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Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep. 22: Are My 3 Cornrows Cultural Appropriation?

On this episode, I share how someone confused Aretha Franklin's passing with Diana Ross actually being the one that passed. I answer the question from anonymous: is it cultural appropriation of she wears 3 straight back cornrow braids? hmmm... This week's outro music is by @rononeal with the song titled Kilo. You can find him on Soundcloud and Youtube. Rate, Review, Share!


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 21: Special Episode Adventures In Diversity

This week I tell you about this strange experience in a bar with my friends that are in an interracial marriage (apparently that's still appalling to some) and instead of a question, I switch things up. I list 3 reasons why diversity is important for you and your kids (now or future). This week's outro music is by @DarkwaveAezey here on Soundcloud and Youtube. The song is Tip Toe from her latest project titled Darkwave Chronicles. Don't forget to share this episode and like, rate, and...


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 20: Can White People Criticize Black People Ever?

In this episode, I talk to you about the importance of letting go of pettiness and accepting gratitude. I answer Anon's question, is it ever ok for white people to criticize or weigh in on black culture or actions? Music is by @JeansShepherd on Soundcloud, Twitter, and the gram! Song title: Burnden


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 19: Is It Ok To Compliment A Black Woman's Hair?

This week I tell you about my awkward office job moment that I had to go through (you don't wanna miss that) and answer Natasha's question: is it ok to compliment a black woman's hair or is it offensive and oppressive? This musical artists on the outro this week is my boo thang Melyrix with his song Amnesia! If you like what you hear, you can find more his music on Soundcloud (


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 18: I Accidentally Triggered My Black Friend. Help!

I am back with a new episode and despite my piss poor record, I am here to stay. On this episode, I update you on my life and everything new that is going on with me from my year of sobriety to my new man. I answer an anonymous question about triggering a friend of color and what to do to rebound. Finally, our amazing exit music is brought to you by Anika. You can find her here on Soundcloud ( and on IG (@anikaaaamusic) and everywhere else...


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 17: My Black Husband Despises Black Women. When Should I Speak Up?

This week we talk about Stephon Clark and his untimely murder by Sacramento, CA police. The new app in development by Jay Z and Diddy to connect people to black owned business. We answer Tara's question of when to speak up and when to shut up when her black husband expresses his disdain for black women and culture.


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 13: How Do I Define My 4B Natural Hair Curls?

This week we answer Emmaline's question of how to style her tappered 4b natural (and blonde) hair cut. Also, I share my New Year Resolutions (tell me yours!). The outro is by the artist Jaibee and the song is Save Your Love For Me (listen to her entire project here Happy Holidays friends!


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep. 12: I Need Gift Ideas For My Black Friend. Help!

This week on the podcast, I update you on the "Tyrone situation", talk about what's been going on, and answer Greg's question of what are good gift ideas for black women?


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep.3: Why Are Black Women So Damn Angry?

In this episode, we talk about the major #blackgirlmagic success of Issa Rae and Rihanna as they shake up the make up industry. We chat about the terrible death of the 19 year old girl Kenneka Jenkins of Chicago. I tell you about my single mom dating woes and my new diet. And lastly, but most importantly, we answer Selene's question about the angry black women stereotype and why it seems so prevalent in her work place.


Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep.2: I'm A White Ally. Is It OK For Me To Use The Term #Blackgirlmagic?

In this episode, we chat about the hurricane that is rolling towards Florida, Munroe Bergdorf being fired from LOreal, and #BeyDay! I tell you about my week, the high points (yay coparenting) and the low points (boo friends). Lastly, but most importantly, we answer Christina's question about if she should use the term #blackgirlmagic even though she is white though she is an ally.