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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.

Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.


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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.








Anthony Hamilton Talks Love Is The New Black

After years of attempting to catch up with him, Anthony Hamilton stops by the show. The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter opens up about his musical beginnings, who he would like to do a collaboration with and the inspiration behind his 10th studio album Love Is The New Black. Pre-orders are available at About the show: ► Website: ► Got Goli Gummies? ► For $5 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral...


The Ash Said It Show Official Trailer

A brief synopsis of this long running international podcast program. #ashsaidit


Quality Sleep and Migraine Relief: The Allay Lamp

Ask any seasoned parent what their best advice is for a new parent or expecting mom and they’ll probably say something along the lines of: “Sleep now, because you won’t be sleeping later!” Whether a mom is afflicted with pregnancy related insomnia and headaches, migraines or new parents are struggling with getting enough rest when they are up and down throughout the night, one simple solution exists that can help them get non-medicated relief from headache pain and anxiety, better sleep and...


Red Chocolate Introduces New Limited-Batch Flavors

To provide healthier chocolate yet still satisfying their consumers' chocolate cravings, RED Chocolate is expanding its line to please everyone's palette. The popular brand will continue to offer limited-batch flavors through the fall and holiday seasons as a market response to the growing interest in better-for-you options. In the spring, RED's limited-batch apple and hazelnut flavor sold out in three weeks. Coming soon they will add one blonde (caramelized white chocolate) and smooth nut...


True LUXURY Brand: Meet Tony Rouse

Tony Rouse is the intersection of lifestyle, culture, business and entertainment. A Brand Strategy Specialist known as The Curator of High-End Experiences whose revolutionary concepts and projects have achieved international exposure and acclaim. He is the mastermind behind the creation of F.I.L.M. (Fully Integrated Lifestyle Marketing) which, as he sees it, takes an unconventional approach to traditional advertising by seamlessly creating experiences for brands in the lives of their target...


True ARTISANAL Story: Lazarus Artisan Goods

Lazarus Artisan Goods is on a mission, literally, to bring the best-crafted leather accessories to the marketplace while providing artisans in rural Haiti and Honduras with vocational opportunities to use their talented skills to live abundant lives now and in the future. Partnering with Mission Lazarus, the feel-good brand cherishes its relationship with local artisans and is passionate about their heirloom pieces that only get more beautiful as they age. With a wide range of offerings from...


Author Explores The Demise of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s downward spiral, punctuated by health problems routinely written off as the consequences of addiction, may have actually been triggered by an event that happened generations before he was even born: Elvis’s maternal grandparents were first cousins. “I think that even if he wasn’t ‘Elvis Presley,’ he would have had severe health problems and probably an early death,” said historian and author Sally Hoedel. Elvis: Destined to Die Young is Hoedel’s exhaustively researched...


Atlanta Earthwork Installation to Honor NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson

A 4,800 square-foot natural art exhibit is being created to commemorate International Day of the Girl to raise awareness about NASA’s Artemis Program and inspire women and girls through the high-profile STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) exhibit. The City of Atlanta approved the permit June 17, 2021 for the Earthwork installation in downtown Woodruff Park, Atlanta, Georgia. From October 11-22, the Earthwork will be displayed as an eco-friendly grass artwork featuring...


Maine Company Pushes Kelp Mainstream

Ocean’s Balance, an award-winning innovator of edible seaweed products, announced today that it is expanding its product line with the introduction of gluten free, sugar-free, plant-based pasta sauces. Made with sustainably farmed and harvested kelp from the Gulf of Maine, the premium sauces are available in traditional marinara and spicy arrabbiata flavors. “Seaweed adds irresistible flavor and dense nutritional benefit to any food,” said Ocean’s Balance CEO Mitch Lench. “It’s time that...


He wants a FREE babysitter

Some men these days…#ashsaidit


Banana Samba is Incredible

A 400-year-old recipe is proving that what is good never goes out of style! Meet Banana Samba, a traditional Brazilian super snack made with three ingredients or less. Delicious, 100% natural, and nutrient-packed, these bite-sized banana “fudgy” treats will change the way you think about healthy snacking. Banana Samba was introduced to the U.S. by two Brazilian sisters, Carla and Ruth Wahnon, whose passion for this sustainable snack and for its nutritional attributes is undeniable. Banana...


Inspirational Journey of a Life Transformed by God

Faith doesn’t always come easy. It gets tested. It needs nurturing. And no two faith journeys are ever the same. In her deeply inspirational memoir, The Tree of Faith, God Wants to Answer YOUR Prayer, Christine Schat speaks of the presence of God in her life, recounting true stories that range from dealing with regret to letting go of guilt and letting go of shame. There were many life events that prompted Schat to seek God’s will, to ask for His help, to learn of His ways and to let go of...


The Luxury Vegan Dominique Side

Most commonly being vegan is viewed as an individual’s dietary choice or a restriction. However, one massively successful serial entrepreneur and expert on compassion based living is taking it a step further saying, “it’s a full lifestyle that includes making conscious eco-friendly decisions in clothes, makeup, jewelry, travel, hair, and wellness products.” Dominique Side is The Vegan Queen, a world leading specialist in luxury ethical living. Her compassion based lifestyle consultancy, The...


True PUBLIC RELATIONS Story: Sandy Collier

Check out the inspiring story of Sandy Collier, owner of Hey! Sandy PR and Communications in Florida. Sandy is a black woman who's passionate about helping her community. She's been involved in various community service projects, including assisting with humanitarian relief following Hurricanes Andrew and Dorian. Having a 20-year-old son with autism has also made her an advocate for people with special needs. In addition, she helps small black-owned businesses and local nonprofits that...


John Mallett Helps to Close the Black Gap in Homeownership

Known as America’s Mortgage Coach™, John W. Mallett has the unique ability to demystify the complexity of home loans and financing into easy-to-understand concepts. He has distilled those concepts in his book Buy Your first Home Today!, a comprehensive player’s manual for anyone sitting on the sidelines of today’s hypercompetitive housing market. John has personally originated over one billion dollars in mortgage loans over the last two decades and is the founder and President of MainStreet...


Male Ego is SO Fragile

Some men will torture & break a woman’s spirit just because they’re threatened by what she is capable of. SMH #ashsaidit


Dream Job Pays You $2k To Drink Beer

With summer coming to an end, we can't think of a better way to celebrate than by pouring out a cold one in a new city. 🍻 is on a quest to see which beer capitals of the US live up to the hype, and to do so we're hiring a Chief Beer Baron to drink their way around one of the nation's beer capitals. The Beer Baron will get paid to drink (responsibly) on the job and will receive *$2,000 to cover their beer tab + $1,000 reimbursed for travel costs.* Plus, if they fall in love with the...


Cocktails at Night - Hotel Colee - 8/27

Cocktails at Night wants to re-introduce you to Buckhead. Experience this exclusive Sip & Shop Fashion Show on August 27 at Hotel Colee! This is all about the end of Summer style and preparing for Fall. You will see pieces from local vendors and an amazing fashion show with over 50 designs coming down the runway. It’s hosted by Atlanta’s Favorite Lifestyle Influencer Nikka Shae (! Gourmet food will be served also. Grab a bite and stay the night! Advance Tickets:...


The Better Cheddar: Dianna’s Foods

Dianna’s Foods was born out of necessity. Check out this conversation with the founder. They discuss how the brand started, what makes their mission so different and where you can get it! Web: Follow: @diannasfoods BIO - Dianna's ( Pronounced: D-Anna's) Plantbase Foods Growing up in the South, I know that the dinner table is the bedrock of the community. However, between my diary allergy and vegan diet, I’ve personally seen how being excluded from it impacts relationships...


Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce Talks Lowe’s, Daymond John & More

Founder of Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce, Taufeek Shah, opens up about leaving corporate America to pursue this dream, the obstacles they faced in the beginning and the moment of confirmation. Being picked for the Making it with Lowe’s project was more than this family could ask for! Thousands of companies competed but Lola’s was one of the few left standing. We discuss Lowe’s, being mentored by Shark Tank’s Daymond John and how they’ve expanded past hot sauce. Featured on Making It With Lowe's - as...