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Monthly reviews of music, movies, sports, pro-wrestling, and pop culture. Hosted by Matt Marble & Daniel Flores.

Monthly reviews of music, movies, sports, pro-wrestling, and pop culture. Hosted by Matt Marble & Daniel Flores.


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Monthly reviews of music, movies, sports, pro-wrestling, and pop culture. Hosted by Matt Marble & Daniel Flores.






December 2018 - Bird Box Challenge & Lebron's Glass of Merlot

A whole year of Aww Sheet has come and gone! Matt & Daniel wrap up 2018 with a recap of December and all the entertainment, sports, and professional wrestling happenings throughout the month. Twitter - @awwsheetpod Apple Podcasts - Aww Sheet Podcast Website -


November 2018 - Turkey Day, Freddie Mercury, & The Man

November 2018 is in the books, and Matt & Daniel are releasing this edition of Aww Sheet (wait for it).... on time! Miracles do happen! The holiday season has begun, which means Oscar season is upon us. Daniel runs down all the movies that were released in November, along with all the other entertainment news and gossip. WWE held it's 32nd annual Survivor Series event in November, which saw some dream match-ups that many fans never thought they'd see. What were they? The NBA is in full...


October 2018 - All Hallows' Eve, World Series, & Red Dead Redemption ... 2

Matt & Daniel are back to discuss the happenings in October 2018. Loyal listeners know the drill, Daniel talks about movies, music, and TV. Matt talks about sports and professional wrestling. They sprinkle in a little bit of personal stories here and there. October brought Halloween, the World Series, Red Dead Redemption, WWE Evolution, a heart-breaking announcement from Roman Reigns, and much more. Don't miss this one, tune in now! Twitter - @awwsheetpod Apple Podcasts - Aww Sheet Podcast...


August & September 2018 - Playing Catch-Up

After a brief hiatus, Matt & Daniel are back! The latest episode of Aww Sheet covers TWO months, both August and September of 2018. The guys had a lot to catch up on, including the Emmys, SummerSlam, Tiger Woods finding the win column again, the top summer movies, and so much more! There were some big changes in their recording locations as well, so you'll want to tune in now to find out all the updates! Twitter - @awwsheetpod Apple Podcasts - Aww Sheet Podcast Website -


July 2018 - Freedom, Kiki, and Home Run Derby Controversy

In July 2018, people videotaped themselves getting out of their moving cars to perform a dance so they could post it on the internet for likes... this has become better know as the #KikiChallenge, and we can thank or rather blame, Drake for all the injuries! MLB celebrated their All-Star break with a controversial Home Run Derby victory by Bryce Harper accompanied by his jacked father. We also celebrated America's FREEDOM! All this and more in the latest edition of Aww Sheet! Twitter -...


June 2018 - iHOb, White Claw, & Speakeasies

June 2018 was packed full of entertainment and sports events. Better known for their pancakes, iHOp changed their name to iHOb for International House of Burgers... weird but maybe brilliant. TV shows have started to end for the season, but summer movies are just starting to pick up. Drake is still on the top of the chart,s but Kanye is coming for him! The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup finals both concluded in June... who took home the crowns?! The World Cup began from Russia, and soccer fans...


May 2018 - Laurel or Yanny, NBA Finals, & The Robbery!

Matt and Daniel are back to review all the important happenings for the month of May 2018. Arguable the most notable topic was whether you heard the name "Laurel" or "Yanny"... there is no right or wrong answer, but people will fight you! Daniel had some intense personal things happen to him during May, and Matt did not! Drake and Pusha T are trying to revive the Rap Battle while Kanye is still going crazy, or maybe just promoting his new album... you be the judge! NBC and Fox fought over...


April 2018 - Infinity War, Yodel Boy, & WrestleMania

Matt and Daniel are back to review the latest movie, pop culture, sports, and wrestling happenings from April 2018. In this episode, they were joined by 2 guests, Matt's wife, Jena, and their 2 month old son, Jack! April was packed full of marquee events, like Coachella, WrestleMania, The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, the NFL Draft, and the opening of Infinity War in movie theaters, so there was plenty to talk about. Who is Yodel Boy, and why is he famous?! What are the initial...


March 2018 - Madness!

March 2018 has come and gone, so it's time for the Aww Sheet crew to talk shop! Matt and Daniel got together and discussed all things music, movies, TV, sports, and pro-wrestling for the month of March! Who took home Oscars? What's new on TV? Is Drake still sitting on top of the charts? How is the WrestleMania card shaping up? Hear all this and more of the March 2018 edition of Aww Sheet! Twitter - @awwsheetpod Apple Podcasts - Aww Sheet Podcast Website -


February 2018 - Fatherhood, The Black Panther, and PyeongChang

Aww Sheet is back with it's first official episode, reviewing the month of February 2018. in the worlds of music, movies, sports, pro-wrestling, and pop culture. Drake had a #1 single, Black Panther caused an uproar, the Winter Olympics lasted for a LONG time, and WWE is gearing up for WrestleMania 34! Hear all this and more on the second episode of Aww Sheet Pod. Find us on Apple Podcasts and follow us on twitter @awwsheetpod.


January 2018 - The Beginning

Welcome to the first "unofficial" episode of The Aww Sheet Podcast, hosted by Matt Marble & Daniel Flores. This episode was recorded before we had a name or a complete concept for Aww Sheet, so a true pilot version of the show! In the pilot episode, we discuss the happenings in January 2018 in the worlds of film, music, sports, pro-wrestling, and also our own personal lives. We dig into the Golden Globes, Oprah's presidential run, the upcoming Super Bowl, and the WWE Royal Rumble winners!...