get Dan’s CNC up and running, and finishing a teak table for a client. Sponsor: Peak...


Episode 59: Micah Montana w/ Sarah Listi

Name: Episode 59 - Dan is working on the basement build out, make a project on the honey do list, and is on the top of reddit woodworking. Sarah is working on a desk project, building something secret for the the builder’s challenge, and the secret project will involve some pecan wood. Pete got all his home inspections done, got a new spindle sander, and he started spraying lacquer and is in love! Mike got his second vaccine shot, got roofied by his wife, working on the coffee, looking for...


Episode 58: Nebraska Scissor Lift

Episode 58 - Dan is working on the basemen, made preparations of the CNC landing next week and the Guys landing the week after. Mike had his big meeting with the client in regards to the large elm live edge waterfall conference room table, he’s also finishing up the herringbone coffee table, finally catching up on Etsy orders, working on some fun guitar projects, and hopefully getting his money back from USPS for a sign they delivered snapped in half! Pete is working on finalizing all the...


Episode 57: Izzy Swan - Bizzy Izzy

Episode 57 - Izzy built an addition onto their shop, worked on his beast of a CNC thats 5x25 FEET LONG! Redesigning a new Dust Collection System for the Avid CNC. And working on a secret clamp storage project that he’s developing. Pete has been restoring several Stanley hand planes, and flattened the bottoms by lapping them a granite slab with a sandpaper. After flattening all the planes in his shop, on the last on which was a #7, he cracked the cast iron frog! Fail! But its still...


Episode 56: Shucks & Fits

Episode 56 - Dan has been doing an on site install for his customer. However, he Dunlap’d the install by 1/4 of an inch. But its all good! Mike has been working on some table builds, knocking out more etsy orders, migrating his website, installing a carport, and awaiting a large lumber order to keep up with orders. Lastly he’s landed a large commercial job that he’s finalizing now! Pete had maintenance week in his shop, tuning his CNC and 3D printers. He has also seen a small dip in etsy...


Episode 55: Arborstravaganza

Episode 55 - Dan is building a bunch of lower cabinets. And he’s been trying out some new finishes from sherwin Williams. Mike is working on a ton of behind the scenes stuff, shipping a bunch of orders, working on a sign for another woodworker, milled up ash for a coffee table, and is making plans for the redwood bench but out of store bought cedar or redwood. Lastly he’s making a table for his parents! Pete was busy house hunting, restoring two hand planes including a Stanley sweetheart,...


Episode 54: R.J. Hammy Strikes Again

Episode 54 - Vik from the stump shop is here!! Vik is working on home projects and a stump with a bowtie zipper. Pete is working on moving over to fusion 360 for his CNC work, he’s working on a CNC cut corner shelf, and he’s working with Emma (his wife) on creating a Clubhouse group that revolves around “the couple hustle”. Mike had to rework a game board tray holder for a client, made a spraying cart on his CNC, and shipped a large amount of his conversion charts. Dan is working on the...


Episode 53: Macho Boy Petey Savage

Episode 53 - Dan Wrapped up and delivered the Cherry bed frame to his client which he had to deliver to him a ways away. Pete had a busy work week and taught his dad some woodworking in the evenings. And Mike is testing out some new equipment he added to his spray system. Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: Voicemails: Ben miller Have you ever had a customer request a ridiculous project and then get...


Episode 52: Sideways Pole

Episode 52 - Dan has nothing on his bench. It’s all on his floor. It’s a cherry bed! And he also delivered the Tetris shelf. Lastly he’s getting started on a large trim project where he will be customizing a whole basement. Pete is working his CNC ragged, had an issue with static electricity in his dust collection, started plans on a knife cabinet, and is working on a knife cabinet. Mike finished the redwood bench, shipped out a ton of templates, dealt with some USPS shipping issues, he’s...


Episode 51: One More Than 50

Episode 51 - Mike had a rough week, working on the second bench, landed a mega job for a commercial company, and he's been getting slammed on Etsy. He’s also starting up some work on some future projects and is applying around with a new job management software. Dan is working on the Tetris shelf and is starting to put some finishing touches on the shelf including spraying, did some mudding with Max, and yelled at his neighbor. Pete helped get Emma’s YouTube channel, Tuned his CNC to get...


Episode 50: Fix Build This That

Episode 50 - Dan is till working on his giant Tetris shelf. Pete worked on a custom sign with CNC working epoxy and he’s in love. And Mike is working on a large bench build again and had a massive surge of orders on Etsy. Sponsor: MacBeath Hardwood Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: Voicemails: Adrienne (aka...


Episode 49: Dancing With The Czars

Name: Dancing with the Czars Episode 49 - Dan is working on a massive “cutting board” shelf. He needs to utilize rabbets, dominos, and and dados. He's also starting on a queen size cherry bed. Lastly he is in the planning stages of the massive basement trim/remodel. Pete has been working on several maker projects. He made some custom double sided two sided rulers on the laser, got some forms for resin pours, got on the late and turned a mallet, and has been making a super secret marker sign...


Episode 48: Keith Gets Fired

Name: Episode 48 - Mike is working on two coffee tables, fills wood with epoxy, Made a bid sheet for organizing his pricing, and he’s stoked to try out his new sprayer. Pete, designed some new stuff to 3d print for his Etsy, took on a bunch of small commissions, and has been playing around with some new 3mm plywood on the laser. Dan finished a coffee bar for his clients, a custom cutting board, and he finally started on the mega book shelf. He also took on a few new commissions some some...


Episode 47: The Gang Does Leg Day

Episode 47 - Dan got a new truck! Silverado…big deal. He took on a few new commissions. And he made his own plywood! Mike is getting a ton of inquiries! He sent out some quotes and getting some good responses. He might sub contract out to someone for the extra workload. Working on a walnut slab and redwood slab coffee tables. Pete was sick, worked on his new 3D printers and got them tuned. He also started messing around more in fusion 360 and he tuned his bandsaw to do a bunch of re-sawing...