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Show Some Compassion - Episode 091

Where has all of the compassion gone? We need to stand up as a society and love one another. We are so focused on the negative things that we have gotten a little out of touch with reality. It is important for us to understand one another and become a better person out of it.


Starve The Distractions - Episode 088

In life, it is easy to become distracted. We have to focus on the things that we want in life. In today's world, we are flooded with information and distraction. You get notifications every few minutes on your phone. You have to be able to set yourself up for success. Take time to set up your day so you can prepare to minimize distraction. Subscribe to iTunes Podcast Subscribe to our Google Music Podcast...


Team Work Makes The Dream Work- Episode 087

Team Work Makes The Dream Work- Episode 087 by Anthony Hester


R-E-L-A-X - Episode 086

Sometimes all you have to do is relax. Often times we find ourselves overworking and on our way to burnout. We need to take some time to just let our thoughts go. Your mind needs to rest a little. You can not be running at full speed all of the time. Stop feeling guilty and allow your self to take a break every once in a while.


Stop Being Average- Episode 085

Average is something that most people don't want. Many people find themselves becoming complacent. They allow themselves to get caught up in the idea of being comfortable. If you want to find success, you should surround yourself with successful people. You should challenge your thoughts. Find ways to make your success come true.


Get Out of Your Own Way - Episode 083

Often times we are our own worst enemies. We are focused on the things that aren't going right. This distracts us from accomplishing our goals. We have to focus on our strengths. We need to change the negative talk track in our minds to positive. We are stronger and better than we think we are.


Start Depending On Yourself - Episode 081

Most people depend on others to help them along the way. Most people look to others support to feel that they are doing things right. It is time that you start depending on your own opinions and feelings. You are in control of your life. You should be able to do things even when others don't believe or back what you are doing. Believe in your growth and you will find success.


Destroy That Negativity - Episode 080

Destroy That Negativity - Episode 080 by Anthony Hester


Time To Get Committed - Episode 079

Commitment is a scary word for most people. The word is a powerful word. Many people feel that commitment is scary because they feel that they will fail at what they are committing to. Commitment can mean there is a lot of work that goes into it. Well I can tell you successful people commit and get what they want. Decide if that is what you want. What are you waiting for?


Time Waits For No One - Episode 078

Time is our most valuable asset. No matter what we do, we can never gain it back. We need to be able to take advantage of the time we have. We need to stop thinking about worries, failures, and our past. We should begin focusing on growth and development. Spend time wisely. Don't waste it.


There Is No Comparision - Episode 077

It is impossible to get what you want if you always compare your life to others. We must be able to find success within. We have the capability to do whatever we want if we just focus. Positive thoughts and ideas create positive momentum for your success. If you are going to compare your life with anyone it should be yourself.


Don't Settle For Less Than You Deserve - Episode 076

Stop settling for less than you deserve. Many times we are living lives that we are less than happy with. We often forget to realize what we deserve. We are worth more than we think we are. It is time to look yourself and the mirror and decide today to take action in getting what you want. Subscribe to iTunes Podcast Subscribe to our Google Music Podcast...


Why Do You Want To Fix Me ? - Episode 074

How many of you are guilty of trying to fix someone? I know I have been. Many times we look to fix others and guess what they don't want to be fixed. It is important to know that the only person you can fix is yourself. Decide what you like and don' t like and change it. You are in full control of your life and no one else's. Guess what the minute you are in tune with yourself the better your life will be.


Are You Open For Opportunity?- Episode 073

Opportunity is something we should always look for. Life is full of them. We often miss out on opportunities because we often are distracted by things that don't matter. You need to understand that taking action in life you will create opportunities naturally. So decide to take action and watch the opportunities come your way.


The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction- Episode 072

Success is something we are always building. We must remain focused on our goals and aspirations. We must make sure that we are never satisfied by having little bits of success. This leads to us becoming complacent and not working as hard to accomplish our goals. You can be successful but you should always continue to work hard towards success.


Flex Your Confidence Muscle- Episode 071

Confidence is a big key to success. In order to succeed, you must believe in what you do. You have to have faith that you can accomplish anything. Don't be afraid of success, embrace it. Know that what you put your mind to you can and will accomplish. Confidence is the driver of your action towards success.


Why Do You Want Success?!- Episode 070

Living life is a whole lot easier if you know your why. We have to be able to understand what drives us to success. Many people will spend their lives searching for their why and maybe never find it. You have to be able to understand who you are and what you want to go after it. Focus and determination in your goals and dreams will always lead to growth. Take ownership of your life and find your why.


Ignore The Noise- Episode 069

People are always wanting to add commentary to others lives. Some people want to spread positivity, while others will spread negativity. It is important to understand that not everyone will cheer you on. Thats when you have to decide to ignore the noise. Don;t ever let someone crush your dreams or goals. Your voice is always louder.


Raise Your Energy Level- Episode 068

Energy is an important tool to success. You should always be aware of where you are putting your energy. Positivity energy creates positivity energy. When you decide that you have total control. You no longer rely on others to give you a boost. Subscribe to iTunes Podcast Subscribe to our Google Music Podcast Follow us on SoundCloud...


Stop! Why Do You Care What People Think of You?!- Episode 067

Why are we so afraid to live our lives? We are often trapped by the thoughts of other peoples judgement of us. Let me tell you a little secret most people don't know who you are and most people don't care what you do. Enjoy your life the way you want to. Subscribe to iTunes Podcast Subscribe to our Google Music Podcast Follow us on SoundCloud...