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Become a Paid Subscriber: Los Angeles radio show hosts, Toscano & and Chang bring in the '80s morning and afternoon radio show feel back! With special guests, both in the entertainment industry from the '80s and from beyond our realm, they bring wacky skits and stories from their generation. Together they are introducing the '80s to a whole new generation.


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Become a Paid Subscriber: Los Angeles radio show hosts, Toscano & and Chang bring in the '80s morning and afternoon radio show feel back! With special guests, both in the entertainment industry from the '80s and from beyond our realm, they bring wacky skits and stories from their generation. Together they are introducing the '80s to a whole new generation.






1980s Icons Part 2

"Icons of the 80s" is the captivating second installment of the popular radio show "Back to the 80s." Delving into the golden era of music, the program highlights the iconic figures who defined the decade with their unforgettable contributions to the cultural and musical landscape. Hosted by passionate 80s enthusiasts, Toscano & Chang, the show invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through time, paying tribute to the legends and trendsetters who left an indelible mark on the era. From pop sensations to rock legends, "Icons of the 80s" celebrates the diversity and innovation that defined the music of the time. With captivating storytelling, the host takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, sharing anecdotes and behind-the-scenes insights about the featured artists. Today's special guest is Sandy Kaye, from the show, "A Breath of Fresh Air Podcast." Sandy is a journalist with a long history in both radio and television here in Australia, extremely passionate about a good story. She wants you to be both entertained and learn something new each and every time you tune in.


1980s Icons part 1

Join us on a nostalgic journey as we celebrate the unforgettable icons of the 1980s in this special episode of the Back to the 80s radio show. From music and movies to fashion and pop culture, we'll revisit the larger-than-life personalities that defined an entire decade. In this episode, we'll dive into the world of music with legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince, whose groundbreaking hits still dominate the airwaves today. Get ready to groove to the infectious beats and relive the magic of the iconic music videos that shaped an entire generation. But it's not just about the music; we'll also shine a spotlight on the silver screen as we discuss the timeless performances of actors like Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, and Molly Ringwald. Whether it's the charismatic charm of Ferris Bueller or the daring adventurism of Indiana Jones, we'll explore the iconic characters that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions. No trip back to the 80s would be complete without mentioning the unforgettable fashion trends that defined the decade. From neon spandex and leg warmers to mullets and parachute pants, we'll take a stroll down memory lane, celebrating the bold and eccentric styles that were the epitome of '80s fashion. Tune in as we reminisce about the unforgettable moments, trends, and personalities that made the 1980s a truly remarkable era. Whether you lived through it or simply appreciate the cultural impact, this episode of Back to the 80s will transport you back in time, immersing you in the vibrant spirit of the '80s icons that continue to inspire and captivate audiences today.


Special Episode: The Worlds Greatest Albums of the 1980s

Welcome to "The World's Greatest Albums of the 1980s" segment on Back to the 80s Radio, hosted by Mario Toscano. In today's episode, we dive into Depeche Mode's iconic album, "Music for the Masses." Released in 1987, this album marked a significant milestone in the band's career and cemented their status as pioneers of electronic music. "Music for the Masses" presents a compelling blend of dark and brooding synth-pop, showcasing Depeche Mode's evolution both musically and lyrically. The album kicks off with the hauntingly powerful track, "Never Let Me Down Again," setting the tone for the introspective journey that follows. Throughout the album, Depeche Mode explores themes of longing, desire, and introspection with tracks like "Strangelove" and "Behind the Wheel." The band's signature synth-driven sound, combined with lead singer Dave Gahan's captivating vocals, creates an atmospheric and emotionally charged listening experience. "Music for the Masses" pushed the boundaries of electronic music, incorporating elements of alternative rock and industrial sounds. The album's production quality and attention to detail further highlight Depeche Mode's growth as musicians and their ability to craft immersive sonic landscapes. Today we're taking you on a captivating journey through the album, providing insights into its creation, impact, and enduring legacy. From analyzing the album's thematic depth to exploring its influence on subsequent artists, this episode offers a comprehensive exploration of Depeche Mode's "Music for the Masses." Tune in to Back to the 80s Radio as we celebrate this timeless album, reminding us why "Music for the Masses" continues to resonate with listeners and solidify Depeche Mode's place in music history.


Underrated Bands or Songs from the '80s

Join Toscano and Chang as they embark on a 2-part show talking about some underrated bands and songs from the 80s. They will reminisce about some lesser-known bands and some well-known bands that had underrated songs. In part 2, they will talk about how some bands that were popular at the time have been forgotten over the years, and how there is still so much great music from the 80s that deserves more recognition.


'80s Music For Everyone!

On this episode of the Back to the 80s radio show, hosts Toscano and Chang go head to head with their picks for cool songs from the decade. Each of them plays one song, showcasing their musical tastes and battling it out for supremacy. Expect lots of banter as Toscano and Chang share their personal connections to these iconic songs and the memories they evoke. From new wave to rock to pop, there's something for everyone on this episode. So tune in and listen to the debate unfold as Toscano and Chang compete for the title of the coolest 80s songs. And be sure to share the show with your friends, so they can join in on the fun too.


The '80s Album of the Week: Madonna

On Today's episode of, "The '80s Album of the Week," Madonna the Debut album. Tune in to Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm(pst) Let us know which '80s album you'd like to hear covered here on the show. If selected, I'll send out a shoutout and play the album. Go to our Facebook fan page at: and send us a direct message to let us know what you choose.


New Show Preview: The '80s Album of the Week

This weekend ONLY we will preview the newest addition to the Back to the '80s family with full songs. The new show will air on weekends at 6pm(pst). Please let us know how you like the newest addition the Back to the '80s Radio Network. You'll be able to listen to the entire show with full songs at Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm(pst)


The '80s Ruled

Today we talk about things that made the '80s so great. Toscano & Chang go head to head with music and '80 banter. Today's special guest is Aida Dawson. Content Creator, Entrepreneur, CEO of KH Enterprises. Come along and put us on in the car or at home, remember the '80s with us and enjoy the music.


The '80s: Decade of Decadence

Toscano & Chang talk about some of the drug and alcohol stories they remember. Also, special guest today is Mark Mason of the rock band, "AMPAGE"


Long Live Rock n' Roll, Long Live the '80s

Today on the Back to the '80s Radio show, we talk with Haitian actor and producer best known for his role as "the Haitian" on the NBC television series Heroes, Jimmy Jean-Louis. We also have a visit from Gina DeFranco, the executive producer at, who turns concerts and events into stunning spectacles. Then, Toscano and Chang rant a bit about the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame! Don't miss the show.


The Wonders of 1984

In this episode of Back to the '80s, Toscano & Chang talk about some cool things that happened in the year of 1984. It was a year that many would like to go back to!


1980 - The Start Of The Greatest Decade

In episode 34 of Back to the '80s, Toscano & Chang talk about the year that started it all... 1980. Join us as we learn some of the experiences of the time and news that was happening. You won't believe some of the things that went on!


Back to the '80s Top 10 Greatest Songs of 1980

Today we are talking about both Billboard's Top 10 and Back to the '80s Radio's choice for the top 10 songs of 1980. Hang out with us and listen to the antics of Toscano & Chang.


The Top 10 Songs from 1984

Today we continue our musical journey through 1984 and briefly mention Billboard's top songs, but more importantly, we are going to play our favorites for that year. Don't miss this awesome episode of the greatest '80s radio show on earth! A big shoutout to Sandy Kaye who hosts, "A Breath of Fresh Air" podcast. A music magazine that celebrates the music we grew up with and the people who made it. This show really IS A Breath of Fresh Air.

Rockin 1987

In Episode 34 of Back to the '80s, Toscano & Chang talk about the events of 1987. They introduce Rockin Revolution from Corey Feldman's new EP LOVE RETURNS. Thanks, Corey! NEW MUSIC RELEASE! THE BRAND NEW PICTURE DISC 12” EP RELEASE U HAV BEEN WAITING 4 @ A MASSIVELY REDUCED PRICE OF ONLY $49.99!! THAT'S A 40% DISCOUNT FROM THE ORIGINAL PRICE! ONLY 200 WILL B MADE, SO ORDER 2DAY B4 U MISS YOUR CHANCE: #LOVERETURNS


Top 10 Songs of 1982

Toscano and Chang talk about the songs that made 1982 all that much better. Join us today as we travel through time and hear what Billboard chose as their top 10 as well.


Back to the '80s Top 5 songs from 1987

What are your favorite songs from 1987? Today we are talking more about music and compete against each other!


'80s Songs Bring Back Memories

Was there an '80s song that meant something special to you? When you hear that certain song from the '80s, does it transport you to a certain moment? Today, Toscano & Chang talk about the songs that have deep meaning for them. Don't miss special guest, 1980's FM Radio & YouTube personality, "Smash Ventura."


Back to the '80s with special guest, Award Winning Author, Michael Thomas Perone

Toscano and Chang continue their banter about those things they cared less for in the '80s. Today's special guest is Michael Thomas Perone an award-winning author who has written for The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper, Long Island Voice (a spinoff of The Village Voice), and The Island Ear (now titled Long Island Press), among others. Online, he has written for Fatherly, Yahoo!, WhatCulture!, and other websites that don’t end with an exclamation mark. He works as a Senior Editor in Manhattan and lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters. What’s on top of Danger Peak? That’s what thirteen-year-old Robert Kin and his two best friends, wisecracking and loyal Chris and sweet but put-upon Rinnie, want to find out in their small suburban town of the late 1980s. The three teens are members of the motorbike-racing club the Wild Boars, and with the inadvertent help of their eccentric technology teacher, Dr. Howard (who prefers to be called “Doctor,” not “Mister,” thank you very much), they build Robert a better, faster, and stronger dirt bike—piece by piece. Haunted by flashbacks of his older brother Danny, who died trying to scale Danger Peak the year before, Robert becomes obsessed with conquering the magical mountain. For the respect of his friends and school, and with the aid of his improved Action Bike, he discovers what lies beyond the peak of the mountain—and maybe even beyond the bounds of Earth itself. Filled with humor, adventure, and, most importantly, heart, Danger Peak is an inspiring story about what it takes to achieve your dreams—and what it means to feel alive. Extra info: If you sign up for blog updates at, you’ll receive a free PDF of the book Lists, Life, and Other Unimportant Details, a collection of Michael Thomas Perone’s best blogs and published articles over the past 25 years.


Things We Thought Were Stupid in the '80s!

Today we talk about those things that we thought were stupid in the 1980s. So stick around with us as we remember together.