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Dr. Vorapot Discusses Bangkok’s Dengue Dangers [Season 3, Episode 68]

Dengue infections are off the chart this year, and it pays to know the dangers. Do you? ARE YOU SURE? Greg interviews Dr. Vorapot, an expert in travel medicine and in particular tropical diseases such as dengue fever. Greg and Dr. V review the scary data on the increases in dengue cases in Thailand, noting that different types of mosquitoes breed in different environments. Luckily, the type that carries malaria tends to breed in clean water in the jungle, but other types can breed in...


Director Pailin Wedel Talks About Her Film ‘Hope Frozen’ [Season 3, Episode 67]

A bit of self-promotion first - we’re happy to see that the Bangkok Podcast was chosen as one of 2019’s top 25 expat podcasts over at Feedspot. A great honor! Now to the show... Greg and Ed are psyched to sit down with Pailin Wedel, a Thai-American journalist and filmmaker based in Bangkok, about her new film “Hope Frozen.” Pailin talks a bit about her background as a journalist making short documentary pieces for Al Jazeera and other news outlets. Her new film, however, sprang from a...


Bangkok History Highlight: The Cambodian Thai Soap Opera Riots of 2003 [Season 3, Episode 66]

Continuing our series on interesting events in Thai history, Greg introduces the Thai-Cambodian ‘crisis’ of 2003. It started when rumors began spreading that a Thai soap opera actress, Suvanant Kongying, had said Cambodia had ‘stolen’ Angkor Wat from Thailand. After the Cambodian Prime Minister repeated the allegations and banned Thai radio programs and TV shows, anti-Thai mobs began to form in Phnom Penh and soon became violent, leading to looting, evacuations, threats of military...


Dating in Bangkok: Expat Women Share Stories & Advice - Part 2 [Season 3, Episode 65]

Part 2 of a panel discussion with four guests! Why four? Well, everyone knows that cliche about Bangkok being a heaven for expat men, but we didn’t know much about what it’s like for expat women. It stands to reason that one woman can’t speak for all women, so we upped the game a bit. We discuss a myriad of stories that show how complex, nuanced, and (depending on the person) important the issue is to a life well lived in the capital. Among many other things, the ladies discuss dating...


Dating in Bangkok: Expat Women Share Their Stories - Part 1 [Season 3, Episode 64]

It’s a very unique episode of the Bangkok Podcast! Greg and Ed do a first for the the show, with a panel discussion with four guests! Why four? Well, everyone knows that cliche about Bangkok being a heaven for expat men, but we didn’t know much about expat women. It stands to reason that one woman can’t speak for all women, so we upped the game a bit. After some introductions, we get into the meat of the show, with a myriad of stories that show how complex, nuanced, and (depending on the...


Ed vs. Reverse Culture Shock [Season 3, Episode 63]

When you’ve been an expat for a long time and don’t visit home regularly, what’s it like going back? Is reverse culture shock even real? Greg and Ed discuss Ed’s first trip back to the States in 4 years to see how ed digested it all. Usually one to enjoy his trips back, Ed notes two major things that struck him: first, without the language and cultural barriers, things unexpectedly just work, and the feeling of standing there not knowing what to do when things go well is a little weird....


Driving in Bangkok: Cars vs. Motorbikes [Season 3, Episode 62]

With Ed still on vacation, Greg is joined by special co-host Scott Coates to discuss a question of the ages - when driving in Bangkok, what’s the best way to do it - car, or motorbike? Despite neither of the guys having their own transportation for their first 15 or so years in town, both now drive regularly - Greg in a car, and Scott on a motorbike. So which one is best? They discuss the ups and downs of each type of ride, special gear bike riders need, the limitations that car drivers...


Talking with Phra Pandit: Amulets, Talismans, Relics & Faith [Season 3, Episode 61]

It’s been a while, but one of our favorite semi-regular guests is back! Bangkok Podcast’s official Buddhist correspondent, Phra Pandit, welcomed Greg at his temple to talk about amulets, talismans, and Buddhist relics - and what ties them all together. The burning question Greg had was - if seemingly every third temple claims to have a piece of Buddha’s body - what exactly happened to the poor guy when he died? Phra Pandit explains the history behind the idea of Buddhist relics and what...


Up Close and Personal: Live Storytelling at Bombyx [Season 3, Episode 60]

Bangkok’s live performance scene is evolving in some interesting ways, and nowhere is that more clear than at Bombyx, the city’s most popular live storytelling event. We chat with organizer John Englander about the history of the event and what makes it special, including how speakers are chosen (and rejected), and what ingredients it takes from Bangkok’s eclecting local and expat communities. John also tells us about his own first experience as a Bombyx speaker, and how terror quickly...


Gadget Geeks in Bangkok [Season 3, Episode 59]

Are you a gadget geek? Greg and Ed sure are, and they discuss some of the key places in Bangkok for people to get their gadget geek jollies. But it ain’t all e-wine and circuit board roses in Bangkok; Ed notes that the best places in the world to buy technology are still in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong. That being said, Thai prices might be better than certain places such as Australia and Europe. The boys next discuss the main places to go if you’re on the hunt for gear -...


Bangkok Informed: What It’s Like Moderating an Expat Facebook Group [Season 3, Episode 58]

Most of us have used one type of expat group or another, so you know that they’re often a chaotic mix of helpful advice, strange questions, and angry debates. Helpful? Sometimes. Boring? Never. On this episode, Greg interviews Blake Sibbitt, the creator of a relatively new Facebook group called Bangkok Informed, who talks about what goes on behind the scenes. Blake explains the basic goal behind his forum: to split the difference between highly curated forums where participants must...


Dealing With Common Expat Problems in Bangkok [Season 3, Episode 57]

Bangkok is a great city to be an expat in, but it’s not without its challenges. On this show, Greg and Ed compare Bangkok to other expat destinations around the world based on a number of issues from an article Greg read about expat life. From missing your support network, to worry about finances, to worries over romance and dating, the issues are very real, but also very different, depending on which city you’re in. For instance, both feel that Bangkok is a very easy city to find a new...


Charity, Kindness & Food: Talking With Courageous Kitchen's Dwight Turner [Season 3, Episode 56]

Greg interviews Dwight Turner, the founder of Courageous Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that centers on food and nutrition education for at-risk youth and families in Bangkok. Dwight recounts the start of the organization and how it sprang from a simple desire to find something more meaningful in his life after the traveling and partying were done. Over time, the organization evolved into a program that teaches young people how and what to cook. Seems easy, but for those at risk - such...


How Quickly Are You Prepared to Leave Bangkok? [Season 3, Episode 55]

On this episode, Greg and Ed discuss the concept of a “Go Bag” - that is, a bag that always stays packed in case you need to get outta Dodge. Both hosts know people who have them, but it’s a concept that’s different for everyone. It might seem alarmist, but here in Bangkok, things can sometimes go bad in a hurry. But how do you define a Go Bag? As Greg explains, it could be something as simple as making sure you have the supplies to work from home for a few days in case of something bad...


HUBBA Thailand CEO Talks Real Estate, Coworking & Entrepreneurism [Season 3, Episode 54]

Greg interviews Aim Chareonphan, the CEO of Hubba Thailand, a coworking pioneer in Thailand. From humble beginnings borne out of a frustration with coworking spaces that weren’t...quite...there yet, Aim and his partner conceived of a place that was more than just a workspace; somewhere that provided a community that supports entrepreneurs and startups, a resource itself rather than just a place to get work done. Aim details the many obstacles his company has faced, not the least of which...


Bangkok History Highlight: The Amazing Career and Tragic Death of Mitr Chaibancha [Season 3, Episode 53]

First of all - we’re on YouTube! Well, just the audio of each show, but still...makes it easier to listen. Head on over to our channel and subscribe! On to the show… In a continuation of the series on Thai history, Greg and Ed discuss the fascinating career and tragic death of Mitr Chaibancha, perhaps Thailand’s greatest movie star. From his early days growing poverty to a promising career as a lightweight Muay Thai fighter, to an Air Force flight at Don Meuang Royal Thai Air Force base,...


Season 3 Retrospective: Looking Back on 1 Year [Season 3, Episode 52]

Greg and Ed reminisce about Ed’s first year as co-host of the Bangkok Podcast. Ed begins with a big ‘thank you’ to Greg for giving him the opportunity, and Greg gives a brief history of the BP over the years, from Season 1 with Tony Joh, which lasted for about a year and a half, to Season 2 with Evo Terra, which lasted about the same amount of time, and then to the last year with Ed. Ed talks about what he has liked and disliked about being the co-host, such as the weekly deadlines that are...


Bored Expats: Getting Your Groove Back in Bangkok [Season 3, Episode 51]

Bangkok is a giant, chaotic, constantly evolving megalopolis. But guess what? If you live here long enough, you’ll get bored. Happens to everybody. You’ll lose your groove and get stuck in a rut. So what to do? Greg and Ed give their best advice as long term expats, focusing mainly on relocating to a lesser known, more Thai parts of the city. With a quick introduction interview by Greg’s buddy Dom, who recently had his attitude changed by moving across town, the boys recount moving to new...


Talking Muay Thai With Fighter Matt Lucas [Season 3, Episode 50]

Greg interviews writer, commentator, and Muay Thai fighter Matt Lucas about the life of a foreigner in Bangkok practicing the Thai national sport. Matt begins with his background story - living in San Francisco and choosing between working in a bar and being becoming a drunk or practicing Muay Thai and only drinking on weekends. :) Muay Thai won out, and he Matt became serious about the sport, travelled to Thailand, and eventually relocated here. Matt is not only a fighter, he’s also a...


Bangkok's Best Photography Spots [Season 3, Episode 49]

The guys discuss something of great interest to many of our listeners - where to take the best photos in Bangkok. Ed begins by discussing main tourist attractions such as temples; they have been photographed millions of times, but if you aren’t looking for something unique, Bangkok’s disparate temples are a great place to practice. For something a little out of the way, Ed also recommends a trip to Ayutthaya for a ‘mini-Angkor’ experience, which, while also over-photographed, is something...