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We are BGB: Black Girl Broadcast. Get ready to listen, laugh, learn and love as we discuss your favorite TV shows from a black girl perspective. Black girl magic, comedy, seriousness and truth will ensue. Keep it locked to BGB, putting the "tea" in T.V.

We are BGB: Black Girl Broadcast. Get ready to listen, laugh, learn and love as we discuss your favorite TV shows from a black girl perspective. Black girl magic, comedy, seriousness and truth will ensue. Keep it locked to BGB, putting the "tea" in T.V.


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We are BGB: Black Girl Broadcast. Get ready to listen, laugh, learn and love as we discuss your favorite TV shows from a black girl perspective. Black girl magic, comedy, seriousness and truth will ensue. Keep it locked to BGB, putting the "tea" in T.V.






Lovecraft Country | The Ending ft. Guest Host Trae aka Lil Saint

In this episode BGB finally concludes our deep dive into Lovecraft Country with our guest host Trae aka Lil Saint, we talk Saintuso, an upcoming BGB x Saintuso collab, Lovecraft Country Radio, slavery as a genre, Topsy & Bopsy, WAPsy & BOPsy, Trae’s fear of the Leprechaun, horror and children, the crazy ending, Season 2 desires and expectations, Christina: an ally or an enemy, the danger of white women, Emmett Till, 100% black, Humpty Dumpty, online murders, the beautiful Hippolyta episode,...


Lovecraft Country ft. Guest Host Summer

In this episode BGB continues with Lovecraft Country with our guest host Summer aka Summie, we talk about the beauty of the Meet Me In Daegu episode, we talk mother daughter relationships, monsters, kumiho, trauma, expectations that parents place on their children, handling parents, “respectfully,” the fears of a parent placed on their child, conversations vs. dictations, lying little sisters, get this knowledge, teaching the next generation to be much better, parental pressuring, mind your...


Black Girl Broadcast Reviews | Lovecraft Country continues with Guest Summer

In this episode BGB continues with Lovecraft Country with our guest host Summer aka Summie, we talk everything being “for me,” Fee B being scared, Twilight & that crazy baby name, women’s spaghetti, we stan Jurnee Smollett, favorite characters, least favorite characters, Summer hates Ruby, Montrose, entanglements, family trauma, parents & kids, the trauma from beatings, Will Catlett, Episode 5: A Strange Case & Episode 8: Jig-A-Bobo being super scary/creepy, day-mares, old movie special...


BGB Lovecraft Reviews | Episode 2

In this episode BGB continues with Lovecraft Country, we talk Whitey’s On The Moon, white people using & disposing of black people, Leti & Uncle George’s amnesia, being oblivious, “this election” or whatever Cassie said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Jurnee Smollett and Misha Green, voting, getting rid of the electoral college, celebrity obsession, money & mortality, privilege, the importance of paternal support, Uncle George is the goat, biblical manipulation, the ritual, the power of the...


BGB's Lovecraft Reviews | The Beginning

In this episode BGB talks about the new hit HBO series, Lovecraft Country. We talk about the beautiful blackness of this show, how HBO be holding us down, Highly Black & Outstanding, the genre-blending, black horror, horror noire, Jordan Peele, Misha Green, Underground, how horror has changed for black people, J.J. Abrams, the amazing characters & cast, initial reactions, H.P. Lovecraft, Matt Ruff’s novel Lovecraft Country, racism as a form of horror, Get Out, Us, knowing your limits,...


BGB: Woke Pt.2 Review

In this conclusion of our Woke review, BGB talks about the season 1 episode 7 of the series, Michael Vick & the dogs, BLM vs. PETA, cartoons, famous black voice cameos in the series: Cree Summer, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer and more, black being political, Michael Jordan and social politics, the upcoming SpringHill Tulsa Massacre film, NBA Finals winners: Los Angeles Lakers and KING LEBRON, Colin Kaepernick, not voting, disrespecting the ancestors, lack of variety in black history...


BGB Reviews Woke

In this episode, BGB talks about the new Hulu series, Woke. We talk LaMorne Morris, New Girl, The Burton Boys love for J.B. Smoove, Keef vs. Keith, White Famous, initial reactions, Kubby the Koala, white savior complex, the police encounter, Candace’s B2K story, being oblivious, driving past the cops, racism being evergreen,, can racists really be reformed, how racism is taught, #BreonnaTaylor, #GeorgeFloyd, non-political black people and soo much more Mentioned: Candace's...


BGB reviews Power Book II: Ghost

In this episode, BGB talks about the new Starz spin-off series, Power Book II: Ghost. We talk all of the upcoming Power spin-offs, our dislike of the new show title and is Ghost really dead? Our initial reactions, Tariq’s evolution, new characters, amazing celebrity cast: Mary J. Blige, Woody McClain & Method Man, silver daddies, Courtney B. Vance, our hot take on Kanan & Cane’s connection, the differences in the St. Patrick family & the Tejada family, respectfully, Tasha trying to stay out...


Insecure: The Ending

In this episode, BGB finishes the conversation about season 4 of Insecure, we talk mental health, the importance of black men maintaining and dealing with their mental health, taking care of yourself first, Nathan & Issa, Lawrence’s growth from cereal boy to the man he is now, Condola, finding out the “why” of relationship breakups, the process of allowing relationships to mature, what ifs vs. what’s now, Tia Mowry Hardrict & her husband Cory Hardrict from potential to purpose, a good...


Insecure Season 4: The Beginning

In this episode, BGB talks about season 4 of Insecure, we talk makeup residue on masks, Falesha & Candace beef over lip gloss, our love for melanin, toning lotion, the amazing, incomparable Issa Rae, Issa’s constantly growing empire, Hilltop restaurant, black women hair care lines, Tiffany Haddish’s bald head, Issa Dee’s career journey, perception vs. reality, closure conversations, intention vs. execution, growing pains, eHarmony, thinking that you’re better than others, the importance of...



In this episode, BGB talks about the new Starz drama P-Valley. We talk about newcoming playwright turned director Katori Hall, we talk Pussy Valley vs. P-Valley, Stars leaving Xfinity, the amazing cast, Mercedes, Uncle Clifford, Autumn Night, Ms. Mississippi, we talk Lil Murda being a great TV series rapper, the male gaze of stripping, how this series add humanity to a career that is often dehumanizing, gentrification, domestic abuse, religion & spirituality, letting that stage be your...


The Chi Pt.2

In this episode, BGB concludes our conversation about The Chi Season 3, we talk about the importance of the subject matter tackled this season, protecting our black women, how the season wrapped up and so much more


The Chi: Season 3

Your girls are back and we are kicking things off talking about the most recent season of The Chi. We talk fans, Covid-19, new season changes for the good and bad, changing series characters, Lena Waithe, Luke James, human trafficking, missing black children, growth, redemption, how real life actions affects TV storylines, the streets not taking care of you, the young boys growing up through the seasons, Papa's spiritual journey, real famous relatives, Emmett stepping up as the male lead...


Self Made | Netflix

In this episode, BGB talks the Netflix original series Self Made with our guest Trae the owner of Saintuso, we talk the Madam C.J. Walker, Octavia Spencer, SpringHill Entertainment, Tiffany Haddish, chasing your dreams, defying the odds, passion vs. relationship, Blair Underwood always being a bad husband, colorism, Booker "Trash" Washington, advertising to white people vs. black people, the Honey Pot controversy, trailer parks vs. projects, being an entrepreneur, respecting your employees...


Little Fires Everywhere

In this episode, BGB talks the Hulu original series Little Fires Everywhere, we talk the book vs. the series, Celeste Ng, motherhood, opportunities, race, parental pressure in black and white families, pressures inside and outside of the home, Elena not minding her own business, doing good vs. doing too much, altruism vs. manipulation, setting little fires, white women tears, BeBe Chow, privilege, the 70 cents episode, ugly kid drawings, stability and normalcy, lack of communication with...


BGB talks Bigger

In this episode, BGB talks about the BET+ original series Bigger, we mentioned it as a much watch in our #EssentialBingeableShows episode and now we dig deeper into it. We talk the new BET+ streaming service, Will Packer, Devon Shepard, Felischa Marye, being a great show on a undeveloped network, chasing your dreams vs. playing it safe, amazing character development, new original series ideas in a world of remakes and reboots, the age old question...can men and women really just be friends,...



Corona came for your girls.....but we still here!!! Can't no quarantine hold us down, ya girls got some content for y'all in the midst of this pandemic. In this episode, we talk about #essentialbingeableshows, we talk our appreciation for essential employees, Corona, quarantine, Babyface vs. Teddy Riley, social distancing, DJ D-nice, working at home, the best shows to watch while working, Power, Snowfall, Little Fires Everywhere, Bigger, BET+, #blackAF, maintaining sanity during this time of...


Cherish The Day | OWN Network

In this episode, BGB talks the new OWN series, Cherish The Day, we talk Tuesdays, anthology series, how BGB lives for closure, Ava Duvernay, the geniuses behind the scenes, Oprah Winfrey’s big fall, Fee B the flamingo, show parity, Monique vs. Oprah, the tripping process, Love Is__, old school vs. new school love, Gently, Evan, Cicely Tyson, Karen Malina White, the Proud Family reboot, prevalence of sex scenes, ashy black people, Insecure, the show open, Cherish the Day song, Fee B’s old TV,...


For Life | ABC

In this episode, BGB talks ABC’s new hit series, For Life, we talk Charm City Kings, the British actor’s American accent, Isaac Wright Jr., When They See Us, Titty Girl, The Innocence Project, prison reform, Cyntoia Brown, FUBU, fair exchange ain’t no robbery, the “injustice” system, Exonerated Five, Rihanna, your true story, RIP Katherine Johnson, the evolution of 50 cent, real life vs. TV, jury deliberations, binge culture and so much more Mentioned: Cyntoia Brown's StoryYou 'Noying50...


All American Pt.2

In this episode, BGB concludes our conversation about the hit CW series, All American, we talk Billy's dad, the pressure of sports, Fee B recounting a traumatic TV episode, dinner table drama, aggression in sports, Tranise's short lived basketball career, father to son trauma, racism vs. preference, Bre-Z, gangs, daddy issues, how the show tackles necessary and timely issues, black shows getting more depth, big fun with the Wretched, black-ish, balancing reality and optimism, The Chi,...