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BTP 068: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 4th, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of that fateful day in Memphis, Tennessee when Dr. King was gunned down at the Lorraine Motel, a site that is preserved as part of the National Civil Rights Museum. We celebrate his accomplishments, including the March to Montgomery in 1965 to protest voter discrimination, dramatize in the film "Selma" a few years ago, and speak on the current state of civil rights in America. Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> LEAVE A...


BTP 067 Breaking The Silence (VEILSIDE - Ron & Jean Thomas)

We are proud to be joined by Jean and Ron Thomas for a discussion about their charity CARE - Chicago Autism Resource & Education and their annual event BREAKING THE SILENCE, Now in it's 10th year! We discuss band riding in vans, moshpits, and doing good things for kids! It's a 3-Hour Marathon of fun and informative conversation. Towards the end, our friend Brian joined us for some more fun talk. go visit the Portillo's on Golf Rd in #Schaumburg as they host charity event benefiting Chicago...


BTP 066: Black Panther (Beside the Projector 2?)

Joe Tony and Shawn talk about our experience seeing the latest Marvel Cinematic Vehicle "Black Panther" and our interpretation of the film and it's themes and concepts. We also say bad words and talk smack about local cover bands, but then retract our smack (re-smackt?) to praise a few. Ending song: "Dust in the Wind" (cover) by Veilside - check them out at and join us for Autism benefit "Breaking the Silence" at Durty Nellie's in Palatine, IL on April 29th - all the...


BTP 065: Beside The Projector #1 - Oscar Contenders

Tony and Joe get together to discuss recent screenings of The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle. This was recorded a few days before the Superbowl, hence the references to cocktail weiners and whatnot.


BTP 064: The Neverending Podcast (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies and Books)

Joe and Shawn are joined by our good friends John and Christine to talk about our favorite Sci-Fi Books and Movies. Of course, other discussions occur, but would it be BTP without that! Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL LINE ----> +16087287763 or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Support our show and get access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT at Joe's twitter -


BTP 063: Young People are Brittle, Too

A discussion about looking forward to the upcoming year devolves quickly into complaining about Elvis' movie career! But he shares a birthday with David Bowie, so we'll give him a pass... haha! We also discuss a benefit near and dear to us: BREAKING THE SILENCE. It's a charity organisation who aims for proper treatment and education for those suffering from Autism and their families. You can donate at or join us for the event, coming up on Sunday, April 29th, 2018. All...


BTP 062: Put Gomer in that Pyle

A Year in Review! Notable deaths and changes that took place in 2017, and a look at what 2018 will look like! Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL LINE ----> +16087287763 or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Support our show and get access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT at Joe's twitter - Shawn's twitter - Tony's twitter -...


BTP 061: What Are They Gonna Do, Cut it Off of Her?

The NFL annoys us, and so does an outdoor mall in a cold climate. The difference between micro-expressions (micro-brows) and micro-aggressions (micro-brews). YOU'RE AT A BOLWING ALLEY ON A MONDAY... AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN BOWLING! How do you score bowling anyway? It get's kinda dark when we start talking about creepy bugs, the royal family and politics, but we bring it all back at the end. Thanks For Listening! SEND US AN EMAIL ----> LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL LINE...


BTP 058: Hashtag Hug-A-Stranger

Our Tribute to Tom Petty and The Victims of the 10/1/17 Tragedy in Las Vegas. We discover that Tony and Tom shared a birthday, so we discuss some lesser-know Petty tunes and discuss a few other folks that October 20th birthday. Hit up Tony on or near October 20th to wish him a happy birthday... List of the lives lost in Las Vegas and links to donate to the victim fund:...


BTP 057: This is Where They Shoot The Horses

Our friend Brian Sanchez, accompanied by his wife Erica, joins us for a few steps down memory lane, a preview of more future fun with Shawn's long time friends... Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> LEAVE A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL LINE ----> +16087287763 or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Support our show and get access to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT at Joe's twitter - Shawn's twitter -...


BTP 056: I Hated That Car

From the Chevy Vega to Suzanne Vega, we discuss a plethora of random topics. An episode we recorded in March but forgot about until recently. We have others, so look forward to more "throwback" episodes in the near future. Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Joe's twitter - Shawn's twitter - Tony's twitter - visit our...


BTP 055: IJ Cruise 2 Tips

Joe and Tony walk through a few tips on how to get the most out of experiencing a cruise, specifically the Impractical Jokers Cruise 2 - November 1-5, 2017 from New Orleans to Costa Maya, Mexico. Alumni and Newbies alike will be experiencing a freshly-updated ship, the Norwegian Pearl, and we want to help you get the most FUN out of your vacation! As of July 2017 The Cruise IS SOLD OUT, but you can jump on a waiting list to still have a chance to sail with us! It's going to be a 4 day...


BTP 054: Beside The Music #11 - Sounds Familiar

Shawn and Joe walk Tony through some classic songs that sound like OTHER songs, and for good reason... These staples of hip-hop, electronica, and other modern sounds feature the frameworks of classic Jazz, R&B, Blues, Punk, and Funk songs that you might be surprised to hear! Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Joe's twitter - Shawn's twitter -


BTP 053: Beside The Movies: "Guardians... Vol. 2"

Shawn and Joe are joined by fellow pop culture buff and podcaster Clint from the GeekDig Podcast (among others). Clint and Shawn finally meet, and we have a discussion about one of the most anticipated sequels in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus we introduce a new segment called "unADceptable" where we poke fun at ridiculously inappropriate advertisements. Special thanks to Nick at MAIN EVENT in Warrenville, IL for letting us use the space to record!! It's a cool spot with bowling,...


BTP 051 Sunday Funday Episode #1: Tony is a Wonderful Guy

This is just a silly episode where we have fun with Tony and laugh about clips and quotes from random shit like David Bowie on Soul Train, Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles... These episodes will be just silly banter that goes nowhere, but i guess that's every episode, isn't it... We WILL be featuring some loose content such as this on our monthy PATREON subscription page... donate as little as $1 to hear all of our "Members Only" releases. We're trying to coax Tony into...


BTP 050 - Wash Your Ass

WE'RE BACK after almost 3 months being gone, but we're gonna be swinging for the fences in the next couple episodes. This one deals with catching up on what we've been doing lately, including Joe's experience driving for LYFT! It is highly recommended over other ridesharing services... Speaking of which, you can sign up today and get credit towards your first few rides by going to We pay tribute to Chris Cornell, Adam West and a few other folks that have inspired us...


Mini Episode 001 - The Notorious B.I.G.

​March 9th, 2017 was the 20th anniversary of the death of Chris Wallace, better know as The Notorious B.I.G., gunned down in a still-unsolved murder in Los Angeles, California. He influenced many current hip-hop artists as well as his contemporaries, and we feature some of his lesser-known tracks and interesting music connected to his legacy. We discuss the similar tragedy of BIG L, and discover a release by 90's rockers LIVING COLOUR covered his song "Who Shot Ya" on a single of the same...


BTP 048 - I Know Gun Fu

Episode 48: We Know Gun Fu Joe and Shawn discuss our friends in BUMP (Joe Rocha was featured on Episode 15) and then go on to discuss a few movies. THE COMEDIAN with Robert DeNiro and JOHN WICK with Keanu Reeves. Public Service Announcement: Don't go on Periscope at work... Thanks For Listening! send us an email ----> or follow us on twitter and join the discussion - Joe's twitter - Shawn's twitter -


BTP 047: A Tale of Two Diners

On the night before the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, Tony, Joe & Shawn were hanging out at the Loaded Buffalo in Mundelein, IL ( talking about the general mood our country is in, and delved into a little bit of Shawn's history serving in the Air Force. The recording session was cut short by some weird circumstances, so a few weeks later Shawn and Joe sat down at another eating establishment, Jojo's in Schaumburg, IL...


BTP 044: Fourty-Four SHIP SHIP (IJ Cruise Anniversary Special)

Joe and Tony are joined by a plethora of guests, all celebrating the one year anniversary of the inaugural Impractical Jokers Cruise, back in January of 2016. A BIG THANK YOU to Kelli, Julia, Jess and Katherine for joining us live, and Lorell, Jeff, Jeanie, Paul, Sam, Cindy, Cheri and Theo for sharing their memories!! They discuss the comedians, the ship, the fans and all the special moments we had. Look out for another episode before november to preview what the NEXT CRUISE will be like...


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