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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.

Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.


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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.








True AMERICAN Story: Forgotten Folklore

The songs of "Forgotten Folklore" are a window into the overlooked stories of Americana. Vocalist Joshua Banbury and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Sherwin create a musical journey through a curated selection of texts and tunes, in striking new arrangements. The songs offer hope, contemplate nature, reminisce on love, and much more. Banbury and Sherwin also contribute wholly original songs, evoking the story-like essence of American folklore. Web: The...


True PLANT-BASED Cleaning: Restore Naturals

Restore Naturals is the plant-based brand that is safe for your family and the environment, leading the way since 1991 (long before others got in the game). It is a go-to for everything you need to keep your home clean and comfortable. For those with sensitive skin, these products are a game-changer! Restore Naturals are made from renewable, plant-based cleaning agents, including soy, orange, corn, and other biodegradable ingredients, which make the products more sustainable and better for...


Insight Virtual Ballistics: A Futuristic Experience

Brian Dixon, an Atlanta-based weapons trainer, and his wife, Amy Dixon, an expert marksman, have launched Insight Virtual Ballistics, a virtual training and gaming experience in West Midtown. Licensed, veteran gun owners, along with beginners, can choose from 9MM, AR-15, and M-4 weaponry, which has the same recoil as if the user was shooting live ammo, but targets using laser technology. The retro-fitted weaponry, designed by Insight Virtual Ballistics, gives a realistic shooting experience...



Founder, Kerry Fitzmaurice was poised to open the first plant-based, vegan Pure Grit BBQ restaurant in Greenwich Village and Covid had other plans. Ms. Fitzmaurice pivoted, put the commercial smoker bought for the restaurant into storage and took the restaurant’s recipes, sauces and rubs online. Specialty retailers in NYC, along the East Coast and in various parts of the country have started carrying the products. Web: Follow: @puregritbbq They were recently...


Signs of a Toxic Male

These are just 3 signs. Best believe they’re not all the sings of a toxic male. There are so many more.


You ever had a friend that was in a hoe phase?

True story. Names are withheld for legal purposes. Lol. #ashsaidit


The LET-GO Queen

I have absolutely NO hesitation to drop ppl off like Instacart does groceries 🤷🏾‍♀️ #ashsaidit


I Had A Type

I have no interest in dating men with small children. None. Nope. I’ve helped raise so many already. I’m not having any nor am I helping with yours! These opinions are my own. And I’m OVER the textbook narcissistic men of this world. Done. ashsaidit


Grandma Luvs Silverts

Founded as a small-town department store in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, Silverts gained a strong following by focusing on customer service and quality. Soon that one store was not enough, and by the 1960s, Silverts had expanded into a chain of stores across southwestern Ontario. The company realized that as people aged, their need for service increased. Silverts started getting calls from Retirement and Long Term Care facilities, and soon realized there were many customers with clothing...


OVME Introduces NEW Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Nearly all women have cellulite at some point in their life and the majority are self-conscious about it...and many try to get rid of its appearance. Cellulite can affect women of any size – it isn’t determined by body type or weight – as many factors contribute such as hormones, diet, lifestyle, genetics and more. Many treatments are available for those who want to remove cellulite, but they tend to be at one end of the spectrum or the other. They are either surgical in nature, even those...


Chill Out With Coolban

The Coolban fits most elementary school kids up to adults. The size range from small/medium to large/Xlarge. Outdoor activities/ Work include: Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, running events, softball, fishing, hunting, construction, yard work, attending any outdoor events, military, or if you simply want to stay Cool and look great doing it! The Coolban is an awesome product to have on hand at school, work, or play. If you have any health questions about this product, please consult...


Elevate Your Career with Helen Horyza

Why do so many people stay in unrewarding careers? Fear of change? Lack of updated skills? Whatever the case, staying in an unfulfilling job prevents you from doing what you really want to do. The pandemic taught us that we can pivot and innovate faster than we ever thought possible, so why not restart your career with a renewed vision and a clearer path forward? Elevate Your Career: Live a Life You’re Truly Proud Of from experienced career coach Helen Horyza brilliantly demonstrates how you...


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Beat Zoom Fatigue with Eyelinez

Maintaining proper eye contact with a camera is not a new challenge, but it’s a daunting task that many have faced over the past year while working, studying and even dating virtually through a camera. Eyelinez was founded in the midst of the pandemic out of the need to find deeper connections in a world now communicating over cameras. They are a focus and engagement aid, which draws attention to the camera, while also improving natural connections with a virtual audience. These vinyl,...


Organize Your Swimwear with Modular Closets

Whether your summer days are heading to the beach, the pool or relaxing in your backyard, summer is here and that means swimsuits. There are many variations of swimsuit styles. Christina Giaquinto, home organization expert with has put together some practical and easy-to-follow tips to make sure your summer stays organized and your summer swim days are a breeze. Web: Promo Code: ASH Promo Link: Follow:...


They Save Christmas Lights from Landfills

Ulta-Lit Tree Company, the maker of Cool Yule ToolsⓇ, has saved over one billion Christmas light bulbs from landfills over the past 20 years with their light set repair tools. With the help of Ulta-Lit, millions of light sets that would have otherwise gone in the trash are still being used for Christmas trees, holiday decorations, and more. Ulta-Lit Tree Company sells the LightKeeper ProⓇ and LED KeeperⓇ, which repair broken incandescent and LED light sets used for holiday decorations. With...


It’s A Hot N Saucy Summer

Hot N Saucy is your classic hot sauce, reimagined. Curated in small batches with unique ingredients, our bright and colorful sauces give you the heat you want and need at no additive cost. Yep, it’s all sauce and all natural. Web: Follow: @hotnsaucyco About the show: ► Website: ► Need Goli Gummies? ► For $5 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link: ► Want...


The DorsiFlex: Not Just For Olympians

As we get older, we need to adapt workout routines to fit the needs of our body. DorsiFLEX adapts to the feet of athletes, runners, and those who find themselves on their feet for long periods of time at work. It helps stretch and strengthen problematic muscle groups so you and your feet have the flexibility to do more of what you love, pain-free. DorsiFLEX has the versatility to help relieve pain from many foot injuries, including: -Plantar fasciitis -Achilles tendonitis -Morning heel pain...


I’m not here to tame your kids!

Reflections on previous relationships. #ashsaidit


SummitSix To Enhance Your Wellness

SummitSix a unique transformative events and adventure company designed to challenge participants physically and mentally, invites hikers and endurance athletes to get out of their minds and take part in an “Epic Life-Redefining Weekend” this fall. The brand’s debut event runs September 16th-19th at the Greek Peak Ski Mountain in Cortland, New York, where attendees will test their personal commitment to fitness and wellbeing and recalibrate their bodies and minds over a 72-hour period. After...