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045 - Angela Shen, Founder & CEO of Savor Seattle Food Tours

This week’s guest is Angela Shen. Angela is the Founder and CEO of Savor Seattle Food Tours. Our paths crossed many years ago when we used to get together for these semi-regular brainstorming sessions with a half dozen or so CEOs of local tour companies. We would get together at a coffee shop or over breakfast every couple of months and talk through challenges that we might be having with our business and others would have input. I was always in awe of how focused and directed Angela was...


044 - Health, Nutrition, Toxins, Supplements and Lab Results

Today I share the results of my personal lab tests. It's a look at about 150 bio markers as tested and interpreted by sports nutritionist, Chris Talley. This is an intimate and, in some cases, surprising look at my overall health, what I'm lacking in my diet, what I can do to improve my nutrition, what's looking good and some alarming (toxic) results that need to be cleared up.


043 - Runner and Race Director Sabrina Seher

Sabrina Seher lives by the motto: Find Your Super. And that she does each and every day all while inspiring others to do the same. Emerging from what she calls a dark place, she managed to come bursting out so that she could set an example for her two children and so that she could be an inspiration to others. Sabrina is a marathoner, ultra-marathoner, race director, owns a workout studio and manages a group of marathon pacers. Yeah, she's pretty super, alright.


042 Geraldine DeRuiter of the Everywhereist

Join the Be Bold Facebook group! Geraldine DeRuiter is an award-winning travel blogger best known for her blog and on Twitter as the Everywhereist. Her writing has been called “consistently clever” by TIME Magazine and “dark and hilarious” by the New York Times. Though intimidated by authority such as the TSA, she fights back with a witty sense of humor. That's why her blog post, “I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter” received more than a...


041 Ocean Rower Megan Biging

Join the Be Bold Facebook Group! Megan Biging is an ocean rower. Megan, along with her rowing partner, traversed the Pacific Ocean from Monterrey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii in the Great Pacific Race. It took them 57 days to complete. But in doing so, they set a world record. In this episode, Megan talks about what it took--both mentally and physically--to complete this epic journey, how she prepared for it, what her days (and nights) were like on the open water and what it was like...


040 Pauline Frommer, Co-President Frommer's Guides &

Join the Be Bold Facebook Group! Pauline Frommer is the Co-President of Frommer's, where she oversees the publication of the guidebooks, the website and is the host of two weekly radio shows. Frommers just celebrated their 60th year in business and continue to be one of the leading publishers where they produce high quality print books utilizing top notch journalists who provide unique perspectives at destinations around the world.


039 Talking Compassion with Linda Fane

Please join the Be Bold Facebook Group! On today's episode, I'm doing something a bit different. Today I'm speaking with previous Be Bold guest, Linda Fane, on the topic of compassion. Linda is a long-time Buddhist practitioner and Buddhist teacher whom you might recall from episode 5. Here we dive into a conversation about compassion, what the term means and how we can practically apply it to every day situations. You can find all episodes at


#038 Nurse-Midwife and Adventurer Angel Murdock

Angel Murdock is a Nurse Midwife, the Nomads Women’s Clinic Co-director and a women’s health adventurer. She spent a month trekking in one of Nepal's most remote regions to help administer medications to pregnant women and provide feminine products to those who otherwise don't have any access to basic care. Angel is a wife as well as mother to four children. In her spare time she meditates and rock climbs. Yes, she's an all around adventurer who's life philosophy is to live her truth and...


#037 Filmmaker and Writer Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the director of the documentary 3,000 Cups of Tea: The Rise and Ruin of Greg Mortenson. Greg is the author of the NY Times Bestseller, Three Cups of Tea, and was accused of, among other things, a number of inaccuracies in his story. After seeing a 60 Minutes expose on Greg, Jennifer wanted to tell his side of the story which, she felt, was neglected. In this conversation we talk about the film as well as the affects of someone being taken down after having done so much...


#036 TV Host and Travel Expert Samantha Brown

You likely know Samantha Brown from her 10+ years as a TV host on the Travel Channel where she traveled the world introducing viewers to the greatest hotels, getaways, weekend adventures and interesting places in China. Most recently, she launched her latest series on PBS, Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, where she travels around the US and world to highlight little-known but well-loved people who make a destination an enriching experience for travelers and viewers. But Samantha’s also a...


#035 Explorer, Activist, Educator Debi Goldman

Debi Goldman leads an amazing life. She helped co-found the Tibetan Nun’s Project, she's spent years living and traveling in India, speaks Hindi, has met with the Dalai Lama on numerous occasions AND she’s leading our North India tour this year. In this episode, we talk about what led her to spending so much time in India, how ego and expectations can get in the way and how important it is to process experiences so you can fully appreciate and understand them.


#034 2x Olympian and Mindset Coach Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis is a two time Olympian, having won silver medals in volleyball at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. She was also part of the 2014 US team that won the World Championships in volleyball. She retired from volleyball in 2015 and now works at Compete to Create, a performance coaching organization started by Seattle Seahawks' Coach Carroll and performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais. Nicole is a Mindset Coach, helping people to become the best versions of themselves in whatever...


#033 Running the Seattle Quadzilla

In this episode I deconstruct how I ran four marathons in four days during the Seattle Quadzilla over Thanksgiving weekend. I answer many of the questions I've been asked about the why and how of running this series of races. I address the physical preparation of training runs in the weeks and months leading up to the event, my nutrition before and during the runs, what I wore, how I recovered each day and how I felt afterward (pretty darn good!).


#032 Musician Laura Love

Musician Laura Love is best known as a singer/songwriter whose sound has been called Afro-Celtic. She was one of the first musicians to be signed with the Putamayo record label. Though she hasn't recorded for the past decade or so, she has recently begun writing again after experiencing some very dramatic struggles. This conversation is both heart-breaking and heart-warming as Laura shares her tragic origin story. Somehow through it all, she still sees the world as a place filled with...


#031 Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz

You might know Dr. Pepper Schwartz from any one of many places. She’s a professor of Sociology at the University of Washington. But she’s also the author of 25 books, the former Sex and Relationship Expert with AARP and she is now on her sixth season of Lifetime TVs Married at First Sight. In this conversation, we talk about the influence that the times have on us. In Pepper’s case, as a child of the 60’s, she was surrounded by a culture of sex, drugs and rock and roll and she learned how...


#030 Nicole Antoinette of Real Talk Radio

Nicole Antoinette is the host of the wildly popular podcast, Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette. She knows how to get to the heart of a matter and, in the process, she’s going to have a really strong opinion about a topic. In this conversation, we covered a wide range of topics including what she observes as the reason many people are afraid to commit to a decision and also her ongoing search for figuring out how to close the gap between saying what we want and actually doing it.


#029 Being Bold with Your Food Choices over the Holidays

I take time out this week to provide some perspective (and tips) on how to make healthy food choices over the holidays. With so much pressure to eat (often unhealthy) comfort foods with family and friends, it takes Being Bold to say "no" to food (and drink) that aren't good for you. These tips can easily be used for travel as well!


#028 Speaker, Author, Apache Pilot Shannon Huffman Polson

Shannon Huffman Polson is a former Apache helicopter pilot. She estimates that there’s probably fewer than 100 women trained as Apache pilots, putting her in rare company. But she's also a wife, mom of two boys, public speaker and the author of North of Hope which chronicles her grief after losing her dad and stepmom in a rare grizzly attack in the Arctic. Shannon's discovered the importance of owning her own story and narrative and, through storytelling, encourages others to do just that.


#027 Congressional Candidate Mona Das

Mona Das is running for Congress in the 8th District of Washington State. This is no ordinary candidate. Mona challenged my perception of Indian women as well as politicians. At 5'1", Mona is a powerhouse of strength, motivation and opinions. AND, she has a heart of gold. We covered a wide range of topics far outside typical political conversation. It's her ability to be honest with herself and others that I believe will appeal to her voters (and listeners of this episode)!


#026 Lifelong Traveler Meg Noble Peterson

Meg Noble Peterson is an author and lifelong traveler. At 89, she hasn't stopped traveling abroad. As a matter of fact, she had just returned from Mongolia when we recorded this episode. Meg's enthusiasm for travel continues, even after nearly 70 years of globetrotting. She still loves airplanes and watching the clouds out the window and is motivated by getting to know other cultures. She's got a few tips to share after visiting so many countries that she's lost count.


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