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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.

Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.


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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.








Bert’s Big Adventure Exceeds Goal

We caught up with Bert’s Big Adventure Executive Director Molly. She opened up about the passion behind their mission, how they managed in the midst of the pandemic and exceeding the largest fundraising goal in Bert’s Big Adventure History! Special Shout to Jersey Mike’s Subs for their support of BBA for over 11 years. This is one of our favorite non profit organizations and we are so proud of all the good they are doing. Web: Follow: @bertsbigadv About:...


Tough As A Mother Invades Awards Season

Tough as a Mother Tribe is headed to the Oscars! This mom-focused jewelry brand will be included in the gift bags for attending guests at the 93rd annual Academy Awards, and was recently in the gift bags for the Golden Globes too. Although they are relative newcomers to the stage, this mom-focused jewelry brand founded by Jennifer Cervantes has already garnered quite a bit of celebrity attention. Tough as a Mother Tribe has been recognized by actor Griffin Matthews, actress Viola Davis,...


Nappy Roots' Atlantucky Brewery Hosts “Deeply Rooted” Art Exhibit

Atlantucky Brewery and Bright Ring Foundation will be hosting the “Deeply Rooted” art exhibit from April 16 through May 8. The entire run of the show is free to attend, and there will be a “meet the artists” event on opening night, Friday, April 16 from 4 pm - 8 pm. For the rest of the show’s run, the public is invited to visit Atlantucky (located at 170 Northside Drive SW) on Tuesday - Friday between 2 pm - 6 pm. “Deeply Rooted” embraces the Castleberry Hill neighborhood where the brewery...


USA Today Bestselling Author Cate Holahan

USA Today bestselling author Cate Holahan will talk about her latest novel, a psychological thriller with a high tech spin called, “Her Three Lives” at a virtual book launch at Georgia Center for the Book in Atlanta on April 20 at 7 pm. The book is being published by Hachette Books’ Grand Central Publishing and she will do the April 20 event in conversation with well-known Atlanta-based author Kimberly Belle. Briefly, “Her Three Lives” is the story of a family...


True PIMENTO CHEESE Story: Chef Stacey Suga West

Suga’s Pimento Cheeses has added two new mouth-watering flavors, Gourmet Pesto & Feta and Black Truffle, to an already-diverse menu of pimento cheese offerings. The new options join other cravable and popular flavors already on Suga’s menu including Bacon Asiago, Smoked Gouda, Roasted Poblano and Monterey Jack, an extra spicy version with serrano peppers. Suga’s offers eight total traditional flavors and four vegan pimento cheese options. Suga’s Pimento Cheeses also launches a new...


Nickelodeon WAS my childhood

I just watched the Nickelodeon documentary on Hulu and it brought back so many fond childhood memories. #ashsaidit


True VEGAN Story: Meatless The Musical

Kevin Sherwin is a composer and guitarist whose passion for animal advocacy led him to create "Meatless the Musical." Through empathy with mistreated animals, he hopes that more people can realize that animals are not for food or clothing, but are indeed our friends. The show, currently active as an online series, raises funds for the Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary. As a composer, Mr. Sherwin recently wrote the score to James Patrick Nelson's "Waking Up," which is an Official Selection of the 2021...


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta Creates a 'Mini' Golf Tradition

The most famous golf tournament in the world is in Georgia this week, and LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta hit a hole in one by creating its own mini golf hole made out of 1,000 LEGO® Bricks! It took one day for Philip Simmons, Master Model Builder, to create this intricate scene which is now in the attraction’s MINILAND® Atlanta. Families can come close to this this beautiful LEGO® build from now until the end of April, and take home some LEGO® golf building inspiration. Web:...


Ita Bonita = I Am Beautiful

Ita Bonita wants you to feel comfortable in your skin regardless of your age or body size. The brand practices what they preach by offering a beautiful collection of dresses and jewelry with styles designed for real women that make wonderful gifts. Each item is named with an inspirational mantra that is in keeping with the brand’s uplifting mission. Web: Follow: @iamitabonita Founder and designer Sangita Upreti has a passion for making women of all ages feel their best...


Criticisms About My Money

I’m a lot of things. But I’m No mooch. #ashsaidit


Chapter 38 begins

I am blessed beyond compare! #ashsaidit


Poke A Dot Organizer Changes How We Organize

Shout-out to those home organizers who love to keep everything neat and secure in its place. That includes makeup! Well, I have just the perfect new product for them! So nice, in fact, it’ll make all of us want to get onboard with organizing our everyday must-haves! Meet the Poke-A-Dot Organizer, the solution to keeping that beauty drawer so clean and together that you literally can pick it up and go! For travelers, it’s the essential tool that makes life much easier. Simply put the lid on...


WineWisk The Weekend Away

WINEWISK™ is here to save us all from waiting for our wine to aerate. We know that proper wine needs time to breathe in order to bring out luscious flavors and aromas that make every sip more enjoyable, and WINEWISK created a solution that cuts the time down and brings out your wine’s full potential in three quick steps. All you have to do is swirl your wine, make bubbles, and release your wine's full potential - it’s really that simple. The newest aerator on the market also doubles as a...


True COVID19 Story: HMNKind

HMNKIND began with a simple thought: to do better. They do better by creating a reliable and trusted source for high quality, thoughtfully designed everyday protective apparel and accessories. Their antibacterial fabrication is a patented wet polyurethane foam designed by K Beauty and Skincare industry experts. The masks are 99.9 percent antibacterial, and prevent 99.9 percent of UV rays. They are also clinically tested, and have superior quality against particle and viral filtration. Plus,...


True CUSTOM FIT Story: RedThread

Women’s bodies are extraordinary and are not at all meant to be confined to the sizes of small, medium and large. But the fashion industry seems to continuously push this idea and define the female body to a letter on the tag of a shirt that doesn’t even fit in the right places. However, this year, you can get your mom the gift of comfort and style in clothing that is size: her. RedThread is on a mission to smash the industry-standard sizes and remove labels. They have clothes that are...


Nourish Body and Soul with the Goodness of Ayurvedic and Hemp

ZV Botanicals blends Ayurvedic herbs and CBD to create a brand that is leading the way in natural healing with organic and wild-harvested ingredients harnessing the goodness of nature to treat the whole body. When founder Joanna Matson-Tandberg was facing health issues, she started making recipes herself to remedy her ailments. Having Crohn's Disease and watching her kids go through their health challenges coupled with her dad’s Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, was incentive enough for her to find...


Spraise Invades Nordstrom This Spring

This beauty brand offers vegan and plant-based skin nourishing products that create moments worth celebrating. Take a “spraise break” and feel better instantly with its body washes, moisturizers, mists, and scrubs. SPRAISE is Clean Beauty + Intentional Skin Praise. It’s a combination of indulgent textures and inspiring scents that leave women feeling relaxed, confident, and ready to shine. It’s an “ode to self” to see and celebrate your unique beauty while encouraging others to do the same....


Beyoncé NEVER wanted you 🙅🏾‍♀️

It throws me for a loop every time I hear a guy downgrade a female because he knows he doesn’t have a chance with her. Smh.


True PLUSHIE Story: Green Philosophy

For many of us, everyday life mostly takes place indoors – interior spaces are where we live, work, and learn. But it’s no secret that staying inside can leave us feeling disconnected from the natural world. At Green Philosophy Co., their goal is to alleviate that by bringing a bit of the great outdoors into your space. They combine artful design with natural plant life to create fun, funky, and functional interior décor and gifts. I sat down with Green Philosophy Co founder Lillian to get...


Happy National Spinach Day

Spinach is a little green food with a lot of health benefits. From helping with your blood pressure to providing several key vitamins and minerals to your body. While you might not always want to pick this leafy green over a bag of chips, it’s a food that can easily be incorporated into delicious recipes to up the nutritional value of your meal. Dr. Amy Lee is an expert in weight control, obesity and nutrition. She has given talks for HBO, Hulu, PBS and UCLA’s famed “Vital Signs” series and...