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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.

Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.


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Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker & event emcee. Tune to her daily journey as she explores life & shares empowering stories.








Hurt People Hurt Other People

These hurt people haven’t dealt with their own trauma. So then they unload it on others with no remorse. This is one story that I hope helps someone. #ashsaidit


I Don’t Care What Color They Are

Love is love. Regardless of color. #ashsaidit


Kwame Ritter and Elite SFN

Kwame Ritter was a troubled kid that was introduced to boxing at the age of thirteen. He instantly fell in love and it changed his life forever. He started boxing to lose weight. He fought in the amateurs from age 13-19. Unfortunately he had to take time off when his cousin was murdered. He promised he would make him proud. He worked as a trainer for the next several years building his brand and love for fitness in Maryland. He worked and finally found his niche and love for boxing. He...


The Emcee Didn’t Show Up

The emcee didn’t show so I improvised 🤷🏾‍♀️ #ashsaidit


Jeanelle Ditto Talks BLUSH Interior Design

Raised in small town Atoka, Tennessee, Jeanelle moved to Southern California and started her young career in the medical industry in order to make it on her own. While working her way up corporate America, she nurtured her love of art and design. Founding Blush Interior Designs in 2017 was the culmination of years of passionate artistic development. Almost immediately, her unique design aesthetic and rigorous dedication to quality of service resulted in her becoming one of the hottest new...


Women in Post Roe v. Wade Society

With the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade ruling quickly approaching, we'd like to share 5 mistakes to avoid in a post Roe v. Wade society. It’s no secret that women’s health rights are at risk. But according to Dr. Sophia Yen — a birth control and adolescent reproductive expert — countless women are looking to make the following five birth control and contraception blunders: >> MISTAKE #1: DELETE YOUR PERIOD TRACKERS Digital period trackers and apps can be subpoenaed in court to prove past missed periods...


Your Resume is Intimidating

After applying to jobs for the past two years, I finally got the offer of a lifetime! #ashsaidit


Enjoy Disney World's Epcot At Home

Bring EPCOT's beloved global fare right to your kitchen with this next installment to the bestselling Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook series. The Honey Chocolate Baklava from Morocco all the way to the Tangerine Kakigōri from Japan, EPCOT arguably has the best food at the Disney Parks. And now, you can bring the delicious snacks, meals, and drinks straight to your own kitchen with The Unofficial Disney Parks EPCOT Cookbook. Featuring 100 recipes from each of the EPCOT Pavilions and...


Ms Marvel Now Streaming on Disney+

Ms Marvel is out on Disney+ and i Love it!!! This series has been unjustly given negative reviews by closed minded people. #ashsaidit



Summary of show


Dr. Merritt Talks The Bridge Between Us

In a world flooded with distresses like divorce, father absence, rampant sexual abuse, anxiety, and depression, there seems to be an epidemic of escapism through drugs, alcohol, consumerism, sex, violence, and suicide. Now, Nearly two years after the start of COVID-19 social-distancing protocols and lockdowns, the pandemic is something that exacerbated these problems. The pandemic changed our world and had an impact on everything, especially our relationships with family and friends. Dr....


ColdBlooded: Wife Cancels Life Insurance Policy

All these women could not be ALL BAD! I refuse to believe that. What did he do to these women to make them turn on him? #ashsaidit


Kourtney Kardashian Knows Her Worth

Kourtney Kardashian has finally found a love worth sticking with. People have criticized her for not marrying the father of her 3 kids, Scott Disick. However, she knew that he could NOT provide her with the love and affection that she truly desired. She wasn’t willing to be his backup. The disrespect that he has displayed throughout the years proved unworthy of Kourtney. He was always messing up, stepping out and dealing with substance abuse. That is a lot. And no woman should EVER settle....


Customize Father’s Day With Shop My Porch

Consider a personalized, handmade, locally purchased gift for dad! Have you heard of Etsy? Shop My Porch is better! First of all, for sellers, it’s less expensive to sell your handmade goods on Shop My Porch; and second of all, it’s all handmade local goods listed in your neighborhood! Plus, if you are searching for something specific, you can literally request it and a “maker” in your neighborhood will see it and potentially message you saying they can create that gift for you! Web:...


90s Weekends With The Kids In The Hall

Omg! This show was a big part of my weekends growing up. We didn’t have streaming services with thousands of options. This was the weirdest random but funny program that kept my interest. I was so excited to binge it on Prime Video! #ashsaidit


Perfect Father’s Day Gift - Moxie Blankets

Moxie Blankets are weighted blankets that your dad will LOVE to sleep underneath! Both adults and kids love these weighted blankets because they also have different weights! They’re even machine washable and made in the U.S.! Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure relief that helps with so many struggles, from helping relieve stress, insomnia and anxiety to Restless Leg Syndrome and keeping those nightmares away for the kiddos! Moxie is the best weighted blanket available because they...


Talking In The Moement

Moe opens up on his podcast “In The Moement” about seasonal friendships. Keity & Romeo chime in with their insights. This made me reflect on past situations that I’ve had to deal with. Be sure to download “In The Moement” on you favorite podcast platform TODAY! Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Moe found his way into comedy by doing voice overs and writing commercials for actor and comedian, D.L. Hughley. Once he got behind the mic, he knew he had found his calling; he has been performing...


Grecian Gyro Celebrates 40th Anniversary

OPA! Grecian Gyro, founded by Nick Koulouris, is celebrating 40 years as the home of “Atlanta’s Best Gyro” and as a staple in the Atlanta community this month. With May 24th officially marking Grecian Gyro's 40th anniversary, it's the perfect time to honor the concept's history with throwback pricing, new menu items, community activations, and events throughout the rest of the year at all seven of their metro-Atlanta locations including Dunwoody, Forest Park, Hapeville, Johns Creek,...


Kelly Hargrave Talks Shark Stuff

Shark jokes and more - we all know that kids love sharks and want to know all about them. Dive into the perfect combination of facts, stories, photos, and fun all about the world’s most ferocious and fascinating ocean predator—SHARKS! Get The Book HERE: For animal lovers who are absolutely obsessed with everything sharks, this book has it all: tons of mind-blowing facts, exciting games, hands-on activities, hilarious shark jokes, and...


Preference Should NOT Offend You

A dating preference should not offend anyone. If you’re not what they’re looking for it’s not a match. It’s as simple as that. Don’t take it personal. #ashsaidit