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A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297

A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297


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A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297




Episode 115: Marc-O-Licious w/ Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer)

Episode 115 [Feat. Marc Spagnuolo aka The Wood Whisperer] Marc Spagnuolo / The Wood Whisperer: (PODCAST) Marc is packing up his shop and dealing with moving his life and business to Missouri. And testing out a new cast-iron protector. Dan build a shipping station to help with packing Etsy orders, started working on the long faux beams. Mike is...


Episode 114: Thick & Wide w/ Jeff & Paul from Cambium Carbon

Paul and Jeff from Cambium Carbon Paul is working on some large conference tables, 100 cutting boards for Guinness brewery, and working on some bard doors. Jeff was dealing with 2 massive deliveries and one of them being a carbon smart flooring delivery. Dan is caught up on etsy orders, working on more doors for his door client, and working on faux beams. Mike Is working on some custom signs for a business, English elm...


Episode 113: Polish Mating Call

Dan went on a camping trip with his family, got covered in pee water, and needs to catch up on a ton of etsy orders. And he’s no longer taking commissions….except taking on 7 custom doors. Pete has been working on outdoor household projects prepping his outdoor space for a large party, ran his smoker for the first time and its been a success! And he’s been working crazy hours at his day job so he hasn’t had too much shop time. Mike finished up the book match on the English walnut table,...


Episode 112: Old Growth Sugi w/ Chris Giffrow

Special Guest: Chris Giffrow Dan shot his “last wedding ever” and got started on the white oak door jam. Chris is working on a sofa bar out of black limba with a modified waterfall edge, working with JKMoses woodworkers with disabilities fund, working on projects for woodworkers with accessibility needs. Pete is making a...


Episode 111: The Noug! w/ Erik Curtis

Special Guest: Erik Curtis Erik is working on a custom commission for a box that will house a very special religious vessel. Describing what goes into making items with a lot of significance to the customer. Dan has been making more bowties and ZCI for Etsy which is doing well. He’s also working on some more shower platforms for his “beach” client, and been...


Episode 110: Toe-Jitos

Lindsay Zuelich is here!!! Special Guest: IG: Merch: YouTube: Lindsay is working on epoxy moon carves, recording some video around it, learning the ins and outs of optimizing her CNC work, Pete wrapped up the ice climbing tool project, doing landscaping and mulching, working on floating shelves for a neighbor, and helping with more work on...


Episode 109: Don't Chase Your Dreams w/ Pat Lap

Pat Lap is here!! Special Guest: Pat Lap - Canadian Pat! IG: Merch: Website: The boys were in Austin for the Rubio Monocoat / Festool event making tables for charity (INFO BELOW) Pete was in Austin with the boys, wrapping up the ice climbing tools, doing a ton of landscaping on the property, and working on a bunch of administrative stuff. Dan was in Austin as well, he’ll be...


Episode 108: Fear Factor Authentification

Dan is still crushing it on Etsy, delivered the hackberry table to the customer, picked up more doors except these will have pockets! (Pocket doors, get it?), and Dan had a very spicy customer interaction that left him a little sour. He also had a little scare with max the dog but he is all good now. Pete is figuring out where to move his new dust collector for optimal air flow, reorganizing his shop with the new tool in there, finishing up the ice climbing tools, and talked to the city...


Episode 107: 1/8" Loose Tip

Mike is wrapping up the first of the audio grounding boxes, cleared the beetle table of all bugs, made a knock down kid’s stool on the CNC, he’s down a man in the shop so he’s scrambling Dan launched a new product on Etsy (zero clearance insert) and its blowing up keeping him busy, took on a job for some faux beams, 6x10 pocket doors for the oak door customer, has to rush the table he’s running a little late on Pete is still working on the ice climbing tools, Wrapping up assembling his...


Episode 106: Yoko-Care Beetle Killer

Dan has been cranking out the Sawstop zero clearance insert plates, started wiring up his spindle with Graham, and talking to some local clients for more upcoming projects. Mike is busy with 1 man leaving on vacation soon, had a delivery fall through from a lumber supplier, had an emergency call from a customer about powder-post beetles drilling in their table live edge, so he’s been applying a solution and treating it. He’s working on the grounding boxes now, and might be getting lucky...


Episode 105: Marked Safe From Will Smith

Dan is working on the monkeypod table, making Sawstop zero clearance insert plates, working on adding new items on etsy, and he has Pete is drowning in admin stuff, found a to-do list that had a bunch of priority stuff he dropped the ball on, etsy has been raving up, he got an Ender 3 Pro to add to the print shop, ordered 3 more Prusa printers, became a partner with Prusa3D, and he’s tuning his laser because it maintenance. Mike was at a Festool event in Rhode Island (street land), got...


Episode 104: Fista-Tickles

Pete: Insert description here! Support the show


Episode 103: Tongue & Groove

Dan finished the big oak door with some satin finish, he got hooked up with a local carwash, he locked down another door but with glass, sold a slide table, he’s working on the live edge table, and he’s been hunting for some new shop spaces. Mike did a fair and it was awful, he didn’t sell too much but he made a lot of great connections with makers in the community. Etsy is doing well and he got his star seller back, and he’s made a sustainer cart. Lastly, Mike is heading out to an event in...


Episode 102: Power Middle

Mike delivered a dining room table, working on some audio boxes, stocking up on items for a maker fair, lost a job he invested in, quoting a large door job, and signed papers to officially go to an Incorporation. Pete is working on a large butcher block cutting board, starting work on the ice climbing tools, planning on moving his office back upstairs, he’ll be teaching an Etsy class on zoom in a few weeks, and he’s been talking to some big brands which is going to be an exciting year! Dan...


The cast of Making Fun - Now on Netflix

We were joined by Jimmy Diresta, Paul Jackman (Jackman Works), Pat Laperriere (PatLap), John Graziano (Graz), & Derek Forestier (Derek From Malden) to discuss their new show Making Fun! It's available to watch now at We get some fun behind the scenes information and are even joined by the director of the show, Mike Odair! You can support the podcast on Patreon at or by subscribing to our YouTube channel at...


Episode 101: Making Fun w/ Paul Jackman

The guys welcome Paul Jackman from Jackman works and talk about Workbench Con and Paul’s new Netflix show (Making Fun) with Jimmy, Derek, Graz, and Pat. Available on Netflix if you are reading this intro! Question: Adam Barnett Barnett Custom What was the biggest challenge of making the show with a bunch of makers? And what was your favorite part? Giveaway! You can leave us a voice message at (754) 225-5297 or you can record your question or comment on your phones voice memo app and...


Episode 100: Butt Bumps In Atlanta

Pete is super stressed out with life. Its tax week so he’s been working on getting his 2021 numbers together, finishing up all his family affairs before his folks got to the motherland, working on workbench con prep and sending emails to brands, and getting ready for this weekend to get some shop work done. Dan did his taxes, bowties are blowing up again, filling bug holes in the table top, and working on the large oak doors Mike was working on a media console and recording a video around...


Episode 99: Flock Your Drawers

Dan had another good week on etsy with bowties, knocked out his website, and not much more going on. Mike got a big countertop job that he needs to get started, working on a Home Depot video, got a walnut table on hold, the audio boxes are getting ready for the full run, getting the new Laguna EX laser and selling his small one, and prepping for a conference. Pete has been working on behind the scenes, working on boring house stuff and honey-do list finishing up the decor after the...


Episode 98: 3 Days of AWP'ness

Dan had a lot of bowtie sales, got the hardware delivered for the big doors, made some 3d carved barstools, and working on a large hackberry live edge slab. Pete is cleaning house in his shop. He’s on a throw-out streak and is getting rid of stuff in the shop, having a hard time staying motivated and happy in the workshop, been working on administrative and brand stuff for 2022, and is looking to get a box joint jig because he like box joints but hates cutting them. Mike delivered the...


Episode 97: Bad Ohman

Episode 97 Dan’s clients brought him over the hardware for the big oak doors, working on a bar stool, and of course bowties. Mike finished up the 6 foot tall marquee letters, finished flattening a claro walnut table, sprayed finish on another table, has a secret audio project, and partnering with Cambium Carbon on selling Carbon Smart Lumber. Pete finished up the last of the cutting boards, knocking out more honey-do-list projects for the house and buttoning up projects, Painting the...